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  1. I hope you not become Toothless Bob Based on recent history you choose wisely
  2. The squad depth and quality is slowly increasing, which should be the key factor of your success at Scotland in the near future. I love your thread and wishing all the best to get revenge as soon as you can in Turkey!
  3. @Jimbokav1971 would love that:) Even with he missed one;)
  4. Yes yes, finally a hungarian save, I mean at least you have started there:)
  5. You are absolutely right, I just want to give this some extra spice, but forget it!;) Still a good start!
  6. This aim is completely the opposite of real life:) These years Puskás is everything just not a club who is leaning on their youth teams, just spending big money on old and expensive players:) And not to mention this is the hometown of the prime minister:) Anyway, good luck, good to see someone is playing in Hungary finally:)
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