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  1. So many problems for me in the match engine, these may seem small but for someone who plays the game for the 3d match experience its been horrific Lag - has improved but still is so annoying especially in big stadiums, for me its smooth until a counter attack happens or the camera moves position quickly Sound - some goals go in no crowd response, glitch constantly where you hear a repeat of the ball being touched too many times and the final whistle repeats and glitches every game (has already been on the forum not fixed) Stadiums - non league stadiums now all have a huge artifical surrounding meaning the stands are miles away, really annoying its like watching on an athletics track mesh items - boots ive been told are given colour dependant on flair being 17 or higher so 9 out of 11 players have no colour and non league players dont LIKE THE 1990s Crowd - are sometimes completely out of sync with whats happening So all in all these have been here since the game released and literally are the smallest of fixes so please SI...
  2. Can everyone have coloured boots, my whole tottenham team has no flair?
  3. Sound needs fixing, seems to be a lot of repeated touch noises when a player is dribbling which is annoying, some goals go in with no crowd reaction and the final whistle is messed up as the crowd cuts and stops
  4. Just need FPS higher at the end of the day, but i have given up trying to fix it myself its up to SI. I have tried every solution there is from nvidia inspector, g sync, v sync, afterburner, RSSI. Had breif success with dropping to 50 hz capping at 50fps but after a few games im back playing at 47-40 fps. When that worked it was heaven no lag at all. Its now been three long weeks and i hope its not going to be a fourth.
  5. I cant even get to 50+ when i have i can lock fps with smooth gameplay,
  6. Just installed MSI afterburner along with RivaTunerStasticsServer and limitied my fps to 50 as its been moving around 54 to 60 and changed my hz to 50 to match. it has smoothed my gameplay to 50 fps at all times, now this isnt 60 but is so much better, pretty much no lag on the highest graphic setting which has been unplayable so far. i have gone in and out of fm to check it still works and it is fingers crossed...
  7. Video seems to make it better, but i seem to have good and bad moments throughout a game. At 60 fps im happy with the smoothness however it dips to 56/57/58 causing lag. My GPU is at 81% (around 63 when on lower graphics. for example in the vid its smooth until the cross comes in and camera moves, if fps was at 60 im sold, but it doesnt. one other thing could the boots have some colour its bugging me as well please can we fix this very soon why in previous versions could we limit fps and not now? mp4.mp4
  8. Any chance we can change the colour of boots, forgot it was 1990 where it was just white and black
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