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  1. I don't figure it out how to find and upload a match recording, but I encountered exactly the same problem. After a freekick, the ball is passed to a player which was 1-2 meters in play, the player scores, but the game gets called offside for a couple of other players which were offside indeed but clearly they were not influencing the gameplay, since they were just withdrawing and some distance apart from the gameplay. A lot of this issues got reported also in the beta, when a player shoots, no one is intervening, but if another player that wasn`t interacting with the gameplay was be
  2. At the end of the game, when you can make your general pep talk, for unit (def, mid, att) or individually, when you opt for the last option, all the players are by default selected, so if you want to say something to a specific player, you need to deselect all but the one for whom you want to give the pep talk to. Since it`s an individual option, I consider the default should be all players unselected, so that you can easy select the player (or the few) you want to say something to. And another thing from this. I wanted to praise my single striker at the end of the match. I proceeded
  3. 1st: Romanian Liga1 does not have yet VAR implemented, although is present in game. 2nd: i can not continue my game since I can not confirm the 25 players requested for the 2nd team, although I do have 25 eligible players picked, but no "confirm" button is present. Current save is blocked. I can not go further. Anyone any advice on the 2nd subject, how to continue?
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