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    I create content on Youtube where i am currently managing Kings lynn my hometown team currently attempting to take them up to the prem.

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    football wrestling computers and snooker

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  1. Im still very new to all this do you mean just record the matches in game or all gameplay as all the tutorials ive watched have said to use OBS if your just starting out
  2. Hi guys hope your all good I'm making my first feeble attempts at recording fm videos for youtube. Recording the parts in between matches seems ok but recording the matches is proving a problem as the matches are very choppy and just showing still images. Anyone know what I need to change or improve? PS I'm using OBS to record game footage on a windows 7 laptop is the answer just buy a better laptop? I would be grateful for any advice you guys could give me or if you know where i could get some help. P.S if this isn't allowed here I apologise
  3. Hi everyone i hope your all good Im just wondering if anyone knows of a database where there is no squad registration in the premier league or if anyone knows how difficult this may be to make in the editor? if anyone can help id be really grateful
  4. thanks got any ideas of any others cant download fmscouts as over the limit an cant find dazs fb page
  5. hi guys i hope your all ok im looking for a stadium background pack that is up to date as id like a pack that includes the london stadium. If anyone knows where i can find one id very grateful thank you guys
  6. Hi would anyone be able to reupload this save please as the link is no longer working
  7. Briliant thank you i prefer starting half way though english season
  8. HI everyone quick question on starting a new game with brazil loaded theres an option on start up for brazil pre season 2016 (22/11/2015) but its currently greyed out anyone know why an how i could get it selecetable
  9. Hi everyone hope your all good ive finally bought this years game an was just wondering if anyone knows of a list with the budgets of premier league/ championship teams since the new update?
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