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  1. Hi guys my friend in ireland sent me his tactic so all credit would go to him in regards to this Im not sure how to post screen shots so I will do my best to explain my success and layout of the tactic its a 4 5 1 formation which I have used and to my surprise worked out quiet well with arsenal with away wins against man city liverpool and man u I also won the treble with arsenal in my first season and he has used it for a number of seasons with a number of teams with great success winning all major trophy's the players I have in my team are as follows however this is just a guide to my team obviously it would depend on what your team is or what type of players you recuit Gk Sczezney basic fbs monreal and sagna type players cbs koschelny on left vermaelin on right (your right def will tend to get most of you moms and your left will tend to score from set pieces) DLP ive got arteta type player bwm wilshire box to box good tackling mid ap carzola or rambo if right and left walcott and podolski dlf giroud I dont use shouts and team talk i let my ass man handle training i have balanced and def positioning would be interested to see if anyone could improve the tactic or if anyone could try out and see what you all think http://www.2shared.com/file/IkkEC7u2/JUVE_NEW.html
  2. good tactic i moved the two amc wide and it seems to do the trick although with a few more tweaks could be better ie defensivly
  3. and me I think I am not even as excited about results i think is more geared to the gaming generation not the frequent single game person like myself i think its lost its shine over the past couple of years and Iwill come back sometime but not quiet yet for a few years when i find the hunger again
  4. hi guys i am buying new laptop I bought game on steam for my current laptop but its pants and to slow is there a way i can transfer it to my new laptop when it arrives
  5. when you refuse to break wage structures and as you want the club to have a strong financial footing for the future oh yah and pretending to be andy gray especially when you score a goal
  6. when you add pats of fm in to an assignment for niche marketing as i did lecturer wasnt pleased it was good i had a swot ,a list of demographics usps plans on how to expand and move the brand into further markets som stollen from fm i do play this too much
  7. @high_and_mighty : Can you send me the tweaked version as well? if thats possible
  8. dave mate any look on the new tactic im lost as usual with this one
  9. cant wait dave will b online all day waiting for it lol
  10. a welll im around aneway will start with your old one and use the new one when its released chears good work the tactician of fm2010
  11. hey dave its been a while havent played fm in a while with exams whats this new tac of yours like when do u think youll be releasing it had great sucess with your tactics since the beginning cant wait to try this new one
  12. theres a classic version on the op i also find the gcs version the best just won all the trophys in spain league bva, spainish cup, champions league. world club cup european super cup and spanish super cup champions league, serie a and goin for broke premiership in my current save already a gud bit ahead in september
  13. youve out done yourself again dave using the zico tweak with arsenal won lcup fapl and in facup final also a little thing of spam city in the cl semi final to go unbeaten all season so far shades of the invincibleness 3 more matches to go in the league played 30 drew 5 unbeaten since aug 17 im gona equal the professor with you tactic and maybe surpass
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