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  1. I also noticed that the team meetings (before & after) match never have a positive impact on the team no matter what is said. The worst example I experienced was winning the Euro's with England & the squad reacted negatively after I praised them for winning the competition.
  2. I agree as I also experienced this when I signed Dwight Gayle & promised to play him as a Poacher. The promise was kept & he complained that he wanted to leave at the end of the season.
  3. I'll also add the following End of Season Review bugs: - Loans are reflected as transfers. - My Longest Winning Streak includes all fixtures. Please see attached images.
  4. I have also experienced this getting Birmingham promoted from the Championship. All of my fixtures were also reflected in the "Winning Streak" section, please see attached images. I have uploaded my save on 16/11/20, titled "Inaccurate End of Season Review".
  5. I'm also experiencing this bug.. I prefer to use the "behind the goal" camera but it resets the camera height every match. So I have reverted to using the "Director" camera.
  6. I don't recall previous FM's ever having this option but I have also experienced the same thing multiple times. I agree that this would be a great addition to FM.
  7. I have also experienced this duplicate option when I won the Euro's with England. I have uploaded my save on 14/11/20 & called it "Duplicate Final Team Talk Options".
  8. Ahh.. I completely missed this thread.. thank you very much Carninho
  9. I would like to see the Women's Football League be included in the Football Manager Universe. I don't really follow women's football yet but I like hiring female staff when I find them. I think it would be a good & positive step to include this part of the football world, similar to how FIFA have done. As I would definitely have a go at managing a women's team & getting them from the bottom tier to the top & would probably enjoy some friendlies against the men's teams in pre-season to test my squad. What do you fellow managers think?
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