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  1. @knap I’ve been on rdfs discord after seeing his success with Sociedad using warrior thought I’d try it with my Brighton team I’ve made a few signings so team is better than default Brighton but I’m not having much luck any thoughts or help you can give me ??
  2. @knap where is the explanation about the crosses please explaining the difference between low and floated etc
  3. @marksmithlfc1234 what’s your team like if your using that Celtic tactic you must have some beasts
  4. @knap I’m currently using a pep 451 goals from strikers aren’t there what’s the best 4231
  5. @knap I took a look at the tactic but my best player is an adv winger that can’t play left mid
  6. @knap looking for a tactic that will get goals from a striker please decent squad lots of top notch newgens
  7. @knap I’m looking at taking my very talented team to the next level I’m currently using the spurs tactic posted a couple of days back and thoughts on what I could move onto I have lots of wingers and would like to continue with those
  8. @knap just wondering what difference does the crossing make to goal scoring for the striker ??
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