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  1. It's done right I hope somebody will update final phase sorting rules I reported earlier.
  2. According to this article if you change player in first half you must put u21 player in but for second half it's not mandatory. Crazy rule. "http://fudbal.hotsport.rs/2019/07/04/fs-srbije-menja-pravila-u-srbiji-kao-u-kini-sta-ce-reci-zvezda-i-partizan/" "–Ukoliko se za vreme prvog poluvremena utakmice vrši zamena igrača uzrasta do 21 godine, a nakon njegovog izlaska iz igre u toj ekipi ne ostane obavezan broj igrača uzrasta do 21 godinu, umesto njega u igru može ući samo igrač uzrasta do 21 godine"
  3. Actually this is real life rule please check facts before reporting something as wrong https://mondo.rs/Sport/Fudbal/a1199944/Superliga-2020/21-Obavezna-dva-igraca-do-21-godine-u-startnoj-postavi.html
  4. Slobodan Tedic should have future transfer to Manchester City. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/man-city-transfers-slobodan-tedic-16875985
  5. Three clubs with wrong names: FK Habitfarm Javor should be FK Javor-Matis FK Čukarički Stankom should be FK Čukarički FK Spartak Zlatibor Voda should be FK Spartak Ždrepčeva krv
  6. This rule is not correct now league use points from preliminary phase not position. Position was used when league had points split last few seasons. https://www.superliga.rs/images/pdf/Propozicije-sls-19-20.pdf Article 26 from updates league rules define it. I believe @Dusan Stamenkovic will understand Serbian language :-)
  7. Same issue with Euro Cup II And prize money probably should not be the same for those 2 competitions.
  8. No same problem even after first round of league. Maybe it's because Serbia is not member of European Economic Area But anyway league rules should be updated only when Non-EU rule really starts to apply.
  9. In Euro cup rules screen you see group winner goes to first knockout round but that team actually goes to Second Knockout round
  10. Ok here is the problem when you check nation's home screen you see this: When you go to league rules screen you see this: End in team selection Romanian player is FGN: I hope this will help.
  11. That's why I reported this. They should update it so every player with Serbian nationality and every EU player when Serbia joins EU should be considered as domestic player.
  12. I am from Serbian and in real life it's usual for clubs to give players Serbian passport to avoid foreign limits so I believe it's bug.
  13. Hello, When Serbia joins European Union players from EU are still considered foreign. I had that issue with Romanian player while playing with Partizan in season 2022/23.
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