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  1. As the Knock.Out Cup seems to be the most important competition for you to progress, are you gonna rest your first XI before these matches?
  2. Your new signings have relegation clause in their contract or not? I hope not, so you can strengthen your squad for Cat A championship year by year, maybe with some yoyoing...
  3. I take it, no question:) Regarding youths, any plan to improve develop in these areas? Especially you get nothing 3 in a row?
  4. Fair and true point:) This will be the YEAR!
  5. Just do not know when you will be frustrated about continuously chasing promotion but always come out a bit short due to some ridiculous "FMized" result. Keep up!
  6. It seems now you have the needed players based on summer transfers, just need to fill the gaps during winter? And this would be the year when you reach a promotion spot....
  7. This year's run will be an interesting one against the two giants, let's show them the hungarian derring-do Mr. János Kék (=Jean Bleu)!
  8. Congrats man, what an achievement! The giant killer Andorra will show some tricks, be prepared for the magic!
  9. I know this amount of playing time eats you and requires more from you for the expense of your personal life. So take your time, no pressure on you (except from The Zlatan;)), and just enjoy what you have created here:) I believe other followers think the same, better to have slowly progress than no progress;)
  10. Definitely not an easy challenge, but the light is visible by the end of the tunnel! I hope within the next 2-3 seasons you will be able to reach the "spring" season of national football:) Good luck!
  11. I would suggest a club from the beautiful Island of Thassos!:)
  12. Definitely follow this too! I love these campaigns, keep up Makoto!
  13. I spent almost two weeks to go through on this unlikely thread and I would say, this is more than fabolous! As a truly hungarian aboriginal I would love to see Monsieur Bleu to lead Hungary, just to spice up his life:) The Zlatan would enjoy the life here too;)
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