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  1. Okay, thanks let me know if you find it please!
  2. Can you post it on here then? Or are their any other player instructions and Ill just copy them from the pic you posted earlier. Cheers
  3. ScottMUFC can I download that 442 anywhere?
  4. Anymore updates on this RTH. Started using the attacking 4231 and changed the wingbacks to Attack duty, both defensive midfielders on defend duty.
  5. Thats my ideal Frame i look for in a player!
  6. Interesting views here, I never really bothered looking for mental attributes before. Now i like to have my players hardworking and determined also a bonus if they have some pace!
  7. Whats your teams DNA? What attributes do you look for when signing a player? I always look for Teamwork, Workrate and Determination.
  8. Thank you mate
  9. Do I scout Hot Prospects when setting up the assignments then?
  10. How exactly are you setting up scouting assignments? What do you search for?
  11. Basically I'm looking at starting a new game as a top european club. I'm interested as to what your game setup would be for a game that would involve looking to bring through the best possible Newgens. What nations and leagues would you load and any other players you would load? And then in game whats the best way to scout them? At the moment i send out scouts looking for players with current ability 3 stars and potential 5 stars from age 15? Thanks in advance
  12. RTHerringbone can you confirm your PI's for your Left Midfielder now please? I am with the understanding the same as a Wide Playmaker (attack)
  13. Game: FM16 Type of Game: Career Age: 28 Timezone: GMT When can you play: Most evenings and weekends and some days, can arrange it properly Steam Username: mark_evans7
  14. I'm Everton using this system with a few adjustments and still struggling, finding this years FM much harder!
  15. Whats the best way to set up game? Leagues loaded and players, I've got a decent computer so trying to make it enjoyable with different leagues loaded.