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  1. Ahh.. I completely missed this thread.. thank you very much Carninho
  2. I would like to see the Women's Football League be included in the Football Manager Universe. I don't really follow women's football yet but I like hiring female staff when I find them. I think it would be a good & positive step to include this part of the football world, similar to how FIFA have done. As I would definitely have a go at managing a women's team & getting them from the bottom tier to the top & would probably enjoy some friendlies against the men's teams in pre-season to test my squad. What do you fellow managers think?
  3. Thank you for the responses fellow mangers. That's not good if the level 10 db has the issues mentioned above.. I certainly don't wan't to come up against France, Spain or the Three Lions with my Lower League Team. Tbh, I've never downloaded a db from steam so I would highly appreciate guidance in how to do this. I wish it were as simple as clicking a button in the editor mode which made the league or better yet the tier active. Would save a lot of time & hassle.
  4. How do you activate inactive leagues in the game editor? I would love to open up the full 11 tiers of english football & get from the bottom to the top.. epic.
  5. I also have experienced this issue as explained by the others above.
  6. I experience the same issue.. I feel that it is impossible to manage by sticking with a main 11 like traditional managers as it makes everyone who's not playing upset.. I'm always forced to rotate.. I'm capable of managing in this style but I do think this is a flaw in the system..
  7. Players which have been given the squad status "backup" still request first team football. I feel like this forces me to rotate the whole squad just to keep everyone happy & it changes the way I manage because if I stick to the same 11 players are guaranteed to get upset. Suggestion: Players with the squad status "backup" should not expect and therefore should not request any first team football. I find that this issue also occurs with the "rotation" squad status & is one of the most infuriating things.
  8. I'm also experiencing the same issue as Man City who have one of the best collection of midfielders currently in the premier league.
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