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    I create content on Youtube where i am currently managing Kings lynn my hometown team currently attempting to take them up to the prem.

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    football wrestling computers and snooker

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    west ham

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  1. Here's all the content I've got planned for next week. if any of it sounds good to you then help the channel out and hit the sub button here https://youtube.com/c/TaylorMadeGaming?sub_confirmation=1…
  2. Football Manager 2021| EURO 2020 Semi-Final | ENGLAND VS CROATIA| TAYLORMADE TO WIN THE EUROS| EP6 Today it's England vs Croatia in the EURO 2020 Semi-Final can we avenge our world cup semi defeat and make it to the final of EURO 2020
  3. Today it's England vs Italy in the Euro 2020 Quarter-Final. Can we beat one of the favorites for the tournament??
  4. Hello People I'm TaylormadeGaming (previously BadjokesGaming) and i'm a youtuber whose been going for 4 years now creating all different kinds of content but right now i've got two series going on my Youtube channel. The first series is called Homeless to Hero and is a worldwide journeyman where weve started in a very interesting country please check out the first episode of that series The second series is my attempt at winning Euro2020 With England can I bring Football Home?? You'll have to watch from episode 1 to find out If you do enjoy my content
  5. Hi man great work on this i love these mods, Do you have any idea how to change the text colour, so I can see the score line?
  6. Ive just been told about this DB by FMNewby and FM Editor on Twitter, im planning on doing A New Inn AFC save so this database looks great. BTW i have a list of player names and positions for New Inn from their twitter account would you like me to send it over to you or is that too much work?
  7. 🎆1st post of 2021 🎆 The 22/23 season comes to end, we've got 18 games to secure promotion!! It should be plain sailing but is it?? https://badjokesblog.club/fm21-blog/fm21-the-west-ham-rebuild-ep3-22-23-season-18-games-to-get-promotion/
  8. Hey guys sorry ive been here for a while there's loads of blogs on the site for you guys to check out including my new series the West Ham Rebuild where I've taken over at West Ham in the 22/23 season following them being relegated from the premiership. Read EP1 here https://badjokesblog.club/fm21-blog/west-ham-fm21-the-west-ham-rebuild-ep1-the-joker-is-home/ & EP2 Here https://badjokesblog.club/fm21-blog/fm21-the-west-ham-rebuild-ep2-22-23-season-30-games-in/
  9. EP2 of Restoring the #Rangers empire is out now!! We've played half a season and we've had some very interesting results & a couple of decent signings!! Are we top of the league Are we still in Europe? Is Wilshere in the local retirement home? Has my other half laughed at any of my jokes? Read on to find out the answers to these very important questions. https://badjokesblog.club/fm21-blog/restoring-the-rangers-empire-first-half-season-review/
  10. Hi guys I'm Badjokesgaming and I've been creating content for the last 3 years mainly on YouTube. I've now moved over to blogging as I think I will enjoy that more. This year I have two saves planned Rangers in the Beta and Margate FC for a main save. You can read more on my plans for FM21 HERE I also have the 1st part of my Rangers series out I released that yesterday so please check that out HERE as I play through the preseason before we try to restore the rangers empire
  11. didnt realise big show played football would love him in goal
  12. hi mate is brian clough in the game as manager of forest or derby.
  13. http://i393.photobucket.com/albums/pp13/cockyhammer/wbatop.jpg just loaded the game up to start in december like i always do and look whos top lol
  14. <a href="http://s393.photobucket.com/albums/pp13/cockyhammer/?action=view&current=wbatop.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i393.photobucket.com/albums/pp13/cockyhammer/wbatop.jpg" border="0" alt="west brom top lol"></a>
  15. http://i393.photobucket.com/albums/pp13/cockyhammer/robinho.jpg lol guys by the way i am using the fmweggie update
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