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  1. It is definately realism. In real life sports a lot (if not most) of players will never reach 100% fitness (to be fair thats kind of dependant on what you define as a 100%) . All these players fanboys glorify as gods are just people. Humans just like you and me, imperfect as everyone else. Professional Athletes will have flaws, make mistakes and wrong decisions - which eventually leads to not always or more likely never being a hundred percent fit. In fact my point should lead to even lower fitness ratings in average to be even more realistic.
  2. Oh okay, agreed - this is a huge budget after such a relatively short time even though you've had a few fruitful seasons. I was just curious because if you would have been that mega successful dominating italy and europe for idk maybe 10 years (or more) in a row then i'd say it's somehow more reasonable.
  3. That's quite a lot! But out of curiousity - what's the story behind this? how many seasons have you played in this save, how many titles won? Big transfer income lately?
  4. https://community.sigames.com/topic/469845-condition-on-latest-update/
  5. It's been a while, but here's another one: After successfully negotiating a contract with a specific player i've been bidding for (buy from another club) he said "ich bin froh, dass alles so schnell geklärt war. Ich erkenne, dass Sie sehr begierig darauf sind, meine Dienste weiterhin in Anspruch zu nehmen. ... " The "weiterhin" makes it sound as if this foreign player would already be under contract with my club, like we would discuss continuing to work together rather than negotiating a new engagement. Basically the "weiterhin" could simply be cut out of the sentence and it would make a lot more sense.
  6. Found another one! Happens when i approach to sign a player - if i don't have enough budget to even make a realistic offer, my assistant will notice me about that on the transfer screen. If you take a look at the bottom sentence (screenshot), where the players name should be is "male#1-name" instead. Seem to happen every time, checked it with several players.
  7. Take your time. Facing the fact this is the first time the german language is officially supported i'd say overall it is pretty impressive how good it is already. Oh, ok. Didn't know the duplicated sentence issue wasn't a "german" problem only.
  8. Furthermore, as you can see there's a bug in this message (screenshot) where the exact same sentence is shown twice. language wise it's perfect, but still there's no need to repeat it...
  9. And so, the hunt begins again... As you can see (screenshot) in the last sentence of the message is english "senior contract" instead of german...
  10. Hey Lillywhite Dean, i think you need to accept that you are a experienced and pretty good player of this game. Maybe the game doesn't need to be harder, maybe you need to be less of a genius manager? I mean come on, every day there's a new comment how you've basically conquered the World
  11. Found some more... "Das ist ein weitere Beweis Ihrer Genialität" is missing a letter... It should say: "Das ist ein weiterer Beweis ihrer Genialität" So basically instead of "weitere" it should be "weiterer".
  12. I think i can confirm this is not an issue (anymore) , just yesterday i've publicly praised my young striker for his impressive goals and he was happy about that. The next few days after that (2 or 3 in a row) my assistant reached out to me saying he was very motivated in training, too. Guess that's pretty positive.
  13. Alari you're the real mvp! Hope this whole issue helps for future updates/fixes
  14. Oh, strange. Normally i just pray to the football god, offer a youth player as a human sacrifice and let the magic happen. Sorry just joking, nothing special to be honest, just fiddling around with wage and loyalty bonus until the player is happy. In this case (goalkeeper Timo Horn from FC Köln) i pretty much nearly gave him as much as what he initially wanted (and he was happy, as you can see from my first screenshot).
  15. Just want to say aditionally - after i've encountered this i've tried it several times (close game and reload) and had different results. Sometimes the bug happened, sometimes i was able to make the deal. The terms we agreed on were pretty much always the same.
  16. Did it! You should now have 2 files, one regular, one hidden...
  17. I don't know how to since it won't let me upload it like i did with screenshots. I've tried to do this several times but my saves have 22 something mb and i always seem to get a error saying the file is bigger than allowed...
  18. My bad, the save was overwritten.. But i was able to recreate the situation, kind of... Seems to be a 50/50 situation, sometimes it happens - sometimes it's fine... I'd love to send my save to you - but how do i do that? It doesn't seem to work the way i was sending screenshots before? Sorry for asking dumb but i'm just a report rookie and the FAQ didn't seem to include how to do it...
  19. That doesn't help at all, sorry. Did you read my post? Maybe i wasn't clear enough - sorry english isn't my first language. I know there's the suggest terms button, and i've read about the problems people have with that. I wouldn't have started a new thread if it was the same bug. This is nothing like that. The "suggest terms" button worked fine for me all the time. Like i've already stated - negotiating was fine, and of course while that i've used the "suggest terms" button - until the player was happy. Negotiating was already over, he was ready to go for it. There were no more terms to suggest. All that was left to do was confirming the successfull talk with the bottom right (green) "confirmation" button, to exit the talks positive. But that was not possible - the only way to leave the whole negotiation window was to click the bottom left (red) "exit talks" button, which of course caused the deal to fail, although we were already good. Hope you understand what i mean now?
  20. I've tried to sign a player, the club was good to go so i went to negotiate with the player... Negotiations were good, the player was happy, said his agent would finish it all - but the confirmation button (green one bottom right) was greyed out. I've pressed it anyway but then a box appeared saying "the negotiation was not successfull" and i had to quit... That was quite annoying. Edit - am playing on android (sony xperia x) , last update was already installed.
  21. Back like i never left - great game, i'm super happy. SO hates the game even more since i can finally play everywhere ALL.DAY.LONG. I've read a lot of people complaining the mobile version was lacking depth but i couldn't disagree more. I think it's almost perfect in a sense of content and gameplay facing the facts that it's a mobile game. In fact i think it's not even fair at all to call it a "mobile game", since most other mobile games are pretty much cheap ********, poorly developed just to make fast money and kill my battery pack. FMM is nothing like this. FMM is great! But there's something i'm a bit worried about - a few player pictures are missing, and i'm not talking about nobody's. Like for example Hertha BSC's Arne Maier - he's basically the hottest german midfielder right now, definately not a nobody anymore... Why is his face missing? And will there be future updates for player faces or will i have to look for community made content? Anyways, thank you SI - you've made my season
  22. You're welcome Found some more, but this time it's more like a grammar problem: The grey box in the middle says "Ambrosius hat das Potenzial, in Zukunft fast das Niveau des Verteidiger zentrals Kyriakos Papadopoulos zu erreichen." I think the comma doesn't need to be there, and it should say "des zentralen Verteidigers" instead of "des Verteidiger zentrals".
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