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  1. To give a different position yes. But training as an additional position it does eat into CA right? also weak foot, it does go down if you give a low number, but if you have someone 1 for weak foot, it would only use CA s it rised? regarding PPMs I always thought these didn’t use CA, but unless someone is at full potential, it will always use training time they could be improving. (I always think a certain should give extra attention to the attributes used, eg dictates tempo the player would in real life be training extra in the abilities needed to pull this off) im not saying im right by the way. That’s why the ?.
  2. In the editor, extra positions and weak foot (even more so) do use CA.
  3. I will add to this, but not saying im any more right than the last guy.
  4. in the editor each club has a country set for which country it can qualify for Europe through.
  5. This isnt working since the update. If you change the current ability the recommended changes to something within 3 points of it. I had a 150 CA, RCA was 148, i changed to 1 CA it changed to 1RCA
  6. I think there is a way around it. Although I’ve not tried.
  7. What info do you need exactly i built it myself. intel i5 6600k intel hd 530 8gb ram
  8. Yesterday I updated my drivers, turns out I hadn’t updated for a few months. Latest driver installed and everything else was fine (other games) apart from fm19. The editor works but the game wouldn’t load. Tried installing the previous 3 versions and it still wouldn’t load. Last time I remembered updating my driver was when there was one released that specifically mentioned FM19. So found a link to this and downloaded it and the game works fine again. I could find that particular in previous versions on the intel website just thought I would put this out there for anyone who may encounter same issue. im using intel 6600k processed with integrated graphic, which I think is something like intel HD 520. So should imagine anything that use the same driver as that may have the same issue. If anyone has the same issue and figures out how to have the latest driver with no issues please let me know
  9. Your game wasn’t one after an other. It was the same game at the same time, meaning anything that affects it before that point had already happened, the players are at the same level fitness, mentality wise etc everytime you run the match. If the 7 matches were different dates, each match and things happening inbetween would change the next games outcome. You simply cant compare saving and reloading to games happening over a future period of dates
  10. If you had a completely different result ranging from 6-0 wins, draws to 6-0 losses the n wouldn’t the complaint be that the games are completely random? There are some games in real life a team takes an early lead and has a comfortable win and you think if they didn’t get that early goal it could have been different. but in reality a lack of concentration in defence that caused that early goal may have actually still come later at 0-0 there are so many variables that have an effect on the games trying to reflect real life, that you will find some games almost unwinna le, and in real life if you had a save and replay button, the same would happen. Im just glad you proved the matches aren’t random
  11. Sometimes I find (especially if copy and pasting names) there is a space after the forename (which you can’t see) I’d check this first. If there is go in and delete the space
  12. There’s not a way. The only thing I can think of to influence it, would be to have an English chairman and have him ‘20’ at signings match his own nationality.
  13. There’s not a way. The only thing I can think of to influence it, would be to have an English chairman and have him ‘20’ at signings match his own nationality.
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