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  1. Default Purple Skin If someone is interest i can share this tomorrow! What you see is what you get, plus the match screen mods by @ michaeltmurrayuk ! All others panels are default.... No selector background and no instant result! I don´t use them! Graphics i use - Cut out Faces - Metallic Logos - FC´12 Kits - Background Megapack
  2. Mainly last years Woozie Tad 20 Skin For FM21 Still need some touches...
  3. This player personal details panel is from Vitrex 17
  4. I don´t know if its the right place but what icon file controls in highlights the home and away tactic?
  5. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks to full realease So I expect the Beta tomorrow or even today
  6. I know that, but in this case there is no problem since it´s rensie skin! I would n´t tell him to try this way if i did not have mine "tweaked" like those steps i mentioned! Just trying to help
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