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  1. hi im in aug 2023 and ive done a search of all gk 15 to 16 and none come up ? i have gk at 17 and above but none under that surely thats a bug.
  2. what on earth have you done with the game. game is slow and jittery since the update and now cant get past the end of the game. im stuck on penalties and wont go any further !!
  3. official game is good but problems have arised that were not problems in the beta ( loads of people told si you should have patched it ) work permits for young players, you apply you then dont hear anything and apply again and again and again day after day but nothing ever happens. team talks, you approach the defender and they are motivated. you approach the midfielder they are motivated and the forwards are demotivated and then apporach the forwards and the defenders are no longer motivated ? players that play regularly losing tactical familiarity ? talks when bringing su
  4. the amount if inuries is crazy, i have dropped the training to really low. keep rotating and my players are always injured. even worse when 3 subs thats 7 times this season after the subs have come on i get reduced to 10 men. hardly ever see it in real life let alone 7 times in 1 season and im only in oct !!!
  5. actually this is true as real life fixtures are congested due to the pandemic and in game we are not
  6. not sure if ok to post in here but fixture list in england if you champions league on wed you normally play sunday but the game has you playing saturday.
  7. hi not sure if logged but all the big clubs play their strongest sides in the league cups. in the premiership now every club pretty much plays a weakend side
  8. of course it makes sense, this is the beta so it needs testing then patached then tested then patched etc to make sure the game ius where you want it. you dont want to go to official relsease when all the media reviews your finished article and there be something that doesnt work or the me has something glaringly obvious that needs to be fixed. pretty simple really
  9. Does anyone know if the beta has been patched or updated since release ? I would have thought it should have been as we are so close to the final release date of the game.
  10. end of season is completely broke and ruins the game. everyone you bought wants to leave as you havnt played them in their preferred position. completely ruins the game. the players dont grumble all season and then right at the end hit you with transfer requests. also more feedback and maybe linked but clubs are really harsh with their feedback and expectations. liverpool board unhappy as i came second premiership with 95 points and only lost 3 games and have a champions league final. they are unhappy if you draw with man city away from home they are unhappy if yo
  11. some more feedback after 6 months in game playing younger players has too much effect on tbe match, i tend to trust actual football managers over programmers and klopp is able to play some younger kids but if you do this in ga,e it destroys the match. already noted the crossing. a bug that dates back a few years is still here asking to change existing affiliate doesnt work team talks already been said all over the place when teams want a player on loan even for the best players they dont offer anything for the loan just want your player for free media done by
  12. my feedback of the game so far the actualt game looks good, although some of the changes are changes for the sake of it, the game has a nice feel and nice flow to it. the heart icons are silly for me and are there to try and impress the console boys and girls who might not be able to cope with looking at too many numbers. in real life we deal with fitness in terms of numbers so the hearts don t make sense. you give fitness tests and its more accurate to give a % of how fit the fitness coaches think your player is. everything in the fitness centre is measured in numbers and then
  13. feedback so far. game is good, didnt like the ski at first but it grows on you. still a lot of work to do. wingbacks dont cross like hardly ever, they always want to get right to the byline. trent and robertson nil assists little or no skill, no one is going past players like in fm20 they seemed to have sorted that and now we are back to square one of pingball football not the midfield battle si said this was supposed to represent keepers sliding across the goal like on skates. si said this had been sorted but a lot of players still gliding around tactics are v
  14. its probably been said but rian brewsters buy back clause is missing in the beta
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