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  1. Are these the ones from the "Strange Brew" thread in the tactics for yeah these are the tactics in the download post
  2. Second season going much better and started very strong. Using Knapps Tactics . Been impressed with tryrell warren in the few games hes played decent backup for rafael. rotate rashford and martial who are both scoring. Two stand out players so far are pogba and payet both scoring and assiting well. Looking to win he league this year was pleased to get back in the champions league.
  3. Finished first season in charge and finished 3rd. so back in champions league . Won the fa cup league cup and comunnity shield. Knocked out the europa league semi final to villareal . Started second season well winning the community shield against spurs . got a tough start to the season arsenal away the everton home chelsea away. played first two with 2 wins :). Anyone managed griezemann before? was wondering how to get the best out of him.
  4. please do a Ferguson era 1999 tactic or Ronaldo era united team :). i Know you hate them but your tactics are very good and fun to read about .
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