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    Permanently AFK 'cause mods support illegal annexation of Crimea and clearly abuse their powers.

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  1. Luckily, I found a save before the last match in the recycle bin Uploaded: fm20_kick_complain_bug_before_triggering.fm As for promise itself, it was during pre-season or early season, so I don't have it, sadly.
  2. Player complains about not being used enough for free kick taking. But he's the only taker for all free kick variations. Even scored some goals. He played 32 of 38 matches in the league, so it's not a rotation issue. The situation is game-breaking 'cause the player is a top performer and absolutely a key figure for the team (and probably only one Basque player who fits for the role). /cry Save uploaded: fm20_kick_complain_bug.fm
  3. Surely you're doing your job as mods sidekick well. Now go, attack another user who dares to criticize SI or, god forbid, THE MODERATORS.
  4. There will be no further updates there, sorry. Going permanently AFK 'cause mods support illegal annexation of Crimea. Maybe later on fmbase.
  5. You don't understand the difference between long-dead soviet union and occupied at present Crimea?
  6. Occupant's flag near the annexed territory's title is not discriminatory or hateful? What a hypocrisy. What about this: UN report details grave human rights violations in Russian-occupied Crimea or this: The mystery of a missing Crimean Tatar or that: Russia attacks, seizes Ukrainian vessels in Black Sea off Crimea ? Or you don't care?
  7. They should remove any content which violates international laws. Period.
  8. I really don't like to raise this issue here, but I have no other choice. There is a wonderful topic: Where you can see even more wonderful Which violated the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 68/262: I reported that post, but some moderator replied that it's perfectly fine. No, it's not. I want to know an official SI position about this. Do you support illegal annexation of Crimea? If not, remove that content and ban the topic opener.
  9. I'm really not sure now. The more I play FM19, the more I think it's very close to exploit sometimes.
  10. A possibility to take off an injured player is nice. However, there are some flaws: to take off injured player user need to find mouse cursor and click a pop-up button in less than 4 seconds (that's a pop-up message time limit for some reason) and it's not possible to take the player off later if you missed that pop-up; there is no prompt to change tactics immediately after taking a player off, it can be irritating if you taking off a striker but also can be critical if it's center-back. What I propose: if a user clicked a "Take Off" pop-up button, open tactics s
  11. After some time after reuploading, files are unavailable again. So the best option for uploaders is to provide links to third-party storage until the problem is solved.
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