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  1. Wakandan Football League System (Fictional).fmf Sorry for taking so long to reply, but here you go
  2. Yo @Mr Meeseeks, I just wanna say the work you've done is incredible. I absolutely adore everything; and the amount of quality you've added to this project cannot be understated. Thank you.
  3. No clue. You'll just have to check that out yourself. By replacing the nation of Sudan to create Wakanda, Wakanda inherited the continental competition slots of Sudan. Initially, I had intended to use South Sudan as the my base nation, but they don't have qualification slots in the competitions and I couldn't figure out how to give them any (they removed that feature from the 2018 version of the editor). So I switched everything to Sudan because they already had spots and it just worked.
  4. Absolutely amazing job @Mr Meeseeks! They all look so great. Seriously impressive work! Also, the bird was indeed an Ibis in reference to the Egyptian god, Thoth. I thought it worked thematically with him being the god of writing and wisdom, and Hekima being a university. Plus, the Wakandan religions are based on ancient Egypt, so it just made sense to me. Not that it matters, I just felt like sharing my design rationale here lol
  5. Holy moly! those are fantastic. I absolutely don't mind man. I'm under no illusions that my graphics were anything but amateur lol. I would love to see your take on the rest of them
  6. Yeah, it will be fine. All you need to do is extract the file into your graphics folder. (Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2019 > Graphics) If you don't have a graphics folder just create one. Then in game: go to preferences, click interface, turn off caching, clear the cache, and then reload the skin and everything should pop up.
  7. Hey, I hope everyone is having a great time playing in the world of Wakanda. Just wanted to bump this one last time to say I was able to find a way to develop a halfway decent looking graphics pack for the database. So, SURPRISE! Wakanda.rar GRAPHICS PACK! I made every one of these logos myself via designevo.com, and I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out despite my amateur ability. (Especially Golden's, Hekima's, and S'Yan's) Let me know if you guys have a favorite. Anyway, I hope this help make this project even better. I had a blast doing it.
  8. Yeah sorry about that. I've already gone and updated the workshop file and the xml file in this thread, so it should all be good to go now. Thanks for bringing that to my attention though. I don't think I would have ever realized that was an issue.
  9. Oh, that makes sense. Their max age is set to 24 so I guess that's intended. I can change it, cause I understand that feels bad, especially when you didn't realize. But I'd also kinda like to keep it that way because they're a University team. Okay, I've thought about it. I'm removing their age limit because I think it feels too bad in the early stages of a save. In-universe reasoning: You don't have to be young to go to University and as long as you are enrolled in the Hekima Shule, you are eligible to represent the institution on the pitch. I'll have updated files up shortly.
  10. That's really weird. There shouldn't be an age limit. I'm jumping in to check on it now. Hopefully, I can figure out what's wrong. What age are the players?
  11. Feel bad about the triple post, but I just wanted to say its done now. Happy managing
  12. Alrighty, as promised here comes your introduction to the clubs that will be starting in the 2nd division, a.k.a. the Wakandan Challenge League! Also, I forgot to mention this last time, but I obviously had to take some creative liberties when writing the blurbs for each club, so while they all have at least some basis in the canon, not everything is necessarily lore-accurate. Oh, and feel free to ignore my Sunday League level writing ability. ________________________________________________________________________ Club Name: Adowa Ancients Nickname: - City: Mena Ngai Stadium: The Great Mound Athletic Complex Colors: Maroon | Orange Rivals: Mena Ngai Sport Club | Bako Ancients | Zanariya Ancients Blurb: Adowa Ancients draw their name from a powerful, ancient duchy of Wakanda centered in the region around the Great Mound. The club starts their journey in the Wakandan Challenge League but will look to quickly establish themselves as a contender in Wakandan football and a reputation befitting their ancient namesake. ________________________________________________________________________ Club Name: Bako Ancients Nickname: - City: Nyanza Village Stadium: Nyanza Park Colors: Orange | Dark Blue | Light Blue Rivals: Nyanza United | Adowa Ancients | Zanariya Ancients Blurb: Bako Ancients is a club formed by the descendants of the fierce Bako tribe of the shores of lake Nyanza. The tribe itself was among the first to grow and consolidate power in ancient Wakanda, and the football club will seek to write a similar story in the annals of Wakandan Football. ________________________________________________________________________ Club Name: Birnin Zana Sport Club Nickname: The Golden Lions City: Birnin Zana Stadium: Birnin Zana Munincipal Stadium Colors: Gold | Burgundy | White Rivals: Coal Tiger Sport Club | Zanariya Ancients | Alkama United Blurb: Despite lacking the prestige and cultural significance of the city's other clubs, Birnin Zana Sport Club sees themselves as the true representatives of the Golden City. The club positions itself as the club for the new, modern Wakandan. One who rejects the elitism of the old traditions and strives to succeed based on their own merit and ability. And Brinin Zana SC hopes that it can rely on their merit and ability to become the Golden City's premier football club. (Creator's Note: Wakandan traditions and culture are actually already weirdly merit-based. Technically, anyone can become Chieftain of Wakanda if they are successful in a challenge, and there is a challenge day for the throne yearly. Though I couldn't tell you if anyone outside of the royal family has every actually succeeded in usurping the throne (outside of Killmonger at least) so it kinda feels like a thing more for show than anything, which is the sentiment I'm kinda trying to get at in the blurb. Also, and this isn't really relevant to the project, just a fun fact, but the title of Black Panther and Chieftain/King of Wakanda are not mutually exclusive; they're just usually the same person) ________________________________________________________________________ Club Name: Crystal Forest Sport Club Nickname: - City: Jabari Lands Stadium: White Gorilla Stadium Colors: Aqua | Purple | White Rivals: Jabari United | Paradise Forest | Torment Forest | Kanda United Blurb: Crystal Forest Sport Club draws its name from the icy forest of the Jabari Lands. It is a beautiful and deadly place, after which the club will look to model its football as the club begins its life in the Wakandan Challenge League. ________________________________________________________________________ Club Name: Hatut Zeraze Sport Club Nickname: The Dogs of Football City: Birnin Djata Stadium: Djata Stadium Colors: White | Charcoal | Lime Green Rivals: Djata Warriors | T'Chaka FC | Kagara Rangers Blurb: The Hatut Zeraze (pronounced hah-TOO sir-AH-say) is Wakanda's (sort of) secret police force. Under previous kings, the "Dogs of War" (English translation of Hatut Zeraze) would carry out, let's say, unsavory tasks for the good of Wakanda. When King T'Challa took the throne he outlawed the Zeraze as he was appalled by their brutal tactics. But after reforms to their methods, the Dogs of War are back in operation and have decided to from a football club in an attempt to repair their image in the eyes of the Wakandan people. Hatut Zeraze Sport Club will operate out of Birnin Djata and compete in the Wakandan Challenge League. But only time will tell if their name will be as fearsome to opposing football fans as it is to enemies of Wakanda. ________________________________________________________________________ Club Name: Hekima Shule Football Club Nickname: - City: Birnin Azzaria Stadium: Scholars' Park Colors: Magenta | Blue | Light Grey Rivals: FC Birnin Azzaria | J'Kuwali United Blurb: The Hekima Shule is one of Wakanda's premier academic institutions and is part of the reason Birnin Azzaria has the nickname of "The Learned City." As both an attempt to build a greater sense of support around the community in Birnin Azzaria, and hopefully subsidize some of the University's research endeavors, Hekima Shule FC was formed and will compete in the Wakandan Challenge league as a professional football club. Only time will tell if the football club will be able to match the institution's academic prestige. ________________________________________________________________________ Club Name: J'Kuwali United Nickname: - City: Birnin Azzaria Stadium: Scholars' Park Colors: Cherry | White Rivals: FC Birnin Azzaria | Hekima Shule FC | Q'Noma Warriors Blurb: The J'Kulwali are one of Wakanda's many tribes that make up the country and are known for producing warriors among the most fierce in all of Wakanda. The tribe is spread largely throughout the country, with the largest community of J'Kuwali based in a suburb of Birnin Azzaria. This community of J'Kuwali have formed the football club J'Kuwali United and will certainly bring their fierce warrior culture to bear in their style of play as they begin their football life in the Wakandan Challenge League. ________________________________________________________________________ Club Name: Kagara Rangers Nickname: - City: Kagara Village Stadium: Kagara Stadium Colors: Blue | Maize | Black Rivals: Kinamasi United Blurb: The people of Kagara Village in the north west of Wakanda have long been a football loving people and have jumped at the chance to make their mark in Wakandan football by forming Kagara Rangers. Because they are such a small village, they begin in the Wakandan Challenge League. But the club will be eager to establish themselves as a strong force in Wakandan football. ________________________________________________________________________ Club Name: Kananna-MDogo Nickname: - City: Kananna-MDogo Stadium: Kananna-MDogo Park Colors: Red | Black | White Rivals: Makeda Villagers Blurb: Kananna-MDogo is a seldom-talked about village in the east of Wakanda about half-way between Birnin Zana and the settlements along lake Nyanza. The village straddles the River of Grace and Wisdom and is actually a fusion of the two villages that existed on each side of the river*. Like the people of Kananna and MDogo came together to combine their two villages, they have also come together to form Kananna-MDogo FC and will compete in the Wakandan Challenge League. ________________________________________________________________________ Club Name: Kinamasi United Nickname: - City: Birnin Benhazin Stadium: Benhazin Arena Colors: Yellow | Blue Rivals: Salamanders FC | Kagara Rangers Blurb: Birnin Benhazin in south of Wakanda part of a region known as the Kinamasi. A region famous throughout Wakanda for producing some of the most skilled and accomplished craftsmen in the nation. Kinamasi United is Birnin Benhazin's second football club and will begin in the Wakandan Challenge League. The club has made it their mission to represent both the city they are based in and the region from which their name comes with the pride and dignity that their craftsmen approach their trades. ________________________________________________________________________ Club Name: Makeda Villagers Nickname: - City: Makeda Village Stadium: Makeda Field Colors: Orange | Green | Black Rivals: Kananna-MDogo FC Blurb: Makeda Villagers hail from a small village in the southwest Kinamasi region of Wakanda bearing the same name. The village is among the smallest in Wakanda to have formed a football club, and as such, will begin in the Challenge League. The club has made it their mission to punch beyond the status of the village they represent. ________________________________________________________________________ Club Name: Midnight Angels FC Nickname: - City: Jabari Lands Stadium: The Stadium of Angels Colors: Blue | Grey | Bronze Rivals: Dora Milaje FC | Golden City Panthers | N'Jadaka Leopards Blurb: The special forces unit of the Dora Milaje, the Midnight Angels, have recently somewhat broken away from the Dora to take a more proactive role in protecting the citizens of Wakanda. When the citizens they've helped and protected learned of the creation of the Wakandan Football leagues, they decided to create a football club in honor of their new champions. Unlike their sort-of-but-not really sister club dedicated to the Dora Milaje however, Midnight Angels FC will begin their football journey in the Wakandan Challenge League. (Creators Note: Again, like I said with Dora Milaje FC, if it was in anyway possible, this would be a team of all women, and they would be badass and competitive in the men's leagues. But unfortunately, I cannot make this possible) ________________________________________________________________________ Club Name: Obodo Agha FC Nickname: - City: Obodo Agha Stadium: Alkama Park Colors: Purple | Yellow | Black Rivals: Q'Noma Warriors Blurb: Obodo Agha FC are a small club from a village in the Alkama Fields and have the distinction of being the smallest club from the region. The supporter base of the club largely consists of the local farmers and herders of the region, and Alkama Park often serves as a place for citizens to meetup and trade their various crops and goods on game day. ________________________________________________________________________ Club Name: Q'Noma Warriors Nickname: - City: Birnin S'Yan Stadium: Regent Stadium Colors: Red | Blue | White Rivals: SC S'Yan | Obodo Agha | J'Kuwali United Blurb: The Q'Noma tribe are another one of Wakanda's many major tribes and they have gotten together to Q'Noma Warriors Football Club based out of Birnin S'Yan. Much like their long-time rivals, the J'Kuwali, the Q'Noma are known for their fierce warrior culture and their clashes with J'Kuwali should prove to be among the most intense matches in the nation. ________________________________________________________________________ Club Name: Salamanders FC Nickname: - City: Birnin Benhazin Stadium: Benhazin Arena Colors: Green | Pink | White Rivals: Kinamasi United | Torment Forest Blurb: Salamanders FC is the third club of Birnin Benhazin in the south of Wakanda. The club draws their name from the salamanders that populate the marshes that exist around the city. They will open up their campaign in the Wakandan Challenge League but hope to quickly find themselves competing in the Premier League. ________________________________________________________________________ Club Name: Torment Forest FC Nickname: - City: N'Jadaka Village Stadium: Echo Cave Arena Colors: Blue | Green | Gold Rivals: Crystal Forest | Paradise Forest | Salamanders FC Blurb: Torment Forest is a dark forest in the southwest of Wakanda near N'Jadaka Village that the founders of the village's 3rd football club have chosen to name their club after. Very much an afterthought in the eyes of the local football fan, Torment Forest FC will have their work cut out for them in order to establish themselves as a force in Wakandan football. ________________________________________________________________________ Club Name: White Tiger FC Nickname: - City: Birnin T'Chaka Stadium: T'Chaka Stadium Colors: White | Black | Teal Rivals: T'Chaka FC | Coal Tiger Sport Club Blurb: White Tiger FC operates out of Birnin T'Chaka in the northwest of Wakanda. Much like their rivals, Coal Tiger Sport Club, White Tiger FC derives their name from a major clerical distinction of the panther cult. Unlike Coal Tiger however, they must begin their football lives in the Wakandan Challenge Division and work their way up to relevance in the football world. ________________________________________________________________________ Club Name: Zanariya Ancients Nickname: - City: Birnin Zana Stadium: Birnin Zana Munincipal Stadium Colors: Neon Green | Black | Neon Red Rivals: Dora Milaje FC | Brinin Zana SC | Adowa Ancients | Bako Ancients Blurb: Zanariya Ancients is the 5th club of the capital city of Wakanda. Named for the original, ancient name for the Golden City, Birnin Zanariya, the Ancients will look to confirm themselves as the true team of the Golden City. Despite claiming traditional origins, the club's colors seem weirdly modern and artificial, perhaps as an attempt to gain favor among the young supporters of the nation. Whether or not that is the case, the best way to garner support is to achieve success on the pitch, and that is exactly what Zanariya Ancients will try to do as they compete in the Wakandan Challenge League in the inaugural Wakandan Football Season. ________________________________________________________________________ And with that, we are really close to release, guys. I just want to make sure everything is as good as I can possibly make it, so please do continue to be patient and bear with me. I really appreciate the support and I hope this project turns out to be everything you and I are hoping for. Stay tuned.
  13. Yes! I am on track. I'm thinking no later than the 29th for release. I'm just in the final testing phases, and am in the process of doing the write-ups on the 2nd division clubs. Post should be coming on that soon. As far as work permits, they are supposed to be potential based in the initial application and then based upon first team appearances to renew them, though I'm not sure they're working as intended right now... More importantly, clubs in the Premier League, are limited to 7 foreign players in the squad and 5 in the playing 11, while Challenge League (2nd Division) clubs are limited to 5 in both instances. I initially wanted to have that number lower, but the game isn't really creating enough Wakandans in the load-up of a save so the first couple seasons were really rough in terms of filling out a squad. They're still kinda tough, but manageable. I highly recommend loading up players from other African nations to help with the early seasons. Yes, this was very important for me as well. The top 2 get spots in the Champions league, with 3rd place and the cup winner getting spots in the Confederations cup. Have not checked the Club World Cup yet, though I don't see why they wouldn't qualify, as I haven't altered anything related to that competition. Thanks everyone for your continued interest and patience.
  14. Hey guys, I'm glad to hear there's some interest in this project. I just wanted to do a bit of an update: Leagues and things are working as intended and I've gone through and set up everyone's rivalries. I've also started work on inserting people into the various clubs and I think I'm pretty close to the final testing phases. In the meantime, I wanted to introduce y'all to the clubs I've created by giving you a bit of information and context regarding them. So without further ado, here are the 18 clubs that will be competing in the inaugural season of The Premier League of Wakanda. ______________________________________________________________________________ Club Name: Alkama United Nickname: - City: Birnin Kashin Stadium: Kashin Stadium Colors: Green | White | Light Blue Rivals: Birnin Zana SC | SC Birnin S'Yan | Mena Ngai Sport Club Blurb: Hailing from Birnin Kashin, a city in the Alkama Fields in the southeast of Wakanda, Alkama United are a club looking to assert themselves as a dominant force in Wakandan football. The Alkama region is thought to be a key piece in the equation that allowed Wakanda to flourish throughout the ages, and the people of the region carry a great sense of pride regarding that claim. Just as in history, the people of the Alkama believe that they will be the driving force toward any success Wakanda will have in the world of football, and Alkama United stands ready to lead that charge. ______________________________________________________________________________ Club Name: FC Birnin Azzaria Nickname: - City: Birnin Azzaria Stadium: Scholars' Park Colors: Blue | Cyan| White Rivals: J'Kuwali United | Hekima Shule FC | Golden City Panthers Blurb: Birnin Azzaria is a young and progressive city in south-central Wakanda. And its premier football club is a perfect reflection of The Learned City's culture. FC Birnin Azzaria enters the inaugural Wakandan football season sporting a fast, exciting brand of football; and the supporters at Scholar's Park are hopeful that it will lead them to glory. ______________________________________________________________________ Club Name: Benhazin Sport Club Nickname: - City: Birnin Benhazin Stadium: Benhazin Arena Colors: Blue | Red | Yellow Rivals: Djata Warriors Blurb: Benhazin Sport Club enter the inaugural season as a bit of an unknown. They are the sole representatives of Birnin Benhazin, and the Southern Marshlands in general in the Premier League, and pundits across the nation remain unsure of what to expect from them. Most projections place the club as a bottom-table side, but if they can unlock some hidden talents of their region, they could be a surprisingly solid squad in the league. ______________________________________________________________________ Club Name: Black Warrior Creek Football Club Nickname: - City: Black Warrior Creek Stadium: Black Warrior Creek Memorial Field Colors: Blue | Orange | White Rivals: N'Jadaka Villagers | N'Jadaka Leopards Blurb: Black Warrior Creek was the unfortunate site of a terrible massacre at the hands of N'Jadaka, a.k.a. Erik Killmonger, in the early days of his revolution. And while the people have recovered from that great tragedy, they have not forgotten, and thus harbor an intense hatred of the clubs from N'Jadaka Village. As the smallest club in the Premier league, Black Warrior Creek has their work cut out for them to make their mark on Wakandan football. But their passionate supporters will make the BWC Memorial Field a fortress, and a decent pool of local talent should ensure a standard of football that will leave their village proud. ______________________________________________________________________ Club Name: Coal Tiger Sport Club Nickname: - City: Birnin Zana Stadium: Birnin Zana Muncipal Stadium Colors: Yellow | Black | Red Rivals: Birnin Zana SC | Dora Milaje FC | Golden City Panthers | Paradise Forest |N'Jadaka Leopards | White Tiger FC Blurb: Coal Tiger Sport Club is one of the 5 clubs that reside in Birnin Zana, a.k.a. The Golden City, the capital of Wakanda; and they enter the Wakandan football world as a club with great expectations. Drawing their name from a major clerical distinction in the Panther Cult, the primary religion of Wakanda, Coal Tiger Sport Club shapes up to be a force in Wakandan football. (Creators Note: Coal Tiger was actually an early concept version of the character that ultimately became the Black Panther. The concept and costume have used a few times throughout Marvel's publication history, typically in alternate universes or subtle easter eggs in the main continuity.) ______________________________________________________________________ Club Name: Djata Warriors Nickname: - City: Birnin Djata Stadium: Djata Stadium Colors: Pink | Black Rivals: Hatut Zeraze SC | Benhazin Sport Club Blurb: Though it is a major city in Wakanda, Birnin Djata often finds itself overlooked when discussing the major factors in Wakandan history, news, and politics. The cities premier football club, Djata Warriors, is determined not to be treated in the same way. Backed by a passionate, yet patient fanbase, Djata Warriors look to establish themselves as a strong force in Wakandan football. And certainly, never one to be overlooked. ______________________________________________________________________ Club Name: Dora Milaje Football Club Nickname: The Adored Ones City: Birnin Zana Stadium: Upanga Stadium Colors: Ruby | Bronze | Charcoal Rivals: Coal Tiger Sport Club | Golden City Panthers | Zanariya Ancients | Midnight Angels FC Blurb: Dora Milaje FC is another of the Golden City's 5 clubs. They are a club dedicated to the "adored ones," the Dora Milaje, the traditional elite all-female royal guard, and play their games in the honor of the Dora. (Creators note: If at all possible, I would make this club along with its sister club, Midnight Angels, women's clubs playing in the men's league, because that is 100% how it would actually be, but I can't do that in FM, so instead the clubs just have to be dedicated to their namesakes ) The club will look to live up to the reputation of their namesake as they employ a tough, hard-nosed, yet skillful brand of football. ______________________________________________________________________ Club Name: Golden City Panthers Nickname: The Panthers City: Birnin Zana Stadium: Golden Stadium Colors: Gold | Black Rivals: N'Jadaka Villagers | Coal Tiger Sport Club | Dora Milaje FC | Azzaria | Jabari United | Paradise Forest | Midnight Angels FC Blurb: Golden City Panthers begins their journey as the expected front runners of Wakandan football. They set themselves up to be closely tied to the mantle of the Black Panther, though King T'Challa has no official involvement with the club or any club for that matter, and much like the Black Panther they look to rule over Wakanda (in a footballing sense of course). The club finds itself embroiled in a strong rivalry with N'Jadaka Villagers as well as Jabari United, mirroring King T'Challa's personal rivalries with Erik Killmonger, and M'Baku (the Man-Ape) respectively. ______________________________________________________________________ Club Name: Jabari United Nickname: The White Gorillas City: Jabari Lands Stadium: White Gorilla Stadium Colors: Brown | White | Light Blue Rivals: Golden City Panthers | Paradise Forest | Crystal Forest Blurb: Jabari United are the main club of the Jabari Tribe in the mountains of northern Wakanda. Outcasts for their worship of the White Gorilla Cult, and disdainful of modernity in the rest of Wakanda, some members of the Jabari elite intitially bristled at the idea of joining the football league. But with the establishment of Golden City Panthers as a club viewed to represent T'Challa, and Wakanda itself, those same elites relished at the opportunity to claim a small victory over T'Challa and the Panther Cult. ______________________________________________________________________ Club Name: Kanda United Nickname: The Mountain Men City: Mount Kanda Stadium: Kanda Stadium Colors: Light Blue | Black Rivals: Crystal Forest | Mena Ngai Sport Club Blurb: Mount Kanda, in the north of Wakanda, is home of Kanda United and the legendary heart-shaoped herb that is said to grant the Black Panther his powers. And like the famed herb, Kanda United sees itself as the source of great power in Wakandan football moving forward. ______________________________________________________________________ Club Name: Mena Ngai Sport Club Nickname: The Miners City: Mena Ngai (The Great Mound) Stadium: The Great Mound Athletic Complex Colors: Burgundy | Teal | White Rivals: Adowa Ancients | Kanda United | Alkama United Blurb: Mena Ngai, or the Great Mound, is a mountain in central Wakanda formed by a meteorite impact thousands of years ago. That meteorite was made of a rare and extraordinary metal known as Vibranium. And it is that vibranium and the mastering of it has lead and allowed Wakanda to become the global superpower that it is today. Mena Ngai Sport Club is a club created by the miners of Mena Ngai, and like those of the Alkama, the miners of Mena Ngai believe they are and will be the backbone of Wakandan success. ______________________________________________________________________ Club Name: N'Jadaka Leopards Nickname: - City: N'Jadaka Village Stadium: N'Jadaka Park Colors: Gold | Charcoal Rivals: Black Warrior Creek | N'Jadaka Villagers | Coal Tiger Sport Club | Midnight Angels FC Blurb: Seen as the little brother in their relationship with N'Jadaka Villagers, N'Jadaka Leopards are determined to prove that they are a strong contender in the league. Though that perception may be a result of the club deriving its name from Killmonger's pet leopard, Preyy. Regarless of their public perceptions, N'Jadaka Leopards seek to play an agressive, fast, attacking style of play worthy of a leopard. ______________________________________________________________________ Club Name: N'Jadaka Villagers Nickname: - City: N'Jadaka Village Stadium: N'Jadaka Park Colors: Red | White Rivals: Golden City Panthers | N'Jadaka Leopards | Black Warrior Creek Blurb: N'Jadaka Villagers from the far southwest of Wakanda in, you guessed it, N'Jadaka Village are poised and intent on dominating Wakandan football. Taking a cue from their "Idol" N'Jadaka, the Villagers set out to be a ruthless and physical side, especially againt their rivals in Golden City. The club is expected to be a strong presense in the future of football in Wakanda. ______________________________________________________________________ Club Name: Nyanza United Nickname: - City: Nyanza Stadium: Nyanza Park Colors: Navy | White Rivals: Bako Ancients Blurb: Hailing from the shores of the great lake Nyanza in the east of Wakanda, Nyanza United stands poised to begin their football legacy. Entering the inagural Wakandan football season in the Premier league, this team of local fishers and tradesmen, will look to cement their place in the league as a solid side behind their own brand of paitent football. ______________________________________________________________________ Club Name: Paradise Forest Sport Club Nickname: The Hunters City: Birnin Bashenga Stadium: The Stadium of Bashenga Colors: Green | Gold Rivals: Coal Tiger Sport Club | Golden City Panthers | Jabari United | Crystal Forest | Torment Forest Blurb: Paradise Forest Sport Club is a club based out of the great city of Birnin Bashenga in the western foothills of Wakanda. In a city named for the first Black Panther, the founder of Wakandan culture and tradition, Paradise Forest and her supporters will feel a great responsiblity to set the standard for Wakandan football as well. ______________________________________________________________________ Club Name: Sport Club of Birnin S'Yan Nickname: - City: Birnin S'Yan Stadium: Regent Stadium Colors: Black | White | Yellow Rivals: Q'Noma Warriors | Alkama United Blurb: SC Birnin S'Yan apply their trade in the northern edge of the Alkama region in the city named for the great regent of T'Chaka, his brother, S'Yan. In his time as regent S'Yan proved a capable ruler and SC S'Yan will look to carry on his legacy in the realm of football. ______________________________________________________________________ Club Name: Birnin T'Chaka FC Nickname: - City: Birnin T'Chaka Stadium: T'Chaka Stadium Colors: Purple | Grey Rivals: Hatut Zeraze SC | White Tiger FC Blurb: Birnin T'Chaka is a fairly new city in the north of Wakanda. Named for the great King T'Chaka, it's a city that some claim is searching for it's identity. Birnin T'Chaka FC believes it can provide something for the city to rally behind as they seek to be a strong contender in Wakandan football. ______________________________________________________________________ Club Name: Birnin Tsauni FC Nickname: - City: Birnin Tsauni Stadium: Sunset Arena Colors: Hot Pink | Blue | White Rivals: Kinamasi United Blurb: Birnin Tsauni sits at the western border in the hills of Wakanda. For centuries, the people of the city have been charged with the protection of Wakanda from foreign invasion, and have helped maintain Wakanda's culture and way of life. The citizens of Birnin Tsauni feel they are the defenders of Wakanda, and Birnin Tsauni FC similarly believe themselves to be the defenders of Wakandan football. ______________________________________________________________________ And those are your 18 Premier Division Clubs, I'll do the same for the 2nd Division sides at a later date. Let me know if any of y'all have any questions about the project. I'd be more than happy to answer them.
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