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  1. I'm not sure this is a data issue or an issue within the game but I've just finished my first season and Celtic didn't win the league yet Lennon was kept as manager, I can't see realistically Lennon or Gerrard keeping their job at the end of the season if they fail to win the title.
  2. I feel that on a general level the Rangers and Celtic squads are underrated, perhaps its because I'm passionate about Scottish football. If you look at Rangers performances against Portuguese teams in the last 2 years they've won 3 drawn 2 yet the Portuguese teams seem on the surface to be so much better, granted I don't have access to the CA's so my point may be inaccurate. In the same conversation Celtic beat Lazio twice season, they may be doing much worse this season but I believe that's poor form rather than lack of ability. I don't mean to moan but its just my personal thoughts.
  3. I agree with you on the point that Tavernier probably won’t get into the England squad so he shouldn’t have an ability that would get him there, but when you look at England’s current right backs it isn’t surprising he can’t get in, I don’t have access to the editor so I can’t tell how high his current ability is now but I guess it is significantly lower than current England right backs.
  4. A few issues with Rangers; Cedric Itten can play right wing and did so against Kilmarnock this season. Leon Baloguns overall ability seems low in comparison to is role within the Rangers team in real life. As previously mentioned James Tavernier’s defensive stats seem low, I would argue any problems he’s had aren’t due to his technical ability whilst defending, (i.e his tackling), rather that he is caught out of position due to him attacking so much. His jumping reach at 8 also seems low, his goal against Galatasaray shows just how high in the air he can reach through his jump.
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