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  1. Hi, and welcome to my first ever FM Editor project; where I aim to bring Marvel’s fictional African nation of Wakanda to the world of Football Manager. I, personally, find myself fascinated by the idea of Wakanda as a theoretical nation-state. A never conquered land from a traditionally perceived backwater of the world, whose policy of isolationism throughout the ages found it barely even noticed by the world’s great powers suddenly opens themselves up and immediately finds itself among the wealthiest, most technologically advanced, and most powerful nations on Earth. It would be a massive shift in the established worldwide political status quo. And in this project, I imagine a world where Wakanda turns their sights on the beautiful game and creates a similar shift in the world of football. My goals for this database are as follows: 1. Do not make Wakanda over-powered. I'm imagining that the ultimate goal of a save in this database would be to lead Wakanda to a World Cup title, which I'd like to make at least somewhat challenging. 2. Create as realistic as possible a football league system for a nation with the abilities of Wakanda. 3. Flesh-out the world by being true to the source material. I want most everything in Wakanda to in some way reference the source material from Marvel Comics. The clubs, the people, the awards; everything that I put in, I want to have a reason for. And 4. Make it as good as I possibly can. There are aspects of this (graphics and logos) that I won't be able to really get to the level of quality that I would like, but I want everything I can do to be done well. Done so far: Created Wakanda (Replaced Sudan, apologies to any Sudanese) Created 36 Clubs split across 2 Divisions and 24 Cities in Wakanda Created 2 Cup competitions along with a Super Cup Sim tested to confirm everything working as intended Need to Do: Set up club Rivalries and Derbies Create Awards Create players and staff (not everyone, probably around 70 to be spread across various clubs. I'll be relying on the game to fill out rosters and staffrooms fully) Play, and sim test for balance Release Anyway, as I said, this is my first ever project using the editor and I hope y'all also find this thing interesting and that it turns out every bit as good as I'm picturing it in my head. Let me know what you guys think, and stay tuned for further updates, I'm hoping for a release by early December.
  2. So I'm in the process of trying to create a fictional African nation, and I'm having trouble getting qualification spots in the African continental club competitions. The nation I replaced (South Sudan) didn't naturally have any qualification spots, and I'm not sure how to create them manually. I've been trying to figure it out by messing around in the advanced rules editor, but nothing is working so far. So if anyone knows how to get that working and can help me out, I'd really appreciate it. Edit: I ended up just giving up and replacing a different nation that already had qualification spots. Not sure if what I was originally trying to do is even possible in the FM19 Editor