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  1. @knap what is currently the best tactic to use from the new ones you have posted ??
  2. @knapThere’s so many posts to try and follow I would like to know what’s working or what would work for an average qpr side in the prem please
  3. @knap and guys what tactic is working after the new patch guys ??
  4. Will it work in championship with qpr but I’ve loaned wingers in and need to use them coz I’m paying for them and on a very small budget
  5. I see on another site you have a two striker version which is better and saw something about marking strikers ??
  6. @knap the 4132 isn’t working as well in my 2nd season need to find something to suit
  7. Fm 19 tactic got 20 league goals out of Rhian Brewster between jan and may
  8. I used the 4132 and I ended up 3rd with a very average qpr side losing in playoff final but I think if I’d used the tactic from the off I would gone up
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