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  1. Wakandan Football League System (Fictional).fmf Sorry for taking so long to reply, but here you go
  2. Yo @Mr Meeseeks, I just wanna say the work you've done is incredible. I absolutely adore everything; and the amount of quality you've added to this project cannot be understated. Thank you.
  3. No clue. You'll just have to check that out yourself. By replacing the nation of Sudan to create Wakanda, Wakanda inherited the continental competition slots of Sudan. Initially, I had intended to use South Sudan as the my base nation, but they don't have qualification slots in the competitions and I couldn't figure out how to give them any (they removed that feature from the 2018 version of the editor). So I switched everything to Sudan because they already had spots and it just worked.
  4. Absolutely amazing job @Mr Meeseeks! They all look so great. Seriously impressive work! Also, the bird was indeed an Ibis in reference to the Egyptian god, Thoth. I thought it worked thematically with him being the god of writing and wisdom, and Hekima being a university. Plus, the Wakandan religions are based on ancient Egypt, so it just made sense to me. Not that it matters, I just felt like sharing my design rationale here lol
  5. Holy moly! those are fantastic. I absolutely don't mind man. I'm under no illusions that my graphics were anything but amateur lol. I would love to see your take on the rest of them
  6. Yeah, it will be fine. All you need to do is extract the file into your graphics folder. (Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2019 > Graphics) If you don't have a graphics folder just create one. Then in game: go to preferences, click interface, turn off caching, clear the cache, and then reload the skin and everything should pop up.
  7. Hey, I hope everyone is having a great time playing in the world of Wakanda. Just wanted to bump this one last time to say I was able to find a way to develop a halfway decent looking graphics pack for the database. So, SURPRISE! Wakanda.rar GRAPHICS PACK! I made every one of these logos myself via designevo.com, and I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out despite my amateur ability. (Especially Golden's, Hekima's, and S'Yan's) Let me know if you guys have a favorite. Anyway, I hope this help make this project even better. I had a blast doing it.
  8. Yeah sorry about that. I've already gone and updated the workshop file and the xml file in this thread, so it should all be good to go now. Thanks for bringing that to my attention though. I don't think I would have ever realized that was an issue.
  9. Oh, that makes sense. Their max age is set to 24 so I guess that's intended. I can change it, cause I understand that feels bad, especially when you didn't realize. But I'd also kinda like to keep it that way because they're a University team. Okay, I've thought about it. I'm removing their age limit because I think it feels too bad in the early stages of a save. In-universe reasoning: You don't have to be young to go to University and as long as you are enrolled in the Hekima Shule, you are eligible to represent the institution on the pitch. I'll have updated files up shortly.
  10. That's really weird. There shouldn't be an age limit. I'm jumping in to check on it now. Hopefully, I can figure out what's wrong. What age are the players?
  11. Feel bad about the triple post, but I just wanted to say its done now. Happy managing
  12. Alrighty, as promised here comes your introduction to the clubs that will be starting in the 2nd division, a.k.a. the Wakandan Challenge League! Also, I forgot to mention this last time, but I obviously had to take some creative liberties when writing the blurbs for each club, so while they all have at least some basis in the canon, not everything is necessarily lore-accurate. Oh, and feel free to ignore my Sunday League level writing ability. ________________________________________________________________________ Club Name: Adowa Ancients Nickname: - City: Me
  13. Yes! I am on track. I'm thinking no later than the 29th for release. I'm just in the final testing phases, and am in the process of doing the write-ups on the 2nd division clubs. Post should be coming on that soon. As far as work permits, they are supposed to be potential based in the initial application and then based upon first team appearances to renew them, though I'm not sure they're working as intended right now... More importantly, clubs in the Premier League, are limited to 7 foreign players in the squad and 5 in the playing 11, while Challenge League (2nd Division) clubs are limi
  14. Hey guys, I'm glad to hear there's some interest in this project. I just wanted to do a bit of an update: Leagues and things are working as intended and I've gone through and set up everyone's rivalries. I've also started work on inserting people into the various clubs and I think I'm pretty close to the final testing phases. In the meantime, I wanted to introduce y'all to the clubs I've created by giving you a bit of information and context regarding them. So without further ado, here are the 18 clubs that will be competing in the inaugural season of The Premier League of Wakanda. ______
  15. Hi, and welcome to my first ever FM Editor project; where I aim to bring Marvel’s fictional African nation of Wakanda to the world of Football Manager. I, personally, find myself fascinated by the idea of Wakanda as a theoretical nation-state. A never conquered land from a traditionally perceived backwater of the world, whose policy of isolationism throughout the ages found it barely even noticed by the world’s great powers suddenly opens themselves up and immediately finds itself among the wealthiest, most technologically advanced, and most powerful nations on Earth. It would be a massive shi
  16. So I'm in the process of trying to create a fictional African nation, and I'm having trouble getting qualification spots in the African continental club competitions. The nation I replaced (South Sudan) didn't naturally have any qualification spots, and I'm not sure how to create them manually. I've been trying to figure it out by messing around in the advanced rules editor, but nothing is working so far. So if anyone knows how to get that working and can help me out, I'd really appreciate it. Edit: I ended up just giving up and replacing a different nation that already had qualifi
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