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  1. Yeah, found it yesterday! Thanks :) Will move over there from tomorrow!
  2. @diddydaddydoddy Same here. I love the challenge of replicating the real life club, being a life long supporter. I usually do an analysis of the season up to the point of the release of the game. Having a look at formations, how the team plays, attacks, defends, where the goals come from, positioning, movement, defensive lines and so on, home and away. I tend to work the same way with transfers too, buying and selling, to get the full feel. Finished that this morning, so ready for a new save on the 24th! I too spend a lot of time watching the matches to get it as close to the real deal a
  3. @diddydaddydoddy Got some feedback on the things we have been discussing previously on the FM21 beta: Keita: I got some really good preformances out of him as a Box to Box midfielder: 10goals/6assists in 16+15 appearances. Mane: As we talked about, IF(a) vs IW(a) . My clear impression was that IF(a) was the best (half season: 7g/3a) , but turns out that Mane did preform better as IW(a) 11g/3a . And he was even injured during the second part of the season where I tested him as IW. Trent & Robbo: working really good as WB (a) and (s) both ending 10+ assists and a few goa
  4. Not had any issues with Trent's fitness. Not in previous versions, and not in FM21. In the thoughest period (october - november - december) in my current save he usually sat out the odd match, either PL or CL depending on where I felt I could rest him. In the 18 matches he has played up until new year I subbed him once, and that was because of a knock.
  5. @diddydaddydoddy Thanks alot for the feedback ! Starting a new save for sure then. Regarding Milner: I agree, also I must admit he has been the "team potato" once again. Filling in where I need him. Right wing back for cup matches when either Trent or Neco is unavailable, in the box to box role, as a ball winning midfielder in the League Cup and left wing back. I must say that I have been very lucky avoiding injuries to the midfield. Mane: I agree, I'll give him a go as an IW(a) in the second part of the season and do some comparison for stats and how he behaves in games and lo
  6. While we wait for a FM21 Thread for Liverpool I'd bring up some observations from the beta: I might be a slow player in terms of progress, but I really enjoy the challenge of replicating Liverpool under Klopp as close to the real deal as possible. It took some time to build a 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 that works, but I now feel I'm close enough to lock them in. Still not all to happy with my 4-3-3 away formation for matches vs top teams. Here I'm currently on a vertical tiki taka, balanced / flexible formation. Not sure Klopp would agree with me! Stats below gathered up until january 1st 20
  7. Yep, totally. Hard to justify it with his unlucky start for us. Well, fingers crossed he gains momentum now into late november and the packed december! With regards to attributes, I think he looks pretty good with a few exceptions. So a little boost as you say sounds fair, for the february update I guess.
  8. Hi Diddy! Great work, as always on the data! I guess you have left Thiago the way he was from the Bayern researcher? Been testing since 21-Beta was released: I always tend to replicate Liverpool as close as possible and spend time to research matches of the current and previous seasons to get it as close to the real deal as possible. In response to your question: Testing 4-3-3 most and tweaking and turning on a 4-2-3-1. Firmino - DLF (S) Mane - IF (A) with the PPM sit narrower (as opposed to Salah who usually starts out by the line and cuts inside). Keita (B
  9. Yeah, thats more like it! Just noticed the new database is out so loading it up now! Cool, seems like we have most of the same ideas on how to make it work ingame. Good luck to you!
  10. You're welcome Henderson has worked very well for me too. 6 goals 5 assists. (by december 27th) - playing him mainly as a BWM (s). Mane for me (by same date as above) is 20(1) games : 10 goals + 4 assists. So pretty happy with it. What tactics you using ? I strive to replicate Liverpool as close as possible to real life every season so it is a lot of tweaking and reading up But I find that really fun and a challenge!
  11. Hey, In january on my save now. Salah as IF (A) games: 16(+1 sub): 11 goals , 6 assists. Injured since 29th november. So I think that is a very good return on him. Apart from that I gotta say you got the players pretty spot on. Up until this international break my team pretty much replicated that of Liverpool in real life with 11 wins and one draw in the league: 34 points, qualifying through to the knock out stages of the CL and through in the League Cup. Other notables : Firmino up until november international fixtures on 3 goals (same as real life). Mane also
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