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  1. Ok so here's screenshot proof im in the year 2022
  2. So I got a question, why can’t there be a player database limit of 25,000 players instead of a league limit, I’d really like to be able to load more nations but wouldn’t it be feasible as long as there was a player limit as well? For example if you want to have Argentina or Canada just for wonderkids and such, just curious that’s all
  3. I can confirm that one of them was the CPL, as games were happening and my FC Edmonton players got called up.
  4. Ok so this bug has been ongoing since FMM20, so basically the players in the U21 national team don’t leave the club, when there called up or when they hit 22, this only seems to happen with the club your playing as, it happened to me a bunch in FMM20 and it’s still doing it in this version, I thought I’d let you know because no one else seems to have reported this glitch.
  5. Glad someone's reported this. I notice it to and I agree, you know what's going to happen before the VAR is done reviewing ex: setting up for a free kick before Ref announces decision.
  6. I would like to know if the Concaaf champions league is in the game. Like for the north American leagues (example: USA, Mexico leagues.)
  7. I'm doing ajax but I had to use the editor to make my players/ teams better so I can raise the league standards. And Its unfun right now but anyone know what teans are good to manage?
  8. This happened to me once too. But only once. I think it was with the recent update as well. But I find it to be a very rare glitch.
  9. It's a great suggestion would love to see that be added.
  10. Thanks for the heads up mate. I'm thinking of doing a journeyman career mode after my woking one (that's why I suggested unemployed but didn't know it was already added)
  11. heres my wishlist for fmm20 1. possibly more than 30 seasons 2. more leagues 3. better transfer system 4. bigger database 5. better player statistics (i'm basically saying show us the statistics EX: average rating, cards, etc) 6. allow us to switch from enhanced match engine to classic match engine and vice versa 8. allow us to pick more nations instead of just 4. 9. more player interaction 10. make the ingame editor unlockable instead of charging people money for it hope you read this and please reply to what you think of each suggestion
  12. i just got a question. why no ps4 version? i really want to play this on the ps4. if it's sony denying it than i'm mad but if not why no ps4 version?
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