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  1. Season Review & Youth Intake 2034 League | Transfers | Facilities | Finance Youth intake was an okay one but nothing super but as always potential is there Finally we are in Tier 1 of Swedish football! we were up there all season long and we had some battles with different teams for the second spot all year long but in the end we secured it and are in the fine room of Swedish football! Facilities: Didn't happen anything because of economy, but now when we get Allsvenskan money we might be able to get some upgrades! Finance: Going a bit plus since last year mostly
  2. Season Review & Youth Intake 2033 League | Transfers| Facilities| Finance Youth intake saw yet another good striker prospect coming through! which is good as we might have a hard time holding on to WIking even though he had a bad season this year. Overall an okay intake were we sign 6 of the players We are a real up and down team! this year we were fighting for promotion instead of relegation! but we ended up short finishing 4th. 3 points from promotion playoff! hopefully we don't loose to many players next season and we can have another go at promotion! Transfers: Our
  3. I know the feeling my chairman as we are still semi pro keeps selling my best players for 30k pound all the time.... then they go and dominate in tier 1 after 1-2 seasons
  4. Season Review & Youth Intake 2032 League|Transfers|Facilities|Finance|Youth Intake Youth intake we got our most promising guy to date here! An striker which has really nice stats overall and he were willing to sign a contract as well! hopefully he can be a top scorer for us next season! other than him it were overall an really nice intake! The season was a step back from last! even though we just survived not having to play relegation playoff we where actually never on those spots so i didn't feel to nervous. Need to step up next season! but if we get to keep most of our guy
  5. League | Transfers | Facilities | Finance Forgot to take a picture of the youth intake but was an amazing one! the best prospect is shown in top prospect but he is refusing to sign a contract so far League an really good year! we looked so stable throughout the year and i think we are finally established in the league. many players now good enough for this level Transfers as you can see we lost a bunch of people as our economy is getting worse and our youths better people like to steal them. Hopefully we can earn a lot on the future 40% sell on fees Facilities: Stands still
  6. Season Review & Youth Intake 2030 League|Transfers|Facilities|Finance Forgot to take any picture of the youth intake but it was an good one getting one 3 ½ star CA midfielder and a lot of potential! League: Another struggle year were we end up 14th. In relegation playoff we faced BK Forward which beforehand seemed like an easy match up but we got beaten unfairly in the away leg 3-0 so going into home game i went very offensive and it actually paid off we won 3-0 and beat them in the penalty shootout! Another year in superettan and with the latest intake it is time for us to
  7. Season Review & Youth Intake 2029 League| Transfers | Facilities | Finance| Youth Intake Youth intake is sadly still not really on the level i am expecting but it was still okay we got a keeper which will become first keeper in a season or two. We knew we would have a hard time in the league as newcomers and it were a struggle all season long and in the end we ended 3rd from the bottom which meant playoff relegation which is how we were relegated last time but this time we came out much stronger in the away game winning 2-0 away even though we got a red card in the 60th minu
  8. Season Review & Youth Intake 2028 League | Transfers | Facilities | Finance | Youth Intake Youth intake was another kind of meh CA wise hopefully PA is high! but we got an striker and a LW that fits well into my way of playing so they became moved up into starting eleven and made great appearances towards the end of the season As i wrote in last years season review that if we keep our pattern up moving up one place per year we should finish in 2nd meaning playoff for promotion and that is exactly what happened! Norrby was a bit to good for us so we got to face of agai
  9. Season Review & Youth Intake 2027 League | Transfers | Facilities | Finance | Youth Intake I am very disappointed in the youth intake feels like our upgrade havent helped at all! but i hope that they got a higher PA so we might have some fast development In the league we were so close to getting promotion this year! 3rd and if we keep proceeding like this we should be 2nd next season. Citaku had an insane season at 31 years old making 27 points in 26 games is incredible! But loosing Samuelsson for 2/3 of the season to injury makes me feel like we would have been promo
  10. Season Review & Youth Intake 2026 League | Transfers | Facilities | Finance | Youth Intake Youth intake was super disappointing after facilities upgrades we probably had our worst intake yet. One striker had some interesting attributes at least. A season we hoped we hoped for returning to Superettan and we were in the race all season long despite board selling our best striker before season and our best CM breaking his leg after 3 games and missing whole season. But in the end we drew way to many games. We only lost 2 games! but 14 draws and 14 wins wasn't enough. Next sea
  11. Season Review & Youth Intake 2025 League | Transfers | Finance | Facilities | Youth Intake First of youth intake. Expected alot from this as we managed to upgrade JC as well but kind of disappointing intake. But yeah we got some more depth and more potential and will surely help us. One good news is after this intake we got even another upgrade to JC and YR as well as hiring a new HOYD with model professional personality so next intake i have really high expectations! The season started of quite bad so i first feared we might crash down yet another tier but some small
  12. Season review and Youth Intake 2024 League | Transfers | Finance | Facilities | Youth Intake We start of with youth intake as will be described further down we were in really need of good intake we got a great prospect in our Iraqi/swedish striker (05-A)Joacim Rehnberg which hopefully will turn out to be a good striker for us. Overall it was an good intake 3 players straight to fight for starting positions. Now to the season at hand. After last season i had high hopes for this season since we got two really exciting strikers in the intake as well. We played well in th
  13. Season Review & Youth Intake 2023 League | Transfers | Finance | Facilities | Youth Intake Youth intake where an really good one! we needed a striker and we got two! (04-A)Martin Hallin and (04-B)Magnus Dahlin will have to battle it out for the first spot but i think Dahlin will win as Hallin got some personality issues! Also (04-C)Björn Gustavsson which is a bit ot slow for a winger role so i will train him to become a CM instead. We ended up signing everyone with five star potential and the first four will all get instant into first team to compete! So to the season overall.
  14. Season Review 2021League | Facilities | Transfers | Finance A season where we went in really as underdogs as you can see from what we spend on salary vs the rest with Gais spending 20x more than us on salaries. But early on we could see that we were not about to be part of any relegation battle we were here to fight for promotion instead! not losing our first game until the 9th match day with 6 wins and 2 draws before that! from the third matchday forward we were as worst placed 4th and that was right before the last fixture of the season. We had 3 points up to second and 3 worse i
  15. I dont know if it has changed but first page with rules has "If you are sacked, sorry, you have to start again." But maybe an exception can be made for such a long save file
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