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  1. you can only sign 2 non eu players per season , i think barbosa counts as one so if you have signed anyone else non eu you cant play him that season.
  2. Are these the ones from the "Strange Brew" thread in the tactics for yeah these are the tactics in the download post
  3. Second season going much better and started very strong. Using Knapps Tactics . Been impressed with tryrell warren in the few games hes played decent backup for rafael. rotate rashford and martial who are both scoring. Two stand out players so far are pogba and payet both scoring and assiting well. Looking to win he league this year was pleased to get back in the champions league.
  4. Finished first season in charge and finished 3rd. so back in champions league . Won the fa cup league cup and comunnity shield. Knocked out the europa league semi final to villareal . Started second season well winning the community shield against spurs . got a tough start to the season arsenal away the everton home chelsea away. played first two with 2 wins :). Anyone managed griezemann before? was wondering how to get the best out of him.
  5. please do a Ferguson era 1999 tactic or Ronaldo era united team :). i Know you hate them but your tactics are very good and fun to read about .
  6. great tactic currently top after 12 games with my everton team. unbeaten too
  7. Well this is strange , ive just completed my first season in charge of united , managed to win the league and champions league. Now starting second season and Rooney comes up saying he wants to leave for a champions league club. turns out im not in it or the euorpa league lol. Anyone else had this bug slightly annoying considering its the first season ive managed to complete without giving up lol
  8. hey all , anyone else struggling away from home. pld 20 won 14 lost 3 drawn 3. LOst my last 3 away games , 2 in league and 1 in the fa cup to liverpool 3-0. my team is de gea rafeal ferdinand vidic evra carrick cleverley lennon rooney bale rvp with these guys coming in, giggs , scholes, hernandez,welbeck, jones smalling evans young kagawa Never mind i used a different formation away from home and in the big games , ended up winning the league on the last day and the champions league
  9. mine is working now , but only after i installed a new skin, the default skin doesnt allow me to use my downloaded graphics :S
  10. is this the bug people are going on about which will be fixed in the next update, really annoying i cnt see any logos for clubs and leagues, only in fmc
  11. yeah just the same as usuall. put them in documents-sportsinteractive-fm13-graphics. got all my logos ect working on the fmc but not on the full version
  12. hi all wondered why the graphics i have only work in the classic mode and not the full version. cheers
  13. my graphics are only working on the classic version not the full game. any idea why?>
  14. patch 9.3 is there an update of fmrte for this coming soon
  15. thats gd then only figured out how to use fmrte the other day lol
  16. is there a new version with 9.2 patch ??
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