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  1. When I manage an underdog, which doesn't have strong players in every position, I would overload and focus all my build-up ability on one side and finish on the other.
  2. as AMC, defence/ mark and press opposite DMC attack/ offer killer-pass
  3. Totally agree with @Snorks FM20 AI is crazilly good at set pieces attack. Almost every time I used man-mark in corner-kick defence, I conceded a goal. So now I place 2 short men guarding near & far posts, 1 pacey on the edge of the box defending AI long short, 1 pacey staying forward , all other players "GB/going back" in the box.
  4. * Maybe both strikers- At under positive mentality * BBM-Su &CAR-Su should have exceptional pace,stamina,work rate, to help defend flanks, just like Tottenham in previous season.
  5. Dude, it's just my own opinion, Mr. Rogic's attributes and traits look better as a MC(A) or a DLF(S). He has superb finishing, composure, dribble, long shot, pass, vision, off the ball, position, teamwork, good balance/strength/jumping reach, poor agility/pace. Poor agility means that he needs a century to turn around, like Demichelis. Under highter tempo, he is unable to play like a young man, pass and turn around quickly. As MC(A), he may face the goal, dribble forward then pass or long shoot. As DLF(S), with back to goal, he may hold, pass, finish, and even defend as good as Firmino.
  6. Matchanalysis - negative says that you need a DM to defend long shots and penalty area. You have 2x1-1 draws and 3x 0-1 loses. If you could defend better and turn them into 2x 1-0 and 3x 0-0, you earn additional 7 points.
  7. Totally agree. The single-core max. frequency matters. Multi-core helps you as a streamer.
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