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  1. 24 minutes ago, SpiderJu said:

    Great !


    are you working on Update?

    Edit: why did me do this Step? what is that? because in readme, you do not tell something about


    are you working on, example other Stuff - Scoreboards

    if it is possible to see real live Adboards + Scoreboards, that would be amazing

    :hammer:Andere Medien einfügen

    What step? I do not know what you are referring too?

    There is work on an update which includes new video adboards for the following competitions; English Championship, FA Cup, Dutch Eredivisie, Italian Serie A, Portuguese Premiera Liga, Scottish Premier League, UEFA Europa League and the Champions League.

    Previews can be viewed here:




  2. 4 hours ago, SpiderJu said:


    What's the difference between your Files and these Files?


    thanks for Details !

    My patch has more upto date adboards and a significantly higher number of video adboards.

    The club banners patch as the name suggest has a lot more fan banners however, they are in random locations where the clubs in my patch have thier banners displayed as close to real life as FM allows, exmaple below;

    My patch:


    Club banners patch


  3. 2 hours ago, SpiderJu said:

    it is right - install steps

    first: FM20 Adboard Project v1.0

    second: FM20 Adboard Project v1.0 update PC


    You only need one of them. If you’ve never used this patch before install V1.0 if you copied over the patch from FM19 then use the V1.0 update.

  4. Pre Season Competitions V1

    I had originaly made this for personal use but thought others may be interested, the pack contains 6 real life pre season competitions along with metalic logos and trophy pictures. to install just extract folders to your Football Manager 2020 folder.


    100000024.pngAudi Cup
    Host: Bayern Munich
    Eligible teams: arg.png Argentine Primera División, bra.png Brasileiro Série A, eng.png English Premier League, ita.png Italian Serie A, esp.png Spanish Liga Santander & tur.png Turkish Super Lig
    Format: Cup (4 teams)
    Dates: 29th - 31st July
    Frequency: Every 2 years
    Prize Money: £500,000 Participation money and £500,000 prize money for competition winner

    100000027.pngEmirates Cup
    Host: Arsenal
    Eligible teams: fra.png French Ligue 1, ger.png German Bundesliga, ita.png Italian Serie A, esp.png Spanish Liga Santander & Portuguese Liga Nos por.png
    Format: One off match
    Dates: Last Sunday of July
    Frequency: Every year
    Prize Money: £500,000 Participation money

    100000026.pngFlorida Cup
    Host: usa.png Florida, USA
    Eligible teams: usa.png American MLS, arg.png Argentine Primera División, bra.png Brasileiro Série A, col.png Colombian Liga Aguila, ned.png Dutch Eredivisie, ecu.png Ecuadorian Serie A, ger.png German Bundesliga, pol.png Polish Ekstraklasa, sco.png Scottish Premiership, ukr.png Ukrainian Premier League
    Format: Cup
    Dates: 9th-11th of January
    Frequency: Every year
    Prize Money: £500,000 Participation money, All gate receipts pooled with 20% given to each club and £500,000 prize money for competition winner

    100000029.pngInternational Champions Cup
    Host: chn.png China & usa.png USA
    Eligible teams: usa.png American MLS, eng.png English Premier League, ned.png Dutch Eredivisie, fra.png French Ligue 1, ger.png German Bundesliga, ita.png Italian Serie A, mex.png Mexican Liga MX, sco.png Scottish Premiership, esp.png Spanish Liga Santander & Portuguese Liga Nos por.png
    Format: League of 12 teams, each team plays 3 games, penalities if a draw at full time for a bouns point
    Dates: 19th July - 9th August
    Frequency: Every year
    Prize Money: £1,000,000 Participation money, All gate receipts and TV money pooled with 8% given to each club and £2,000,000 prize money for competition winner

    100000025.pngPremier League Asia Trophy
    Host: Rotates between chn.png China, hkg.png Hong Kong, mas.png Malaysia, sin.png Singapore & tha.png Thailand
    Elegible teams: English Premier League x4
    Format: Cup
    Dates: 17th-20th of July
    Frequency: Every 2nd year
    Prize Money: £1,000,000 Participation money, 40% of gate receipts and £1,000,000 prize money for competition winner

    Host: sui.png Bern, Switzerland
    Eligible teams: aut.png Austrian Bundesliga, ned.png Dutch Eredivisie, eng.png English Premier League, ger.png German Bundesliga, gre.png Greek Superleague, pol.png Polish Ekstraklasa, sco.png Scottish Premiership, ser.png Serbian Super Liga, sui.png Swiss Superleague x2 & tur.png Turkish Super Lig,
    Format: Cup
    Dates: 9th-13th of July
    Frequency: Every year
    Prize Money: £250,000 Participation money, 40% of gate receipts and £250,000 prize money for competition winner


    Asia.jpg Audi.jpg Emirates.jpg Florida.jpg International.jpg Uhrencup.jpg

  5. 4 hours ago, advice said:

    I've downloaded this full pack and followed the instructions to install.

    But now the FM20 won't load up now, it's struck on the load screen.

    Help please, what have I done wrong to this happen?.


    This should not be an issue caused by this patch, if your system is dated it may be taking longer to load the graphics into FM?

  6. 2 hours ago, The Threadstarter said:

    Great work, but my ad board turnto  black. Default work fine. I renamed hd to sd to no avail.

    Have match graphics on medium but have changed render and texture to high to no avail. Any idea how to solve it? Thanks

    edit. i am also using public beta and Club folder, not sure if this makes a difference

    What competitions are you experiencing this with as if a competitions has no video adboards assigned to it then black video ads are displayed as default, this is a limitation of Football Manager

  7. 41 minutes ago, SpiderJu said:

    Thank You


    but, what are the Differents with this Adboard Patch for FM20 ?


    or is your Patch for "Video" Adboards , so we can use both together?

    sorry, for my English, Greetings from Germany



    This patch covers more leagues and has more up to date adboards. Unfortunately due to the way in which FM loads adboards into the game only one patch can be used 

  8. FM20 Adboard Patch

    The newest version of the FM Adboard patch has now been released over at sortitoutsi, the patch includes adboard for every playable club competition with video ads for some of the major competitions and all 20 English Premier League teams.


    • Generic video ads for English Premiership, French Ligue 1, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A & Spanish Liga Santander
    • Adjusted all club ads to display properly with FM20 stadium models
    • Updated video ads for all English Premiership ads


    arsenal.png chelsea.png 20191229233000-1.jpg 20191230000840-1.jpg

    Video Installation Guide

    I will periodically look in on this thread and provide updates to new packs, please direct any questions to the thread on Sorititoutsi which will also contain previews of any up and coming content.

    I have dedicated 1000's of hours, making and coding adbaords for Football Manager since 2008. These adbaord patches have attracted over 100,000 downloads and remain the only real way to inject some personality into the Football Manager match engine. While this is a free patch if you wish to donate as way of thanking me for my time you can do so by the link below



  9. Looking for a bit of advice, I'm having to replace my laptop and have a budget of £700 at the most. I only use a laptop for FM and making graphics for FM in photoshop, typically GIF files for video adboards (which can be around 20 seconds long and upto 80Mb in size). In regards to FM I play in the 3D match engine and look to have the top leagues in at least 6 nations in a save, typically my saves rarely pass 4 seasons. I also travel a lot so a sturdy laptop is essential as in the past I have had problems with the screen hinges breaking.

    I have looked into the 4 laptops below, would anyone be able to recommend one of the 4 or something more suitable within my budget?





  10. Alternative Scottish Pyramid

    I've been working on and off this file for a few years and thought it's about I upload my work for others to critique/enjoy. In every addition of FM I tend to play a long term save in Scotland and after a season or two I quickly get bored of the repetitive fixtures/league structure. I've made a file with a new 16-10-16 structure within the SPFL which also includes the Highland, Lowland and East of Scotland leagues. My long term plan for this save is to incorporate the juniors into this setup and create a fully functional league pyramid. I'll now talk through the changes I've made to the SPFL with some justification as to why I've made certain changes. I have tried to keep a form of realism within this file where possible and I'm fully aware people may not agree with some changes in this pyramid.

    The Premiership


    My initial idea was to turn the premiership into a 16 team league where clubs play each other twice, giving us 30 games with no splits. However, the more I thought about this the more I released how unfeasible such a set up would be. While this system would take a away the monotony of playing teams 4 times a season in the league, losing 8 rounds of fixtures and 2 Old Firm games would be a financial disaster in terms of TV money and sponsorship. We also in Scotland have this bizarre belief that a bigger league would leave too many teams with nothing to play for. To make up for this shortfall in fixtures and to give all sides something to play for throughout the season, I've looked to the splits in Denmark and Belgium as motivation. Personally I have nothing against league splits and while this system will give at least 6 extra games, more importantly it will ensure each side has an equal number of home and away matches.


    After 30 games the league will split into 4 groups, giving every team in the league an extra 6 balanced games (3 home & 3 away), which is an improvement on the current split where teams can play more home than away games or vice versa, or play 1 side 3 time away from home and 1 time at home, Like Hibs V Aberdeen this season. The top 4 teams make up the Championship group, teams 5th-8th make up the European Places Playoff group, teams 9th-12th the Relegation Playoff Group and the bottom 4 teams play in the Relegation group. After each group has finished team 4 will play team 5 in a 2 legged playoff for the final Europa League place and team 12 will play team 14 in the Relegation playoff semi final with the losing team playing the winner of the Championship Playoff. This gives us a 16 team league with 36 fixtures, every team will have something to play for and there is less fixture monotony as you will face 12 team's twice and 3 teams 4 times (excluding playoffs)

    The Championship


    The Championship remains similar in terms of structure, the only real difference is two teams are automatically promoted to the Premiership. I have toyed about with various league setups for the Championship, however there is not really enough 'big' SPLF teams for a bigger league to work. Increasing the number of teams further would also significantly dilute the quality of the Championship and make the jump between the Premiership and Championship too extreme. Any team relegated from the Championship receives £60,000 in parachute money for 2 seasons.

    League One


    The remaining League 1 and 2 clubs form a new look 16 team League. League One is a simple play each other twice, 30 game league. A higher % of TV money has been diverted to these clubs to offset the cost of losing 3 home games per league season. A 16 team 'semi-pro' league seems more feasible than the SPFL welcoming in 4 new teams to fill the gap in League 2. I've kept the relegation playoff as it is, as in reality there will be no automatic relegation from League 2 in till the standard of the Lowland League increases. In future updates I may look to change this to automatic relegation occurring after a few seasons. As in real life any side relegated to the Highland/Lowland league will recieve £40,000 in parachute money for 2 seasons.


    Highland League


    The Highland league keeps its current structure and is designed to float between 16 and 20 teams ensuring regionalisation at this level remains correct. The following cups have also been added: Highland League Cup, North of Scotland Cup, Aberdeenshire Shield and the Aberdeenshire Cup. In terms of youth of development the North of Scotland U20 and the Aberdeeshire and District League have also been included, teams in each region can opt in and out of these leagues from the beginning of season 2.

    North-of-scot.jpg aberdeen-20.jpg


    Lowland League


    The Lowland League starts as a 15 teams league as in real life and will expand to a 16 team league team in season 2. Like the Highland League it is designed to float between 14-18 clubs to ensure regionalisation, this may impact season 2's expansion. The following cups have also been added: Lowland League Cup, SFA South Challenge Cup and the Qualifying Cup. In terms of youth development the Lowland Development League, Challenge Cup, Knockout Cup and League Cup have been added, again teams in each region can opt in and out of these leagues from the beginning of season 2.



    East of Scotland League

    EOS-A.jpg EOS-B.jpg EOS-C.jpg

    The East of Scotland League begins with this seasons conference system, the top team in each group progress to the Round Robin Championship Group where the top 2 teams win promotion the the Lowland League. The runner up, teams 2-5 across each conference and the 2 best 6th placed teams form a 16 team Premiership in Season 2 while the remaining teams form a North and South regioned Division One. The Following cups have also been added: East of Scotland League Cup, King Cup & Alex Jack Cup (Winner qualifies for next seasons Scottish Cup).


    Other Changes:

    - Added £3k in travel costs to any Scottish clubs playing away to English, Irish, Northern Irish or Welsh clubs in the Irn-Bru cup in line with current cup rules.

    - Ticket prices added for 72 clubs

    - Attendances updated for 69 clubs

    - Stadium information corrected for 46 grounds

    - Facilities info added to 48 clubs

    - 112 staff members added

    - 471 records added giving more depth the game

    - 425 past winners added to newly created competitions

    - 125 unique city pics added for clubs from Premiership to East of Scotland League

    - 87 stadium pics added for clubs from Highland, Lowland, East of Scotland and some Junior clubs

    - 15 trophy pics added

    - Logos added for all senior competitions

    cove.jpg Spartans.jpg Brora.jpg Aberdeenshire-Shield.jpg

    Installation instruction

    extract to my documents/sports interactive




    Any feedback/suggestions for further updates welcome


  11. I am trying to replicate the new structure used for this seasons East of Scotland league and expand on it by adding 19 clubs to the system during the second season. To give a bit of background over the summer 26 junior clubs joined the East of Scotland League on the same level as the existing clubs, for this season 3 leagues of 13 will play out with the aim of forming a new 16 team top league next season and below feeder leagues.


    I have tried to replicate this and expand on the system by adding in a further 19 clubs for the start of the second season, My league structure will evolve over three seasons and is detailed below:


    Season One

    Premier League - 3 groups of 13 teams


    Season Two

    Premier League - 16 teams

    Division One - 2 groups of 14 teams


    Season Three

    Premier League - 16 teams

    Division One - 16 teams

    Division Two - 2 League of 13 teams (North & South Division)


    I have got my game to 'successfully' restructure over the three season, however my issues are with the 19 teams which I add in Season 2 and I'm at a loss on how to solve this issue. I have so far tried the following;

    1. Removed the 19 new clubs from any division and used the 'Get specific Team' option to add them to Division One for the second season, The problem with this is that teams who finish in either the promotion or relegation positions successfully transition into the next season, however teams who would be due to begin the next season in Division One simply vanish from the structure, the game then places a non league team with the highest reputation into Division One to fill the gap.
    2. Added the 19 new clubs to Division One and have no stages set for season one, come the start of the second season, 6 of the new teams now play in both the Premier League and Division One.
    3. Added the 19 new clubs to Division One from season one with no promotion from the league, (in this setting I've also tried setting promotion places to 0 and adding all 19 teams to the 'block teams from promotion' option), However all teams where promoted to the Premier League.
    4. Added the 19 new clubs to a lower league and set that league to promote all 19 teams to Division One, however only 2 teams where promoted.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can achieve my intended result?

  12. 9 minutes ago, michaeltmurrayuk said:

    Locate this section of code in the xml file:

    <record id="135" edge_type="0" edge_index="1" />

    And that allows you to assign the adboard to appear in a certain place - id is the id of the adboard, index assigns it to the position starting from the dugout, 1 is the first one after the dugout, 2 is the next onwards, negative numbers assign them to the other side of the dugout, not sure what type does (possibly sets whether it's pitch side or in the stands?). Each board can only be assigned to one position, so if you want the same image to appear in more than one place you'd need to give it another id.

    If you have an adboard assigned to a set postion and one not for the same comp then they should rotate, though I didn't test this fully so something else might control it so you might need to play around with the various commands in the file. (aslo when editing the adboard you need to exit and restart the game instead of just reloading the skin).

    Thanks for your reply I'll have a play about with it.

  13. On 16/04/2017 at 12:49, michaeltmurrayuk said:

    I've also noticed that is actually now possible to get the static adboards to rotate if the club has LED boards (in previous versions they would just rotate back to the same image), however I'm not quite sure what controls it as best as I can work out it only works for ads you have set to show in a certain position which doesn't make it all that practical as you'd need to give each board it's own id.

    @michaeltmurrayuk how did you manage this can you post an example of the xml please?

  14. On 16/04/2017 at 12:49, michaeltmurrayuk said:

    Alright I didn't try a gif - My method is are rather roundabout one - first create png file with photoshop for each different one I want like I'd do with the static ones, I then load them into Windows Movie Maker as it has a decent amount of transitions to pick from and save as an mp4 file, then load that into xmedia and crop it and re-encode as an ivf file, but I haven't quite got the dimensions right yet as they get cut off in the matches (the default ones seem to come with various different dimensions), but I have only done one or two as the team I play as has only just got promoted into a league where the other sides use the LED adboards.

    I've also noticed that is actually now possible to get the static adboards to rotate if the club has LED boards (in previous versions they would just rotate back to the same image), however I'm not quite sure what controls it as best as I can work out it only works for ads you have set to show in a certain position which doesn't make it all that practical as you'd need to give each board it's own id.

    Best dimensions to use are 2816x88, this will repeat the add twice behind the goal and 3 times along the whole side of pitch

  15. I can't see a stadium editor being implemented into FM any time soon but even if we could manipulate specific clubs stadiums via an xml file with very basic instructions which could determine stadium materials, roof type, no of tiers etc of each stand would be a massive step forward

  16. 12 hours ago, jeff roberts said:

    Hi Rabcp, Bundesliga and 2.Bundesliga are what I need. I have replaced Stuttgart with my Create-A-team, Kruezberg FC. We have won 2. Bundesliga and are now leading the Bundesliga after 11 games, but we are starting to slip.

    I'd be very grateful if you can provide a working .xml file. Let me know if you need anything from my end.

    First of all create the following directory and paste your video ads into the 'ger' folder

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2017\data\sigfx\videos\hd\video_ads\ger


    Then place the fm.xml into this directory

    C:\Users\user\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\ads


  17. 1 hour ago, jeff roberts said:

    Well that was a bit of a disaster as there seem to be ads.FMF files in each update folder.

    I have tried modifying them but that did not help. Downloaded the FM 16 ad boards, as suggested, that also failed to work. May be something different in the file structure when using Steam.

    So I guess I'll just continue to use re-name my files with the default names until I get a better option.

    In the meantime I have updated a couple of my dynamic ad boards as they did not seem to have the timings right. Feel free to use them and let me know how you get on. If you haven't guessed they are for the German leagues as I'm currently playing with my create a team, Kruezberg FC.

    FM Dynamic Ads.zip

    If you let me know what leagues/cups you want these adboards to show in I'll do the xml file for you

  18. 11 hours ago, michaeltmurrayuk said:

    The only thing you need to do differently for video ads is change the path in the xml file so it looks something like this:

    <record id="<UNIQUE_NUMBER>" path="video_ads/<FOLDER>/<FILENAME>" animated="true" />

    Though they seem to be fairly limited.

    - The video files need to be in the \data\sigfx\videos\hd\video_ads\ folder with the others (not sure when SD or HD get called) though they can go in their own subfolder which is the <FOLDER> path above.

    - Only one will display at a time, repeating across the ground - no idea if the game rotates them through different matches if you assign more than one, as there are several team/comp specific default video ads so they most rotate somehow.

    - Video ads will also override the picture ones so you cannot combine them.

    - They also only display at clubs that have the LED adboards.

    following the above I have been able to add new animated LED boards, however I have noticed the following piece of code in the fm17 ads.xml file


      <!-- This allows/deny LED digital ads for teams and competition. If a team/competition isn't found in this list -->
      <!-- it's going to be code driven based on club reputation, stadium size and nation level of developement -->
      <!-- Nation is supported as well. -->
      <list id="digital_ads_usage_filter">
        <record type="competition">
          <!-- All English Premier League matches have to use LED -->
          <record id="45" led_force_flag="true" />
        <record type="team" />
        <record type="nation" />


    This states that LED adboards are assigned based on club reputations, stadium size and nation level of development, however it also suggests that clubs/competitions/nations can be assigned LED adboards in the xml file. I've tried a few different variations of the code and have yet to get LED adboards to display for a club not meeting the above criteria.

  19. 4 hours ago, White Flag said:

    Not trying to argue with you, but in FM16 the adboards were animated - they rolled upwards. Perhaps not as animated as 17, but still....

    The sortitoutsi adboard pack works, and is editable - which answers the original posters question.

    I can see where you are coming from but without trying to sound pedantic I regard them as static adboards as the images themselves where not animated e.g. text didn't scroll etc on the adboards. Where as now in FM17 the new LED style adboards are animated as the actual adboard is animated as the text moves, pictures flash and change etc...


    I think the original poster was looking to edit or add new animated pitch side aboards but untill some from from SI can advise what programs can be used to edit or save files as an .IVF file format we'll be unable to and currently right now the only real solution is to use the patch you mentioned above.

  20. 2 hours ago, White Flag said:

    Ad boards were animated in FM16 too.

    The Sortitoutsi ad board pack still works for 17.

    No they weren't, animated adboards are new to FM17

    The old packs can be used and but they would overwrite the new ads.xml and therefore remove animated adboards from the game.

    The animated adboards have a .ivf file extension and can be found C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2017\data\sigfx\videos\hd\video_ads and viewed with a video player such as VLC Media Player.  In theory new ones can be made an added to the game however I have no idea what software package can be used to make files in a .ivf format or even used to convert files into a .ivf format. Perhaps someone from SI can answer that?


  21. Alternative Scottish Pyramid 2.0


    General Changes

    • European Teams are; Celtic (UEFA Champions League), Aberdeen, Hearts & Hibernian (UEFA Europa League).
    • Teams in the Premiership and Championship have active reserve leagues.
    • Players created and added to Edinburgh City and Spartans.
    • Cove Rangers squad has also been updated.
    • Slight increase in Premiership TV money due to two teams being removed from the Championship.



    The only change to this league in the update are to the teams based on last seasons league positions, (Falkirk and Raith Rovers replace St. Mirren and Queen of the South.

    Known Issue; League classifications are still appearing after 30 games, but re adjust after 36 if there are any changes.



    I wasn't a fan of the split so I decided to reduce the league to 10 teams playing each other 4 times a season.



    There's been no changes to the League One's North and South other than swapping a few teams around, again based on last seasons positions.



    Highland/Lowland League

    Again the only changes here are swapping a few teams around, again based on last seasons positions.



    Domestic Cups

    I Have adjusted the dates in the Betfred Cup and made the Irn-Bru cup as in real life, with correct seedings and prize money.

    Known Issue; Attendences in matches featuring U20 clubs are very low (range from 11 - 200+).


    Alternative Scotland V2.zip

  22. There's a couple of things I'd like to point out if you do come back to this.

    1. I don't know weather it's intentional but, the way you have the dates set in the editor means when we start a new save, there's no transfer window until January.

    2. The prize money is a tad on the low side.

    In the Highland/lowland leagues for example 4k for the league winner is awful low, it makes it almost impossible for the clubs to stay semi-pro and most will likely end up Amateur.

    Also for reference, the current winner of the Premiership gets around £2.8M.

    3. TV Money: It's currently only 400k in the Premiership, this is a bit low. It was 650k in the base game.

    Officially the TV money is 725k for each team in the Premiership, and the Championship teams receive around 250k due to their televised games currently as well.

    4. Season Ticket holders and Attendances need some work for teams you have included from the Highland/Lowland and Junior Leagues, they are quite low and don't allow them to be competitive money wise.

    5. You may want to adjust their reputations as well so they attract the same standard of players as the teams from the former League 2.

    Other than that, great job.

    Thanks for the feedback dburnsdundeemad, I am currently working on an updated version with extra levels an may revamp some leagues along with adding the new format of the challenge cup. In reference to your feedback points.

    1. I have noticed that in test games the first summer transfer window has always been quieter so I'll look into this.

    2/3. I kept the prize money at current levels, however as there are now 4 extra teams in the Premiership this money has to be spread around the 16 teams instead of 12 hence the lower prize and TV money. For the Highland/Lowland league each league within the game earns £40k in prize money, if anything this money is possibly too high compared to real life levels.

    4. I've based season ticket numbers, prices and attendances on real life stats, however you need to keep in mind the lowland league for example gets very low attendances in real life and feel this is well represented in this file.

    5. I agree that some club reps could be increased.

    While this is an Alternative league structure I still want to keep this file as realistic as possible, at least in regards to finance and attendances etc, If there's any specific clubs you feel should be boosted in any way please post away, over the next few days I'll be reviewing the league and looking to introduce teams form the East and South of Scotland leagues, possibly the juniors too.

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