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  1. Hi guys dont know if this is a know issue but when i try to transfer a player to another club ie Liverpool in the example below the screen is remaining searching for clubs on the in game editor fixed it now do apologise
  2. Dont know if this is a bug but I think it is I've got my training sced set up but its not letting me assign it to my team nor can i see the calendar
  3. cant wait dave will b online all day waiting for it lol
  4. a welll im around aneway will start with your old one and use the new one when its released chears good work the tactician of fm2010
  5. hey dave its been a while havent played fm in a while with exams whats this new tac of yours like when do u think youll be releasing it had great sucess with your tactics since the beginning cant wait to try this new one
  6. theres a classic version on the op i also find the gcs version the best just won all the trophys in spain league bva, spainish cup, champions league. world club cup european super cup and spanish super cup champions league, serie a and goin for broke premiership in my current save already a gud bit ahead in september
  7. youve out done yourself again dave using the zico tweak with arsenal won lcup fapl and in facup final also a little thing of spam city in the cl semi final to go unbeaten all season so far shades of the invincibleness 3 more matches to go in the league played 30 drew 5 unbeaten since aug 17 im gona equal the professor with you tactic and maybe surpass
  8. first one with southampton was not didnt know it but charlton was
  9. really in chronological order ive managed southampton and got promoted two seasons in a row one with the points deduction qualified UEFA cup first season in pleague, league cup win finished 7th with reasonable squad mostly frees and loans 2nd season finished 3rd won fa and league cup won domestic treble including lcup facup fapl won quadruple would of won more but the new tactic came out charlton promoted twice bought better players finished 6th got conned in fa by man u and lcup final by chelsea CL in the fourth domestic double and beaten by arsenal in uefa final funny how all th
  10. also changed to attack didnt concede manure away and roma home with afc this could be the way
  11. cheers dave http://www.filefront.com/15904721/Mr%20Hough%2010.3%20V2%20cheat%20corner%20%28Arsenal%2C%20Aug%202011%29.tac i use this with arsenal so i have either fabregas or robin van pierse lurking or taking the corner very important that you change it so that you have one lurking and one taking the free kick example my mid field second midfield centre is fabregas hes the one whos lurking and rvp is my poacher and hes on corners so if you take the tactic to lets say for example to manu and your best corner takers is evra swap evras role i think fbacks in the tactic are stay back so sw
  12. first game with attack on the tactic instead of control beat manure 3 nil away will try more
  13. ill put the version up with the corner cheat if dave says its ok if not send me a mesage on this and ill sort my msn 4 u
  14. i think the long shots mabe broken have u tried true balls often mabe just a suggestion
  15. hi dave been trying your new tactic and was tweaking to also i think in my opinion its balance between the team settings because ive set up the tac u have and tried defensive tweaks also but it takes from attack and vice versa remember the rule of one settings before i think it could be that so in theory it should be balanced also tight marking always eg rooney or even rubish strikers dosnt seem to work but closing down on aml amr fc ml mr seems to be ok just a few suggestions dave but ur tactics have always been the best ive used happy paddies day m8
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