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  1. I am jumping into this challenge! loading as we speak. Will also stream this save so if anyone want to join the progress it will be on https://www.twitch.tv/novafluff
  2. i have played sweden in both this and last years edition had an easier time this time around already in Superettan(tier 2) after 5 seasons took perhaps 9 seasons last time.
  3. @Fastbasher harsh! but maybe it will be good to build from the lower division and be more ready once you come back
  4. Nybro IF Season 2026 Review Table | Transfers | Finances | Facilities | Youth Intake Youth intake now starts looking as it perhaps should. Not all 5 star potential kids. I actually this time forgot to take a photo right away so i had already given the three guys we gave contract to contracts so they dont appear in the picture but as you can see there is 3 less in the pic than it should be. The three guys that got contract are (07-A)Stefan Johansson another fine forward prospect. (07-B)Emil Bergström third good gk prospect we get but he is quite far off what we have right now, and last (07-C)Patrik Jung needs to be retrained to AML but he got a lot of speed but really needs to improve his technical stats if he wants to get a chance. After last season i didn't really know what to expect of this season. What i did know was that the talent we had was in the final third with our best players being wingers and strikers in the squad so it felt like a waste to only play one striker upfront. So i kept my tactical approach kind of the same but we switched the formation from a 4-1-2-3 DM to an 4-2-4 playing with two strikers as we lacked good DM as well. This got us off to a great start of the season and we didn't suffer a loss until the 9th game and before that we had 4 wins 4 draws. We looked really good throughout the season and Niklasson, Eklund and Nilsson really showed they were here to play. the three of them produced most of our goals and we were much better defensive wise. And in the second half of the season we only lost 1(!) game and drew 3 which meant 11 wins! This eventually actually saw us soar up and stand as champions only losing 5 games for the whole year. (05-A)Alexander Niklasson winning the golden boot and shared 1st for man of the match. (05-B)Lucas Larsson getting most assists in the league and (02-B)Joakim Nilsson getting 22 points (15 goals, 7 assists) so this shows our front four really produced quality! Superettan (tier 2) here we come! Player of the season i still have to give to (05-A)Alexander Niklasson he won the golden boot grabbing 28 points in total and avg 7.53 he really showed us what he is capable of and he is only 18 years old! The best news as well is that he were refusing a new contract but after the promotion was done he agreed a new contract even though it will cost us a lot more than before it is worth it! from his youth contract costing 4£ a week up to 325£ a week with 65 appearance and 50 goal bonus but it is a three year deal and still a bargain! The team now mostly consists of academy players since only 2 players now are non regens in the starting eleven. (05-B) Lucas Larsson gets an extra notice as he got capped in the U19 for Sweden which is an first for us! Finance wise still in the green but i hope for a better cash flow in the next league as it is well needed Facilities we didn't touch as we cant afford it Top Scorer: (05-A)Alexander Niklasson 22 goals 30(0) games Most Assists: (05-B)Lucas Larsson 9 assists 29(0) games Best Average: (05-A)Alexander Niklasson 7.48 avg 30(0) games Best Prospect: (05-A)Alexander Niklasson 22 goals 6 assist 7.48 avg 30(0) games Most promising prospect: (05-A)Alexander Niklasson 22 goals 6 assist 7.48 avg 30(0) games Season history
  5. Haha yeah i noticed when i set the lniks that i mentioned him a lot but he were the only light in the dark season and i want to put links when i mention someone so its easy to see them when you read. Haha yeah that is what all my youths get paid. He doesnt want to sign as he doesnt believe the teams standard matches his own which is true. So he got 2 more years to play for us if no one takes him or he extends.
  6. Nybro IF Season 2025 Review Table | Transfers | Finances | Facilities | Youth Intake Youth intake looks good. Not as good as last one but cant expect an Niklasson every intake. As usual most of our talent is in the final third positions (forwards and wingers) which i may have to adapt my tactic to fit in as many as possible. Jonathan Hallberg looks like the most promising After an amazing first season in division one and then the intake with Niklasson i actually set high hopes this season that he would carry us into an promotion battle at least. We started of as an every other game team we won one then we lost one and this went on for the first 6 games then we fell into our worst form ever and we kept on losing and i kept switching around the tactic to try to find an solution. this meant we won a game here and there but mostly we were getting outplayed. loosing big a lot like 4-0, 5-1 and so on. Then when the intake came i switched back to our original tactic and we found a much more stable play again getting a lot of points in the end and just saving ourselves from relegation playoff. A very disappointing year were we got to fight on the wrong end. Niklasson became best goalscorer but i expected more of him as he missed a lot but defensive wise were the part that lacked the most as we broke record for conceding most goals ever in div 1. Player of the season i still have to give to (05-A)Alexander Niklasson since he actually came 3rd top goalscorer in the league even though we fought in the bottom. scoring 16 goals in 30 games and grabbing an assist with an average of 7.18 so i shouldn't be so hard on him. The team now mostly consists of academy players since only 3 players now are non regens in the starting eleven. The one performing best and probably will til the day he leaves is (05-A)Alexander Niklasson our super striker. Finance wise still in the green but closing in on red numbers and with this season behind us i dont know how long it will be until we can get an promotion. We have to hope for a more stable next year now that everyone gets a year older. Facilities we didn't touch as we cant afford it Top Scorer: (05-A)Alexander Niklasson 16 goals 30(0) games Most Assists: Fredrik Johansson 7 assists 25(1) games Best Average: (05-A)Alexander Niklasson 7.18 avg 30(0) games Best Prospect: (05-A)Alexander Niklasson 16 goals 1 assist 7.18 avg 30(0) games Most promising prospect: (05-A)Alexander Niklasson 16 goals 1 assist 7.18 avg 30(0) games
  7. Yes you are allowed since you can still say no to them trying to loan out players
  8. He is gonna be really class! during the games something special always happens when he gets the ball
  9. Nybro IF Season 2024 Review Table | Transfers | Finances | Facilities | Youth Intake This time we got to talk a bit more about my youth intake! before the season we took the gamble and upgraded YR and JC even though that we knew it will cost us a lot of money but i figured if we gonna have a chance to establish us in a higher league we would need better intakes. And the gamble surely payed of! what an intake with of course as we all dream about every intake a real class striker in (05-A)Alexander Niklasson which also already started to show what he got but more on that later. If future intakes are even remotely close to this one we have one bright future! A season where the goal was really to try to survive in any way possible. we were of course tipped dead last beforehand but i gave us a fighting chance. we had a surprisingly good start in the first 4 we had 2 wins one draw and 1 loss which i thought were good. but after that we had a total of 8 games without a win loosing half and drawing half. We were now down to relegation playoff so i started tinkering a bit with the tactic thinking to not be quite as offensive as our opponents are now better than before. And after some games it gave fruit as we went on an 6 game win streak followed but a 5 game without win and 4 losses under this time i really have to give credit to (02-B)Joakim Nilsson cause he were brilliant after half the season he stood on 17 points in 15 games after that he unfortunately got a knee injury but luckily not most serious but he missed 5 games and after that came the amazing youth intake and during the last 8 games we lost 1 and won 5 and drew 2 and big thanks to that to (05-A)Alexander Niklasson with 6 goals and 3 assists in his 7 games this season shows us how special this 16 year old is! Player of the season is without a doubt (02-B)Joakim Nilsson ending on 12 goals and 7 assists in 25 games a number which would have been much higher without the injury as he didn't get back to form the games after it so hoping he gets back to track next season The academy players are really starting to take over our first team now. The one performing best counting whole season is (02-B)Joakim Nilsson while (05-A)Alexander Niklasson is of course the best prospect and he really got me hopeful! Finance wise still in the green but we are going downwards because of our youth setup but i think we manage til we get higher up! Facilities we got youth recruitment and junior coaching upgraded. Top Scorer: (02-B)Joakim Nilsson 12 goals 24(1) games Most Assists: (02-B)Joakim Nilsson 7 assists 24(1) games Best Average: (02-B)Joakim Nilsson 7.25 avg 24(1) games Best Prospect: (02-B)Joakim Nilsson 12 goals 7 assists 7.25 avg 24(1) games Most promising prospect: (05-A)Alexander Nilsson 6 goals 3 assists 7.93 avg 7 games Season history
  10. my team is crap but Niklasson is class already a good level according to reports for my current division
  11. Wow wow wow! antoher upgrace to JC and YR really pays off! really excited by all top 5 guys here! but especially Alexander Niklasson! also Lucas Larsson and Johan Torstensson
  12. @schnauzer tough! but as you say just get back up! its about surviving til the you can reap the rewards!
  13. Oh thats right! didnt see the in a seaon on the first screen...
  14. Nah same here in sweden! i think it might be a rep thing or something because i know i had the same last year but eventually they got into leagues. into 5th season here
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