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  1. I always considered my starting club a sliding scale of difficulty. For instance, starting at a Prem team is always going to be easier than playing with a previously unplayable club - i.e. Dafuge challenge. Is this not the case?
  2. Not sure whether this helps or not, but 'Other expenditure' is slightly elaborated on in this direct quote from Neil Brock:
  3. It's definitely the fee's you pay to these clubs in order to get them there for the friendlies. So whilst revenue will be showing much higher, the fees for these friendlies now go into Expenditure - Other.
  4. Basingstoke Town - Vanarama National League South - 2019/20 What a mad first season! With only 1 scout, it took an absolute age to find the suitable improvements necessary to be competitive. The boards expectation was that we would fight bravely against relegation, but secretly my backroom staff and I had set our aims a lot higher! The media expected us to struggle too but were slightly more confident than the board, expecting us to avoid the drop with a bit of luck. As it turned out, we were in a tense title race with Kingstonian for the majority of the season, finally leapfrogging them after the penultimate game of the season, then holding on to win the league and gain promotion to the Vanarama National League. Now the hard work begins! League Table - Champions! Cups - Nothing to get carried away with here, but at least we got a bit of cash back from the games we did play. Transfers Finances - We lost money consistently all season, the only saving grace was a board takeover towards the end of the season which leveled our balance again, albeit with a bank loan we're now having to pay off! Key Players Cameron Walker - Our star striker with 29 league goals and 10 league assists. He was our most potent threat all season. AJ George - Our rock in the midfield, he also turned out to be a good creator of chances, topping our assist charts. Ryan Law - I like playing with full backs in a wing back role that get involved and can provide chances for those piling into the box. Ryan did it really well all season. Brexit Just a side note - It's been announced that we're having a hard brexit...all EU players will require Work Permits. Should add another element of difficulty moving forward! Season League Position FA Cup FA Trophy ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019/20 Vanarama South 1st 1st Round 3rd Q Round Aims for next season are to increase the backroom staff, mainly the scouting team, and establish ourselves in the Vanarama National League.
  5. So halfway through my first season last night and it was announced the UK was to have a hard Brexit (all EU players require a work permit)... Really gutted and tempted to bin the save and start fresh! Has anyone succeeded under a hard Brexit?
  6. Hi guys, Rather late to the party but decided to give this a proper go for the first time in years! Was hoping to get lucky and get a load with Brightlingsea as one of the potential clubs to manage as they are the closest to me geographically, but got seriously bored with what must have been 100 or so reloads! Decided to settle for a club I didn't think anyone else had started a save with. Introducing the new Basingstoke manager...
  7. I'm looking to bring in a decent AMR to play as an Inside Forward. I've got Chiesa but not overly impressed with him, so I'd like to bring someone else in to rotate with him. Mata does that job currently but he's getting on a bit! My targets at the moment are Leon Bailey or Mbappe. I'd be curious to hear whether anymore has used Mbappe in that position as an IF with any great success? I know he has the cuts inside ppm which is good, but I've always preferred opposite footed players cutting in...that's one of the reasons I can't decide between him and Bailey.
  8. I sold Lukaku and brought Dybala in to replace him as a False 9. He's brilliant!
  9. I'm having fun with Juventus during the Beta, on full release I'll do my usual Man Utd save to grind to top of the Hall of Fame. Their squad is unreal - Chiellini, Bonucci, Sandro, Pjanic, Matuidi, Ronaldo, Dybala...it's absolutely mental!
  10. Dude, I've just started using your version of this tactic and the difference is insane! Before using it: P22 W7 D4 L11 After: P4 W4 Key things are that I haven't changed personnel at all, and my last 4 games have all been against teams in the top 5. My media prediction was 16th. I'll report back with more detail soon
  11. Just a quick note to say that I went with this one in the end and fired a new save up on it this weekend! It's already noticeably faster than I've had previously so early signs are good!
  12. Recently got myself a new laptop so I've fired up a new save with my local team Colchester United in league 2. I'll put together a proper post this evening!
  13. Thanks for the advice, but I'm going to show my age now. That laptop comes with both a HDD and SSD, how would you you combine the use of both to get the best performance? I.e. What would you install on the SSD?
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