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  1. Jippo Joensuu-Introduction Ran in to some techinical problems with my Youth Academy run so ive put that on the backburner and try to do this one in the meantime.
  2. SalPa 21-22 took a while to play the season, have been really busy but i finally got there. Was once again predicted to go down and 10 games i was bottom with 1 win but then we won once again and the momentum just carried us from there. Got another Golden Gen youth intake and the new youth facilities also got completed. Junior Coaching is also now up to excellent status. Good 1st year in the 1st tier and a platform to build on. -Transfers -Youth Intake -Top 3 players:Claudio Merville, Pasi Salminen, Kasperi Tuomi -Hot Prospects:Job Campos, Louis Kalonji, Markus L
  3. SalPa 20-21 Even though we were predicted to finish bottom our rocksolid defense and one man attack carried us to 2nd and then eventually went up via the promotion play offs 5-2 on agg (vs the 2nd last team in the 1st tier) got a golden generation intake too with couple of youngsters making their debuts off the bench in the playoff final. Also got a youth facility upgrade incoming so should make things interesting. Finances in a okay position so should be fine even if i dont manage to keep us up. -Transfers -Youth Intake -Top 3 players:Claudio Merville, Alex Fon
  4. Unfortunately gonna have to restart the challenge in finland and try to get a club that doenst have a B team to get promoted to get around this issue. Shame but it is what it is
  5. Yup in finland, tested both in a active window and a closed one.
  6. Lads i think ive run in to pretty big bug. So ive been promoting my youngsters all this time to my B team for 5 seasons without any care in the world and ive just noticed that the game literally wont ever let me promote them from there to the u20's or the first team. It just says that the window for that isin't open (it is) In fact all this time ive been sending them there via the Player development summarys and if i try to move them to the B team i get the same notification. So now i have bunch of class youngters stuck in the B team...
  7. JS Hercules 22-23 Wasn't home during the weekend and because of technical difficulties couldn't remotely connect to my home pc to stream my save so had to take the weekend off. However the wait was worth it. Was Predicted to finish bottom by a mile but we got 5th! missed out on europa conference qualifiers on GD tho Got another "Golden" intake too and upto excellent Junior Coaching now also. Finances also are in a better place now that we get TV money and sponsorships have increased significantly. I do think next season is also going to be a massive struggle as we shithoused alot o
  8. JS Hercules 21-22 Did a oopsie and got promoted to the Finnish Premier Division even though i got predicted 9th (won the league too after the split so didn't need playoffs). Good news is that I got a Golden Generation youth intake so perhaps this is the start of the conveyor belt. -Transfers -Youth Intake -Current Squad (who arent terrible) -Finances
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