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  1. Team talks are always AM and he does shouts I’m going to try kingstonian for tough away games not home games against teams like Wycombe
  2. Yes I’m using warrior and can’t buy a win just lost to Wycombe at home
  3. If I’m drawing too many games is it worth changing mentality to attacking
  4. What is the best tactic to gain promotion from the championship I’m sheff Wednesday!!
  5. @knapI’ve just taken over braga so looking for something to help me overtake the big boys in Portugal
  6. @knap is the Holy Ghost 451 the best all round tactic currently that isn’t strikerless ??
  7. @knap how do you think mad as a hatter will perform in Europe with rangers ??
  8. @knap do you think that dark side of the moon salah goals is a good fit for rangers I’ve made a few signings so not original squad ??
  9. @knap I’m currently using the dark side of the moon tactic all cups with Leicester it’s a bit hit and miss is there another tactic that would suit Leicester better ??
  10. @knap just starting a new save with Leicester any thoughts on the ideal tactic please ??
  11. @knapso I have haaland mbappe they are my main stars and have many good wingers in my Chelsea save what would be best tactic to use
  12. @knap I have Werner and Abraham just not sure if they would get more on opposite side
  13. @knap I’m using your Holy Ghost 41212 with treq does it make a difference if the right striker is left footed and vice versa ??
  14. @knap which tactic will get timo Werner score lots of goals and get the best out of havertz please bud
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