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  1. Pre Season Competitions V1.1 Download Fixes - Reduced length of International Champions Cup to avoid fixture clashes Atlantic Cup Host: Algarve, Portugal Eligible teams: Austria Bundesliga, Chinese Super League, Croatian Prva Liga, Czech Fortuna Liga, Danish Superliga, Farense, Irish Premier Division, Kazakh Prem'er Ligasy, Norwegian Eliteserien, Russian Premier Liga & Swedish Allsvenska Format: 2 Groups - winners play in cup final. Dates: 1st - 10th of February Frequency: Yearly Prize Money: £50,000 Participation money, 50% of gate receip
  2. Thanks for your feeback, though the ICC works every year for me, pehaps there was a conflict with another file you are using?
  3. This is not the norm, it looks as if the game processed a 'hard brexit' therefore, non UK players would require a work permit
  4. I propsed a potential solution to this recently which I belive would give us a stadium editor without a manager having any control over a stadium expansion
  5. I've suggested a solution in the features request forum
  6. Ever since the introduction of the 3D match engine the concept of a stadium editor has been a divisive subject within the Football Manager community. One school of thought is that customisable stadiums would make the experience more immersive, while other users feel that a stadium editor would remove an element of realism for the game, as no manager will design their clubs newest ground expansion. We also have the issue of licencing which means copies of Camp Nou, Old Trafford, San Siro et al can not be reproduced within the game. While some of the stadium models within the game can play a clo
  7. Pre Season Competitions V1 I had originaly made this for personal use but thought others may be interested, the pack contains 6 real life pre season competitions along with metalic logos and trophy pictures. to install just extract folders to your Football Manager 2020 folder. Download Audi Cup Host: Bayern Munich Eligible teams: Argentine Primera División, Brasileiro Série A, English Premier League, Italian Serie A, Spanish Liga Santander & Turkish Super Lig Format: Cup (4 teams) Dates: 29th - 31st July Frequency: Every 2 years Prize Money: £500,000 Participation
  8. Thanks for the comments, there will be an updated version for FM20 however it’ll be January at the earliest before a release as I currently have very little free time
  9. Cheers Smurf, appreciate the advice, went with the 1st one in the end
  10. Looking for a bit of advice, I'm having to replace my laptop and have a budget of £700 at the most. I only use a laptop for FM and making graphics for FM in photoshop, typically GIF files for video adboards (which can be around 20 seconds long and upto 80Mb in size). In regards to FM I play in the 3D match engine and look to have the top leagues in at least 6 nations in a save, typically my saves rarely pass 4 seasons. I also travel a lot so a sturdy laptop is essential as in the past I have had problems with the screen hinges breaking. I have looked into the 4 laptops below, would anyone
  11. Alternative Scottish Pyramid I've been working on and off this file for a few years and thought it's about I upload my work for others to critique/enjoy. In every addition of FM I tend to play a long term save in Scotland and after a season or two I quickly get bored of the repetitive fixtures/league structure. I've made a file with a new 16-10-16 structure within the SPFL which also includes the Highland, Lowland and East of Scotland leagues. My long term plan for this save is to incorporate the juniors into this setup and create a fully functional league pyramid. I'll now talk through t
  12. I am trying to replicate the new structure used for this seasons East of Scotland league and expand on it by adding 19 clubs to the system during the second season. To give a bit of background over the summer 26 junior clubs joined the East of Scotland League on the same level as the existing clubs, for this season 3 leagues of 13 will play out with the aim of forming a new 16 team top league next season and below feeder leagues. I have tried to replicate this and expand on the system by adding in a further 19 clubs for the start of the second season, My league structure will evolv
  13. I can't see a stadium editor being implemented into FM any time soon but even if we could manipulate specific clubs stadiums via an xml file with very basic instructions which could determine stadium materials, roof type, no of tiers etc of each stand would be a massive step forward
  14. I'm looking to get myself a new laptop which will mainly be used for FM (running 4/5 nations per save) and watching Films, I'm looking for a HD screen, good processor and good graphics from a budget off £600; I have found the following four and I'm just looking for a bit off feedback or any other suggestions http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/9S7-16GD51-1829-MSI-CX61-2QF-1829UK_1803392.html http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/CB-CZ5840-756MF-Cube-Chameleon-CZ-5840_1737790.html http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/X555LJ-DM541H-ASUS-X555LJ-DM541H_1771352.html http://www.ebuyer.com/715555-msi-cx61-2qf-gam
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