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  1. Thanks for that advice mate, going to try it i think this season and move away from my 4312. Im in my 3rd season now so I have picked up a few decent players for lower league football.
  2. Im playing lower league football with FC United, going to try and implement the Eddie Howe set myself. Do you think this could work?
  3. Looking forward to a Conte kinda formation, really good thread this!
  4. Exactly mate all down to player power now and Modern football... its becoming a joke now
  5. Cant believe whats going on now in football, Costa and Payet for example!
  6. How come only a small database? I like to load scandinavia players aswell because their cheap! Starting my game properly today will post updates and follow this thread, nice opening posts mate.
  7. What game setup are people using for West Ham, I'm just about to start a new game with them and just wondering how people have started their games, what leagues and database have you loaded?
  8. Are people still using this? Gonna try load up a game using this formation, what teams would be good to use this?
  9. Would love to read more about these tactics your using, currently using your 3-5-1-1 and 4-1-4-1 formations without Arsenal without good purpose
  10. Im using OI on the full back positions, DR and DL, WBR and WBL and MR and ML
  11. I really wish he would show the roles and instructions, as it would help learning it easier. He has said the in-game descriptions of the roles are misleading so I think explaining his role and duties for the counter press would be more beneficial to people. Looking forward to see how this counter press gets on!
  12. Okay, thanks let me know if you find it please!
  13. Can you post it on here then? Or are their any other player instructions and Ill just copy them from the pic you posted earlier. Cheers
  14. ScottMUFC can I download that 442 anywhere?
  15. Anymore updates on this RTH. Started using the attacking 4231 and changed the wingbacks to Attack duty, both defensive midfielders on defend duty.