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  1. not facturally correct. you can choose different roles but doing litterally anything is not right as your bat the mercy of at times a really weak ai. like man marking wingers and then leaving your lb and rb back when having a corner and then they break and your defenders completely ignore the ball and the onrushing attackers and part like the waves to mark the wingers.
  2. no i bought him i can select him but he keeps getting selected for city as well
  3. i bought foden and hes in my squad but man city are still picking him for their team and hes playing games for them
  4. si can you not fix the problem of buying a player and him still getting picked for old club. ive been reported this for ages and its still here ? bought foden and city are still picking him ???
  5. mentoring seems to be broke in game. i had the best mentors training the kids and the determination didnt change in a year not even up by 1
  6. hi im in aug 2023 and ive done a search of all gk 15 to 16 and none come up ? i have gk at 17 and above but none under that surely thats a bug.
  7. what on earth have you done with the game. game is slow and jittery since the update and now cant get past the end of the game. im stuck on penalties and wont go any further !!
  8. official game is good but problems have arised that were not problems in the beta ( loads of people told si you should have patched it ) work permits for young players, you apply you then dont hear anything and apply again and again and again day after day but nothing ever happens. team talks, you approach the defender and they are motivated. you approach the midfielder they are motivated and the forwards are demotivated and then apporach the forwards and the defenders are no longer motivated ? players that play regularly losing tactical familiarity ? talks when bringing su
  9. the amount if inuries is crazy, i have dropped the training to really low. keep rotating and my players are always injured. even worse when 3 subs thats 7 times this season after the subs have come on i get reduced to 10 men. hardly ever see it in real life let alone 7 times in 1 season and im only in oct !!!
  10. actually this is true as real life fixtures are congested due to the pandemic and in game we are not
  11. not sure if ok to post in here but fixture list in england if you champions league on wed you normally play sunday but the game has you playing saturday.
  12. hi not sure if logged but all the big clubs play their strongest sides in the league cups. in the premiership now every club pretty much plays a weakend side
  13. of course it makes sense, this is the beta so it needs testing then patached then tested then patched etc to make sure the game ius where you want it. you dont want to go to official relsease when all the media reviews your finished article and there be something that doesnt work or the me has something glaringly obvious that needs to be fixed. pretty simple really
  14. Does anyone know if the beta has been patched or updated since release ? I would have thought it should have been as we are so close to the final release date of the game.
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