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  1. It seems to happen for me when I choose a start date that is after the PL season has already started, every time. I uploaded two save game files where this has happened to the SI cloud server, called 'ManCityTransferList.fm', and 'ManCityTransferList2.fm'
  2. Mine had a rule where foreign players had to earn over 8,000 p/w in order to get a work permit. completely killed any sort of llm
  3. Same. These are De Ligt's stats after an entire season of training, mentoring, first team appearances etc
  4. If I had to guess a reason why, could potentially be because of the start date? I'm starting my saves after the PL season has already started
  5. Also Reiss Nelson should probably have a recall from loan clause, since he said in an interview he wants to come back in January https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/reiss-nelson-eyes-arsenal-firstteam-and-england-seniors-after-scoring-on-u21s-bow-a3960141.html
  6. Just posting some proof of Mendy / Laporte being transfer listed (both for under £20 million by the way) and Sane being loan listed by the AI when starting a game. This really just makes the game unrealistic for me and ruins the immersion as playing for any top club is made too easy by just signing those guys. Also, after the registration window closes they aren't registered at all.
  7. For some reason in all of the saves that I have started so far, City have transfer listed / loan listed one or all of Sane, Mendy and Laporte. It makes literally no sense. In one save they sold Mendy and just didn't buy a replacement, meaning they had no left back and a squad of like 20 players registered. Oh also there's a midfielder for Shrewsbury who has like 19 finishing for no apparent reason
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