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  1. @Totalfootballfan any chance you could sim a save in the championship with your new tactics please West Brom would be good
  2. @Totalfootballfanis coming deep to get ball still bad ppm for mc on phoenix tactic coz one of my players has picked this up through mentoring
  3. @Totalfootballfan just wondering which of these tactics will work in lower league looking a for a long term project
  4. @Totalfootballfan would you advise against using Phoenix for Chelsea ??
  5. @Totalfootballfan what filters do we use for Phoenix defense ??
  6. @Totalfootballfan which tactic would you use for Chelsea please bud
  7. Do you know of any that will do ok and not cost the earth
  8. I’ve started a save with them I’m not looking to win league in first season just looking an idea or even a signing tip ??
  9. @Totalfootballfan just wondering how would you line up West Ham ??
  10. @Totalfootballfan I have no idea how to put the public beta into my game
  11. @TotalfootballfanI’m still in the retail version and I’m thinking about a new save in the prem wondering what team outside the top 6 has a decent enough squad for this tactic to hit the ground running without bringing in too many new faces
  12. Ok so I’m a tad confused about this new beta and do you have to start a new save etc ??
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