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  1. another bug thats beenn there a while. young players who are promsing are being given crazy asking players by clubs, i get it they might not want to sell then as the players are under contract they should just say nope instead of the usual rubbish where player is valued at 24k and they ask 200 million for them ?? especially then when the player signs for another team for 10 mill hardly a level playing field. i get that we dont want players being able to sign all the best young kids then just a straight nope would be better than the current structure. and lower league clubs wouldnt say no to a premiership side giving them 5 mill and then possibly 10 in the future for a 16 yo untested youth player thats just not realistic in anyway. typical of this is sterling, signs for liverpool for about a million then 5 mill down the line!! in fm they would want over 100 mill easy. also harvey elliot poss 7 million ojo signed at 14 for 2 mill think someone needs to come up with something a tad more realistic
  2. not sure if the correct place but playing as liverpool in the new club world cup and i select my squad but then when it starts the internationals call up half my squad so instead of a 23 man squad i have about 15
  3. you do know that feedback is feedback right ? all feedback has to be taken into account regardless of what the feedback is. if you simply ignore negative feedback then you get what we have at the moment a game that doesnt resemble what its supposed to be. people have been feeding back for a month about the stuff thats still not been fixed. the most important people of any company regardless of the size is the customer. it doesnt matter that the customer might call the director out or anyone else, why are they doing that? why are they unhappy but just deleting a post is not constructive and these people have paid money to have the stance you have is disrespectful.
  4. and there is my issue with how this game is developing. you give your feedback no matter how negative it is, feedback is feedback. and your post gets deleted, this is low and show such contempt for the people who buy the game who have a right to vent when this isnt the game they signed up for. but its how these forums have been for a while, anyone who negates the game gets banned or warned etc, that is a very arrogant attitude to have to the people who pay the wages at si and who make it possible for these forums to exist. without the people buying the game none of this would be here.
  5. any idea when we are going to get another patch that resembles a game of football. far too many chances every single game far too much possession against really good sides too many shots into the side net no through balls and im sure we go through the same thing every single year on this the game came out 4 days agao and was about 3 weeks into the beta, that should be embarrasing for the dev team that we still dont have a good match engine!! what about all the time developig the game whoe tested iot then ? is the problem we are developing a very complex game now but the specs are very low, isnt it time to start creating tghe game better for higher end pcs and making it do more complex things ?
  6. no problems i will run it to the end of the season and feed back in a few days
  7. ok what number shall i come back at ? wait for the end of the season ?
  8. i have played about 5 games so far after the update and the game seems far too easy. the opp arnt having any possession or having any shots really. bayern were at home we were 20 odd shots to there 6 adn they had 30% poss for most of the game. spurs were at home they had same. just seems the ai is playing really defensive the whole time no matter who your playing against
  9. anyone finding it too easy. virtually every game the opp dont have a shot and my poss is 06% plus
  10. All the teams play defensive no matter who you are playing so you dominate chances and game. Also inside forward is broken as they get scores of 6.4 most games for having a zillion shots and no goals
  11. all those complaining about the determination stats and other stats. if your determination is low then mentor the players with high determination for now to get the increase you need they will soon shoot up. (remember to mentor with a good personality as well ) i dont see any real bugs at the mo, other than the shoot from the side line which is still there kinda but it seems connected with maybe intelligence or decision making as they dont all do it. the me is a deffo plus from the beta, maybe a little too easy as the opposition are playing defensive all the time resulting in them having virtually no shots on goal at all.
  12. ever since shouts were brought in only really 2 or 3 ever worked and the others just frustrate the players the whole time. shouts if your winning... concentrate nope... encourage.... nope... tighten up nope. basically just praise here then. its only praise, demand more or show some passion that work, how in all the patches and all the years its been here has no one thought to fix this?
  13. re the bit about player creating chances. in 5 games the 3 midfielders who are all world class only contributed 5 key passes, these are the central mids and attack mids not wide players. in the youth in 3 games 1 key pass under 23 in 5 games 3 key passes. i sit and watch as the players are in space and a creative player with vision of 17 plus and passing 17 plus can see the pass like ever. the striker may as well just have a seat during games as hes passed to so little.
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