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  1. How do i get my B team and youth teams to stop copying First Team tactics?
  2. meh that feels like a weak response given that we are not in beta and the game was released almost a month ago.
  3. I am having mixed feelings about this game. I am winning games (won the treble 1/2 last season: Serie A, Coppa Italia, Supercoppa Italia, Champions League) but I am not really enjoying this game. Yes its not broken to the degree many here say it is. It is certainly beatable but the ME events are so unrealistic and ridiculous that isn't fun I and will probably drop it until an update. That the post-game scorelines are somewhat realistic does not make up for the experience of watching my team create 30 chances and win 2-1, you know, the actual gameplay. As far as many of the notorious issues go: Crossing instead of finishing: not having this issue, my players are crossing/ cutting back at appropriate times. no problems wingbacks being OP: no issue here either. penalties: no issue, regular amount of penalties and most are scored balls over the top: Incredibly frustrating. I play a shorter passing game so I am not getting many myself but the opposition is constantly launching balls over the top with a ridiculous degree of accuracy. And i'm not talking Leo Bonucci but from some freaking mediocre CB i've never heard of plays a perfect 50+ yard pass and while my defenders? No idea what the hell they are doing but they certainly aren't playing an offside trap or tracking back. one on ones: total disaster. When i get a one on one I curse the missed chance before the shot is even taken. backpasses: I do play a shorter passing game so i understand not every pass will be forward but, far too frequently, an attack is building and one of my attackers backpasses straight to an opposition player causing a counter attack. I am playing with a world class team. These aren't scrubs and, no, my players are not far apart. Headers at close range: comical. Every game CR7 gets 5-7 headers either from set pieces or crosses and all go 5 feet over the bar. Before someone retorts with "well that happens in real football" CR7 is possibly the deadliest attacker in the air, in the modern game. He should be at least somewhat decent at this. oh and check out the bug thread I just recently made. hilarious that competitive club fixtures are ruined mid season because the computer has scheduled pointless international friendlies in March, on the same day. I understand that the ME is very complex, it isn't easy to fix the above issues without potentially creating more, but come on. The scheduling of pointless International friendlies during competitive club games is something that should've been stamped out several versions ago.
  4. So I am about to play the 2nd leg of the Coppa Italia Semifinal ( 26 March 2022) and almost my entire first team is out on International duty all to play meaningless friendlies...
  5. been playing the update. Is the "update" just a revert to FM19's match engine? Cause it feels a suspicious amount like FM 19's match engine...
  6. Are you saying you think I'm lying? lol Cause I don't work for SI so I have no reason/incentive to deceive anyone.
  7. nonsense, ive had countless comebacks, late tying goals, ET goals in various FM editions over the years. if you find yourself 0-2 behind then you arent going to win the game 3-2 with the same tactics you started the game with. it absolutely happens if you can switch up tactics, make right subs etc.
  8. will i need to create a new save to use the patch or can i continue my current game?
  9. cut down on the specialist roles in your team You shouldn't have a Trequartista, two playmakers and a mezzala all in the same lineup. At most, I would have two of these roles. The other two should be more conventional/ disciplined roles.
  10. At least you know why you've lost 0-1 after having 25 shots and 65% of possession against the an opponent with 1 shot on target all match
  11. I don't expect them to go into detail, just would like to know if they consider certain issues I (and others) have with the ME serious enough to address or if they are satisfied with the current state. Despite the complaints here, I am seeing that the game has great reviews on a lot of publications so maybe they are satisfied.
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