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  1. been playing the update. Is the "update" just a revert to FM19's match engine? Cause it feels a suspicious amount like FM 19's match engine...
  2. Are you saying you think I'm lying? lol Cause I don't work for SI so I have no reason/incentive to deceive anyone.
  3. nonsense, ive had countless comebacks, late tying goals, ET goals in various FM editions over the years. if you find yourself 0-2 behind then you arent going to win the game 3-2 with the same tactics you started the game with. it absolutely happens if you can switch up tactics, make right subs etc.
  4. will i need to create a new save to use the patch or can i continue my current game?
  5. cut down on the specialist roles in your team You shouldn't have a Trequartista, two playmakers and a mezzala all in the same lineup. At most, I would have two of these roles. The other two should be more conventional/ disciplined roles.
  6. At least you know why you've lost 0-1 after having 25 shots and 65% of possession against the an opponent with 1 shot on target all match
  7. I don't expect them to go into detail, just would like to know if they consider certain issues I (and others) have with the ME serious enough to address or if they are satisfied with the current state. Despite the complaints here, I am seeing that the game has great reviews on a lot of publications so maybe they are satisfied.
  8. It seems a lot of users are having issues with FWs missing easy chances, one on ones, penalties etc. Do the developers consider this a big issue with the ME which needs addressing? Is this something that is being worked on or is it considered minor/ non issue? Just curious if this is something we should expect to be patched in the near future?
  9. Thanks for the advice. I got rid of play through the middle and underlap then changed my FW to an AF role to push the opposition back and open some space for my players. While I am now getting fewer shots, and a lot fewer clear cut chances for my attacking trio, I am scoring more goals and have won my last four games. All of my goals are coming from my CMs or my wingbacks. I'm winning games now but still, I have to question the ME when the solution to scoring more goals is to create fewer clear cut chances for my World Class attacking players and instead rely on wingbacks and CMs.
  10. Hello, I am playing a 4-3-3 (with defensive mid (DLP)) and am really struggling to score goals. I am not conceding many, frequently the opposition scores 1 or doesn't score at all. In most games I register over 20 shots but really struggle to get goals. my tactic: Juventus Chezknee SK(S) Cuadrado WB(S) - Bonucci BPD (D) - De Ligt CD (D) - Alex Sandro WB (S) Pjanic DLP (D) Emre Can BBM - Rabiot AP (S) Paulo Dybala IF (A) Douglas Costa Winger (A) Cristiano Ronaldo DLF (A) Mentality: Control in possession: work ball into box exploit middle look for underlap play out of defense medium tempo shorter passing average width transition: take short kicks slow pace down defense: higher line higher pressure prevent short GK distribution tight marking average width As I mentioned above my primary issue is in attack. While my team does concede a When I play against smaller sides I struggle to break them down often with my CMs passing the ball back and forth between each other, no penetration or link up, then eventually playing it out wide to a fullback who crosses. Ronaldo gets on the end of numerous crosses but either misses the goal completely or fires it straight at the keeper. Paulo Dybala and D Costa also end up with chances from occasional long balls but finish wide of the post (even when they have decent angles and Dybala's left foot is facing goalside) Some other things I have tried included switching to two BBMs in the center and making my RW an AP(A) as well as making my two CMs Mezzalas. I have also tried playing to the flanks without much success Many of my goals come from either set pieces or a failed cross falling to a CM who blasts from outside/ top of the box. To sum it up my team just looks impotent in attack a lot of the time and when the ball does eventually go wide, a good cross is put in, Ronaldo misses the goal every time. Somehow I am still ending up with numerous chances but my (should be) world class FW line has finishing which wouldn't fly in a 4th division side. My side is just not playing that well and the chances they are getting are fluffed wide from good positions from attacking players who really should not be missing these chances. halfway through the season I am 4th in Serie A and did manage to top my very easy CL group so tactics are not a disaster but I am performing well below the standard I should be. Too many games with over 20 shots that I have either drawn 0-0 or lost 0-1 against inferior opposition I have noticed many of my complaints (impotent play in the middle, missed shots etc) are frequent complaints about this ME so how do I mitigate this? I am really frustrated with the current ME and considering deleting FM 20 off my computer... if my FWs keep missing sitters I don't understand how this game is playable?
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