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  1. Yes yes, finally a hungarian save, I mean at least you have started there:)
  2. You are absolutely right, I just want to give this some extra spice, but forget it!;) Still a good start!
  3. This aim is completely the opposite of real life:) These years Puskás is everything just not a club who is leaning on their youth teams, just spending big money on old and expensive players:) And not to mention this is the hometown of the prime minister:) Anyway, good luck, good to see someone is playing in Hungary finally:)
  4. Congrats Makoto, I was afraid when I saw the draw against RW Essen, your nemesis, but you overcome! What a season! What a challenge!
  5. Just came back from holiday and went through a coupe of pages: incredible to see how many turnarounds you have within his save! A couple of youngsters should step up now to fight for CL spot soon! Good work Makoto!
  6. Don't you think the Zdenek 3.0 tactics should be change to give a chance a bit more defensive one? It seems this scoring more than receiving not working, rather the opposite way, during important matches you lose by one, mainly. After a really good season a bad is on the way, I hope you avoid relegation! Keep up mate!
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