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  1. I am trying to update the game but an error message is appearing. I uninstalled tha game and reinstalled it but the same problem remains! Please I need help. Any idea of what kind of problem is this? My latop is new and in perfect condition.
  2. Generally I have noticed that in fm21 there are scored lots of goal compared to real life football which is something annoying to me since it is a simulation game and I expect it to be as closer to reality as it can get. During my save I have experienced so far in one occasion 6 goals scored in first half in a Serie A game and two examples of 2 goals scored in a period of two minutes which is almost impossible to happen in real life. I think that SI should look closely this issue and somehow fix it. From my point of view, apart from the examples that I mentioned above, I believe that defenders
  3. I totally agree about Machairas. In real life he seems as a palyer that can become a very decent player who can play for AEK at least as a squad rotation or even more. I believe that definetely his atts need a boost!
  4. As long as i have played the beta it seems to me that defences should tighten up a little because it is too easy to score goals. Also I have noticed that long shots out of the box are overpowered.
  5. Is anyone else experiencing a high number of goals coming from corner kicks? I started new save and in every single match a goal was scored by corner kick assist and unfortunately this is happening for seven consecutive matches. This was an issue in last year's game which was really annoying! I hope this will be fixed because it is totally unrealistic and it will ruin the game. Also a lot of penalties are given almost in every 2-3 matches.
  6. I believe that physical atts of Damian Szymanski are very lower than reality. He is considered one of the strongest and most physical player of AEK however he has 9 in strength and jumping. It is not logical that for example Galanopoulos has 12 and Szymanski 9, it is unrealistic. Also Levi's Garcia technical atts too low. Dribbling only 13 and Technique 11 are extemely low for his level. You have to review some attributes given in AEK players!
  7. I hope not! Realistically speaking most of the games in professional football end with 2-3 goals.
  8. Sebastian Vasiliadis from Paderborn should have main nationality Greek and not German since he has been called up and joined last year Greece's national team. Because as it is now in the game he refuses to accept the greek call up and it is unrealstic.
  9. Is it so difficult to fix the bug with one on ones? I played a whole season and did not score a single 1v1... This problem exists from the beta version, it is totally ridiculous that you still did not manage to improve it!!!
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