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  1. Harri Frisch

    Minor language bugs (german)

    Found another one! Happens when i approach to sign a player - if i don't have enough budget to even make a realistic offer, my assistant will notice me about that on the transfer screen. If you take a look at the bottom sentence (screenshot), where the players name should be is "male#1-name" instead. Seem to happen every time, checked it with several players.
  2. Harri Frisch

    Minor language bugs (german)

    Take your time. Facing the fact this is the first time the german language is officially supported i'd say overall it is pretty impressive how good it is already. Oh, ok. Didn't know the duplicated sentence issue wasn't a "german" problem only.
  3. Harri Frisch

    Minor language bugs (german)

    Furthermore, as you can see there's a bug in this message (screenshot) where the exact same sentence is shown twice. language wise it's perfect, but still there's no need to repeat it...
  4. Harri Frisch

    Minor language bugs (german)

    And so, the hunt begins again... As you can see (screenshot) in the last sentence of the message is english "senior contract" instead of german...
  5. Harri Frisch

    No money, no problem

    Hey Lillywhite Dean, i think you need to accept that you are a experienced and pretty good player of this game. Maybe the game doesn't need to be harder, maybe you need to be less of a genius manager? I mean come on, every day there's a new comment how you've basically conquered the World
  6. Harri Frisch

    Minor language bugs (german)

    Found some more... "Das ist ein weitere Beweis Ihrer Genialität" is missing a letter... It should say: "Das ist ein weiterer Beweis ihrer Genialität" So basically instead of "weitere" it should be "weiterer".
  7. Harri Frisch

    Are these FM18 issues still in FM19?

    I think i can confirm this is not an issue (anymore) , just yesterday i've publicly praised my young striker for his impressive goals and he was happy about that. The next few days after that (2 or 3 in a row) my assistant reached out to me saying he was very motivated in training, too. Guess that's pretty positive.
  8. Harri Frisch

    Contract negotiations bug

    Alari you're the real mvp! Hope this whole issue helps for future updates/fixes
  9. Harri Frisch

    Contract negotiations bug

    Oh, strange. Normally i just pray to the football god, offer a youth player as a human sacrifice and let the magic happen. Sorry just joking, nothing special to be honest, just fiddling around with wage and loyalty bonus until the player is happy. In this case (goalkeeper Timo Horn from FC Köln) i pretty much nearly gave him as much as what he initially wanted (and he was happy, as you can see from my first screenshot).
  10. Harri Frisch

    Contract negotiations bug

    You're welcome
  11. Harri Frisch

    Contract negotiations bug

    Just want to say aditionally - after i've encountered this i've tried it several times (close game and reload) and had different results. Sometimes the bug happened, sometimes i was able to make the deal. The terms we agreed on were pretty much always the same.
  12. Harri Frisch

    Contract negotiations bug

    Did it! You should now have 2 files, one regular, one hidden...
  13. Harri Frisch

    Contract negotiations bug

    I don't know how to since it won't let me upload it like i did with screenshots. I've tried to do this several times but my saves have 22 something mb and i always seem to get a error saying the file is bigger than allowed...
  14. Harri Frisch

    Contract negotiations bug

    My bad, the save was overwritten.. But i was able to recreate the situation, kind of... Seems to be a 50/50 situation, sometimes it happens - sometimes it's fine... I'd love to send my save to you - but how do i do that? It doesn't seem to work the way i was sending screenshots before? Sorry for asking dumb but i'm just a report rookie and the FAQ didn't seem to include how to do it...