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  1. what on earth have you done to this game si?? yes this is criticism but you have to take it like all the other below me. what have you done to the keepers ? they dive sideways now rather than on to the ball its wierd and looks rubbish and you concede goals that just dont look right even when you have world class goalkeepers super goalkeepers are back but only whn your in an important game, they play crazy just getting to everything. i had 14 one on ones all save not missed all saved by the goalie. inc a penalty whi he didnt even move and the ball went to his side which he stuck out an arm and managed to deflect it wide?? what is he bionic ? ive said it before world class players do not do anything what you tell them. cross early nope. cross at all well sometimes but not how you want. wing backs shoot a lot yep even though they are world class because obv in football thats what they do right ??? nope ive said it before and ill say it again, someone needs to sit down and watch football and what how is works. just because your the bigger team does not mean there is drama every single time. it does not mean your players choke evry time that is not football. world class strikers do play like world class players most of the time in real life, in fm they play most of the time like 4th tier players. hardly any through balls still most chance are created by wide players cutting in and shooting. how can a game that has so much potential and with so many years to get right be so bad and someone got it so wrong yet again.
  2. shame the long term aspect of the game seems to be broken. ive seen videos online where they create players with great pot and mental stats and determination and the players dont develop at all. and yet the game still has them playing for england while they have rubbish stats which makes no sense. ive got players onloan and they just dont develop at all. players at other clubs dont develop at all. with the game selling the long term aspect of the game as the main thing this year surely they should have made sure the long term side worked first ??
  3. a major bug affecting every game. if you remove under 23s players to play in your first team they still play for the under 23s. you cant promote them all to your first team and remove them every week thats tedious!
  4. hi is there any point to under 23 and under 18 mentoring in there own training programs ? i know we can add the good players to the first team and mentor but you can mentor in the reserves and youth teams as well so does it work and how
  5. there seems to be a bug with the responsibilities of staff. i switch all transfers on all teams to be decided by me but the loan manager keeps loaning players. i turn him off and he gets turned back on again
  6. fraz been reported in fm 18 19 and now 20 not very confident its going to get done
  7. my feedback a about 6 games in on the beta patch defending still is very poor, i think someone needs to watch games to see how defenders play especially world class defenders. world class defending doesnt exist in the game yet. gegen press. this one exhausts me ever since it started. watch a team like liverpool and watch how it works. it is not 5 players pressing the same ball leaving gaping holes in the pitch. its about 1 man pressing the player in front of him intensivley. its about pressing as a team so the team sees the picture in front of them and presses even before the pass is played. in the game the press just leaves holes everywhere. i also cant undertsand why the player running stopping the ball then carrying on running thing cant be ironed out. it just doesnt happen in reality it looks silly and isnt football but its been around forever. some good things happening but liitle tweaks and we could have the best me yet, lets get that defence and the pressing sorted
  8. what happened to the german licence> i thought the germany national team was fixed now but its selecting players that dont exist
  9. your top part of this is pretty much incorrect sorry to say this. i experimented with different things on the formation and the tactical option on the tactics screen. so playing liverpools way of using a very hard working midfield base and 1 striker maybe on dof and 2 inside forwards. they will regularly get 25 + shots a game 8 really good chances and wont score or maybe we will score 1 or 2. now thats not unrealistic but watching the game the amount of easy chances is unrealistic, i dont want to win every game or score every chance i just want it to look like a game of football. i dont want to see the gk make crazy saves as its not realistic. i dont want to see world class defenders on either side play like sunday league which is resulting in a lot of the time the crazy amount of chances hence the massive amount of one on ones missed otherwise it would be a rugby score. so i decided to experiment and i dropped all the tactics didnt ask them to do anything, everything was standard. pulled one defender and put them in as def mid and kept the rest of the shape as it was. now suddenly we was scoring and winning every game we played and the opposition wasnt really getting any chances. switch back to the 2 at the back and we had chances but suddenly we werent scoring and the opp was. this demonstrates how you can play the me and not the game of football. thats what people are saying at the moment. it doesnt feel like a strategy game where your choices are making the difference between winning and losing. tactics pretty much dont matter as demonstrated when i took every tactical option out and we did better with only one defender. the game is still enjoyable as a whole but as a football strategy game it definitely has a lot of work to do.
  10. if you want to win games, the majority of games are played with 1 up top by the ai. so just play with 1 at the back and 1 def midfielder and you take every tactical option off from the tactics screen so you are telling your team nothing. this engine is so poor it doesnt compensate at all and you go on a winning run
  11. not sure whta they could do to make it worse, my advice to the team is perhaps to play the game then maybe they will see what the whole community is saying! i struggle to believe they play it before release as how could they even think what we have now resembles football? for years the shouts havnt worked, only a couple do anything other than de motivate, not sure why this hasnt been fixed. the ratings for players in this one are completely mucked up unless you score or assist according to the game you played rubbish. they said that the big teams will use their squads better like in lesser known comps, not sure the game heard them when they said this as the game rarely does this. side by side with fm19 the me is much better in 19 than this one!! how does that happen ? what do they work on to make the me go backwards assists are virtually non existent for midfielders as i said in my prev rant the stats are ignored as doesnt matter if your world class the game will mke the player look ordinary
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