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  1. @knap just starting a new save with Leicester any thoughts on the ideal tactic please ??
  2. @knapso I have haaland mbappe they are my main stars and have many good wingers in my Chelsea save what would be best tactic to use
  3. @knap I have Werner and Abraham just not sure if they would get more on opposite side
  4. @knap I’m using your Holy Ghost 41212 with treq does it make a difference if the right striker is left footed and vice versa ??
  5. @knap which tactic will get timo Werner score lots of goals and get the best out of havertz please bud
  6. @knap has the match engine changed much ?? I was using the Holy Ghost fire RDF used to win champions league what do you recommend of the new ones for Chelsea please bud
  7. @knapWhat about the tactic RDF used to win champions league with Atalanta
  8. @knap which of your tactics would suit Chelsea and get the best out of Werner and havertz please bud
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