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  1. definitely not, if it were so I would have noticed it even earlier, or why then this bug happened to this particular player without affecting others.
  2. Hi all! I have already played quite a few seasons on fm23 on patch 23.2 and just noticed one interesting feature. I must say right away that I play with open CA / PA indicators, thanks to the in-game editor, so I can always see the indicators of my players (don't ask why, it's not about that right now). I play for a weak team, I rented a young player from a strong team. When he came to me he was 17 years old and almost completely revealed, 91 CA 107 PA. I rented it for 2 seasons. In the first season he progressed to 100 CA, in the second season three months later from the start, I noticed that in the PA column he lost the previous 107 and became 139. only in studies. Has anyone noticed something they liked about their players?
  3. I expected something like this from you. Unfortunately I dont have enough time for further testing, but I am pretty sure this things works like I said. May be some1 who have more time will prove it to you.
  4. I wanted to see in this game that green attributes for players role has most significant impact on player perfomance, but now looks like pace and acceleration has much more impact on player performance even when this stats not mustly needed for the role.
  5. Hello! Inspired by fm-arena testing attributes tables, I wanted to do my own testing. I pickuped team(Premier division England) and make few seasons holiday simulations(after season end I load save and start it again from the same date). Same tactic, same players, only one difference. In first example I decreased both Pace and Acceleration by 4, and increased Marking and Tackling by 4, then freeze the players by editor. In second example I decreased both Marking and Tackling by 4, and increased Pace and Acceleration by 4, then freeze the players by editor. Here is results: 1) first CB 6.99 season rating, second CB 6.66 season rating. 2)first CB 7.15 season rating, second CB 6.85 season rating. Sad to see all of that in the game, where all, especially here forum defenders like Xaw, or Davencid talking about realism. I understand, Pace and Acceleration usefull stats for every role, but then make this stats essential for every role and every player (green light on stats view), because today green stats for BPD Marking and Tackling useless compare to this. CB's with Tackling and Marking 9 and 10, playing better than Tackling 17 and 18 Marking CB's in Premier league ? Cmon Final player stats: 1 test: Marking 18 Tackling 17 Pace 11 Acceleration 10 2 test: Marking 10 Tackling 9 Pace 19 Acceleration 18 PS. here fm-arena attributes testing link, where you can find so much more disbalanced attributes like these https://fm-arena.com/table/18-fm23-attribute-testing/
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