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  1. I have noticed, once you take over Manchester United, both Ole and Phelan return back to their clubs
  2. Any reason why Solskjaer and Mike Phelan not at Man United?
  3. Anybody started a new game using the Winter Update, Mike Phelan and Ole are not at United? Surely this is not correct!
  4. Why is Mike Phelan not a coach at Man Utd in latest update?
  5. Just started my first season with United. Looking for a good Ball Winning Midfielder to play in the DM position. Any ideas? First transfer window.
  6. Need a winger for MR. I'm using Lingard at the moment but need another one to rotate with him.
  7. I'm going to wait for full release till I start my full game with United.
  8. I thought you might of used 'shoot less often' for your forwards, as you wanted them to not waste chances.
  9. Are you going to go in detail about any player instructions you use?
  10. I want to have a deeper look into the 1999 team and try and replicate that into FM18. I feel the 442 is looking better this year.
  11. https://gyazo.com/9eafd97182d4b9f53bc50b084396c542 Here is my tactic I'm currently using for United. Does it look ok and balanced? A few Player instructions DR Full back support - Close down less, Fewer Risky passes DL Wing Back Attack - Close down Less DM Deep Lying Playmaker Defend - Close down Less MCL Centre Mid Support - Hold Position MCR Centre Mid Attack - Close Down More AMR Winger Attack - Close down more AML Inside Forward support - Pass it shorter, Shoot Less Often CF Complete Forward support - Close down more
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