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  1. Keep up the good work, you have a really good progress so far!
  2. I like the idea to boost further the youth teams!
  3. Actually he is here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dániel_Tőzsér
  4. Congrats for the podium! I did not expect such a solid season from myself:)
  5. First goal from me, I am so delighted:)
  6. It was hard to decide between him and Kiko but I choose Arturo!
  7. I just catch up on this today and wondering why I am not following since the beginning??? Your thread is INSANELY good and detailed about how you develop your youth players and what are your ideas, plans, thoughts to "use" them for the greater good! I fall in love with @Jimbokav1971's threads before this as he wrote with the same passion and details about his youth developments, but you are on the same level now for me! Keep up the good work and cannot wait how Garcia will perform in the new season! OMG what a player!
  8. I hoped it would be Corinthian Casuals... Maybe next time:)
  9. Glad to see we (Hungary) could repeat the 2016 EURO real life success again:) One more round this time!
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