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  1. That script is for ads next to the dugout, it sounds like you want your ads on the opposite side of the stadium. It could possibly be done using the ad_mapping, edge_index="1" code as the number represents the add position so you could try it as edge_index="22" /> and see it that works, if so it'll be trial and error until you get the desired position.
  2. Exact same process, for clubs who do not use video ads the numbered adboards will begin pitch side, centre of pitch are usually adboard numbers 22-23.
  3. It's possible but it can be a complex process, keep in mind that pitch sizes are different from club to club so for example if you made a league add (e.g. Premier League logo) appear in the centre of the pitch, it will appear off center for clubs who use larger or smaller pitches. Positioning Adboard's While is it possible to place adboards in certain positions, the process is a little complex as bar the pitchside adboards the adboard numbers at times follow no logical pattern and can repeat numbers depending on the stadium model. The support files in this link are needed for thi
  4. The FM20 Adboard Project V1.3 Download New Leagues/Cups Belgium Croky Cup (DylaanAG ads) Updated Leagues/Cups Belgium Jupiler Pro League (DylaanAG ads) Greece Super League Greece (Mysterio ads) Russia Russian Premier League (map788 ads) (Video ads) Russian Football National League (map788 ads) Russian Cup (map788 ads) Slovenia Slovenian PrvaLiga (Aljo24 ads) Updated Clubs Russia Akhmat Grozny, Arsenal Tula, CSKA Moscow, Dynamo Moscow, Krasnodar, Krylia Sovetovy, Lokomotiv Moscow, Orenburg, Rostov, Rubin Kazan, Spartak Moscow, UFA, Ural Yekaterimb
  5. Pre Season Competitions V1.1 Download Fixes - Reduced length of International Champions Cup to avoid fixture clashes Atlantic Cup Host: Algarve, Portugal Eligible teams: Austria Bundesliga, Chinese Super League, Croatian Prva Liga, Czech Fortuna Liga, Danish Superliga, Farense, Irish Premier Division, Kazakh Prem'er Ligasy, Norwegian Eliteserien, Russian Premier Liga & Swedish Allsvenska Format: 2 Groups - winners play in cup final. Dates: 1st - 10th of February Frequency: Yearly Prize Money: £50,000 Participation money, 50% of gate receip
  6. Thanks for your feeback, though the ICC works every year for me, pehaps there was a conflict with another file you are using?
  7. This is not the norm, it looks as if the game processed a 'hard brexit' therefore, non UK players would require a work permit
  8. I propsed a potential solution to this recently which I belive would give us a stadium editor without a manager having any control over a stadium expansion
  9. I've suggested a solution in the features request forum
  10. Ever since the introduction of the 3D match engine the concept of a stadium editor has been a divisive subject within the Football Manager community. One school of thought is that customisable stadiums would make the experience more immersive, while other users feel that a stadium editor would remove an element of realism for the game, as no manager will design their clubs newest ground expansion. We also have the issue of licencing which means copies of Camp Nou, Old Trafford, San Siro et al can not be reproduced within the game. While some of the stadium models within the game can play a clo
  11. Thanks @Enos If you have all of the FM19 packs installed then you only need V1.1 and 1.2 of the FM20 editions. The links are correct I just forgot to rename the files before uploading, hence them saying v.1.0 instead of v.1.1
  12. While I get the point, you make it is just not practical, the full pack is just shy of 700MB and I do not see the point of uploading a 700MB file for each update when less than 5% of the file would contain new content. Also, not everybody has access to uncapped high-speed internet. 99% of people are able to use this patch with no difficulty and the other 1% typically never read the instructions, FAQ or watch the support video’s before posting about the same issues… Because as I previously pointed you were missing files as you had not installed the pack correctly... In
  13. You are missing multiple files. redownload and install V1.0, V1.1 & V1.2 of the patch, install in that order and it will all work
  14. Black adbaords are loaded pitchside when video ads can not be found and the Football Manager 2008 adboards are displayed when the static ads can not be found. In other words the game can not find the required files which means they are missing! Does this issue occer with other leagues, preview a Serie A game and tell me the results That looks correct but the folder appears to be empty? there should be over 4,000 files in the ads folder and 700 alone from update V1.2
  15. From the above images, the xml files are in the correct location alongside the video ads so I would try the HD/SD trick with them. You have not posted your graphics folder setup though and this is where I believe the issue is Going by the dates of your files you do not seem to have the newest version of the patch, I'd recommend that you install V1.2 of the patch as part of your troubleshooting https://www.mediafire.com/file/h91ik2mxv3zq0ic/FM20_Adboard_Project_v1.2_update_MAC.zip/file
  16. You where seeing adboards with the Football Manager 2008 logos on them as the XML file can not locate the static adboards so it loads these as a fall back, this means the static ads are in the wrong location, the static ads within your graphics folder should be in this path: Users/YOUR Mac USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Sports Interactive/football manager 2020 The black ads means the XML can not load the video ads in to you game, this means that they are in wrong location or that your system can not handle 'HD' graphics, the 'simatchviewer_uncompressed' folder should be
  17. You have not installed the patch correctly, your file locations must exactly match those in the installation video below
  18. No problem, glad you got it working! Stay saffe too!
  19. This is your issue, the xml files are in the wrong place make a folder called 'ads' in your football manager 2020 folder and place the xml files there, like the screenshot below
  20. First of all drop the capitals it is considered shouting and is very rude when someone is taking the time to help you! You have not posted a image of where you have placed the xml files which is what I suspect is causing the issues you are experiencing
  21. Can you provide screenshots of where you have installed each part of the patch as going by your description you have not installed it properly... some common fixes Ensuring that the graphics folder found in this path 'Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020' only contains lower case charcters If the video ads appear black rename the 'HD' folder to 'SD' found in this patch C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2020\data\simatchviewer_uncompressed\videos
  22. That is the correct order. The patch comes with the clubs xml file as default so if you wanted to use the non clubs xml you would just copy and paste the xml file from that folder to the ads folder, both folders are included so you have backup of each file
  23. Video adboards can not be turned off, use the 'no clubs xml' for competition specifc adboards
  24. The FM20 Adboard Project V1.2 Download - PC Download - MAC New Leagues/Cups The Netherlands Eredivisie (Video ads) Portugal Premiera Liga (Video ads) Scotland Premiership (Video ads) Serbia Superliga (boyshane ads) (Video ads) Updated Leagues/Cups Bulgaria First League (Kosic ads) England Championship (Video ads) FA Cup (Video ads) France Ligue 1 (Video ads) Italy Serie A (Video ads) UEFA Champions League (Video ads) Europa League (Video ads) New Clubs Serbia Partizan Belgrade (boyshane ads) (Video ads) Spain
  25. Yes you are right, I had forgot to include these instructions but they are included in the below video.
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