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  1. Try something like the Eredivisie or the Portugese League.
  2. Ok, but why can't you renew the license the rights again for a summer update on a game? EA did that back in 2015 with release FIFA 16 for Android and a FIFA 15 New Season update.
  3. So I have a few Ideas to improve in FMM. Here is my list. 1 - Realistic Transfer Budget. So for example if you start a save with FC Utrecht (has goal to get to the Europa League) gets just 2.22M. Most squad players are worth more than that and you can't buy good players with it unless you sell some of the players. I would like to have like 15M as transfer budget. 2 - Hard Mode A hard mode should be giving you more challenge as it is just to easy to win the UCL for expamle. Just give a hard mode, with limited transfer budget, no editor or superstar mode allowed, and smarter AI and often a transfer embargo and player being unhappy and injured more often. 3 - U18 and U23 squads. Well, there exist reserves in the game but that only has virtual players and bad players with no potential. This will have alot more real players and promotion and demotion to the U23 or U18 squads. Also at most 50% are virtual players. That's all I have for suggestions.
  4. Ok, so why do we have to buy a new game every single season when you can update the game for a new season and remove the old squads? I don't want to buy a new game every single year and the editor also again. I am still playing FMM18 and haven't bought FMM18 because it is a bit pricey for a mobile game. Please answer me.
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