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  1. I’m guessing this issue hasn’t been rectified yet? Shame, I was gonna buy it again later this week. I’ll carry on with FM19 in the meantime until a fix has been implemented.
  2. I only play Touch on iPad Pro, but I got a refund on FMT20 due to bugs especially the tough input bug. I’ve gone back to FMT19 and it feels more polished to this years game. If the bugs get fixed then I’ll purchase it again but until then I’m a happy camper playing the previous edition.
  3. On my iPad Pro 11” with Apple Pencil, have to tap a players name multiple times before it opens up into his player screen. Scrolling (as others have mentioned) is a nightmare, for me personally it’s unplayable. I’ve got my first refund from the App Store, I’m hoping it’s fixed and in the future I may repurchase it again, but for the immediate future I’m out.
  4. Could a MOD move this to the iOS bug thread? Just so that it can be investigated. Thanks
  5. I’m having the exact same issue. Using the Apple Pencil and scrolling through my fixtures is awful, it just stops halfway and freezes. Had no issues like this on FMT 19. Seems as though there is some input lag for this game, don’t have any other issues on other apps.
  6. Anyone? I know Apple have changed things up with the latest OS updates. Any workarounds out there?
  7. There would need to be a database update every other day to be up to date, especially at the rate how modern football clubs love to sack managers. Redundant comment IMHO.
  8. Most big teams, as many as have said, due to money, lack of a challenge and I just don’t find it interesting. Luton, Cambridge, Oxford, non-league Woking.
  9. I very rarely manage in England these days, I prefer the Netherlands. Prize money in the Eredivisie is low compared to other European top leagues. Apart from Ajax (I managed Feyenoord in FMT19) competing in European competitions is tough, but when you do go deep into the knockout stage it means more and feels like an achievement in itself (got to the Champions League Quarter Finals before being tanked by United). Plus I enjoy the league format more compared to England. For FMT20 I’m going to manage Almere City, they have the budget of a National League side, and I feel the challenge o
  10. Just a question for anyone who’s managed a team in the Dutch leagues. Have they implemented the two automatic relegation/promotion places in the Eredivisie & Keukon Kampioen Divisie? Cheers
  11. Thanks for the response. I’m hoping Apple will allow devs to remove the Home Bar with iOS 13.
  12. The Home Bar (which annoyingly remains on screen, c’mon Apple) slightly blocks the match text commentary. Other than that loving it being full screen.
  13. Would be nice to get an update about the progress being made by the dev team. I’m still playing the game but would rather be using the full screen real estate.
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