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  1. Tactic creator was revamped for FM19 with out of possession and in transition instructions, and also templates were added in that version I think. Not saying it can not be improved but I wouldn't expect big changes soon.
  2. LOL. That is the proof FM is unrealistic. In my experience, England have always been a little overpowered in FM. They often win World Cup and Euro in my saves, sometimes even back to back titles. I remember I used to download custom databases that would slash English players, back in the day. How do you know the goal wouldn't happen if you stayed on key highlights? Is this what happens to you consistently? I don't really need an answer because I know it doesn't.
  3. Is there a example in real life someone playing like that? It seams rather inefficient.
  4. I still think it's the lack of younger people being active on forums then lack of them playing it.
  5. That usually happens when you transfer list the player. They know you want to get rid of the player so they are trying to exploit that. You can counteract that by offering the player to clubs on your own while excluding Selling Team Wage Contribution from negotiation. But you may get less offers especially if the player is on a huge contract.
  6. Yeah, it happens. More with the mid table or underdog team then with favourites in my experience. It's worth keeping in mind that Composure and Finishing also matter, not just Penalty taking attribute. It's also worth looking at body language of the taker. He might have a great attributes for penalty taking but low hidden attribute Preassure.
  7. Early in the save, I had some trouble with penalties especially when I was underdog but nowdays my players rarely miss them. My striker was 7/7 last season.
  8. I agree. Players with most CA will likely have the best attributes. Yes, the player can have lower CA but good attrubute spread but for the most part better the CA, you will have the better player potentially able to perform at multiple roles in the team. However I don't agree with the rest of this post. It is oversimplification that isn't useful in any way. Player that has a long shot of 1 can still score a long range goal especially if other things are in his favour (his other attributes like composure, decisions, attributes of opposing defenders and GK, morale, weather conditions, if he is playing in a dominant team, etc). That doesn't mean that someone who is equally good player but has a better long shots wouldn't do better in his role if your tactical setup requires him to take long shots often. So it makes sense to pay attention to their attributes. You can getaway without it if you have really strong team but you really miss out on the gems with lower CA but the right attribute spread and potentially lower wage demands who still perform on a world class level. Like if your anchorman has all the right attribues for that role but is average or below average in anything else does it really matter. I really don't think that the game just adds up attributes of one team and attributes of other team with some random factor and morale as you put it. Player roles and key and preferred attributes would be useless in that case. You could have just one rating for every player then.
  9. This is what I wondered at first but I have never seen player who agreed to sign a contract actually leave. I would say, it's not possible.
  10. Yeah, stars can be deceiving. I never went extreme like @HUNT3R but I load about 10-15 nations as playable and my star rating drops to 2 stars but I didn't notice any major difference in speed other then you have to wait a few extra seconds to simulate more games.
  11. In this example the problem is not ME. It's the huge advantage that human managers have over AI managers. Human players will always make better decisions over any AI in any of the games. You will be better, at transfers, tactics, changes during the match. AI is flawed in most of the games, like when you play Fallout 4 with stealth charachter and get detected, you can run away and hide for a few seconds and the NPC goes; "Ah, it's probably nothing." and continues like you were never there. There isn't any intelligence behind that decision, The real AI doesn't exist. So likewise, Klopp in FM isn't really Klopp or any other rational human being so the human player has a huge advantage.
  12. There were a few requests to implement something like the example from Premier manager and some other stuff like bribing the referees etc. and I think SI adressed this and their stance is that they don't want to move in that direction. So you will never see stuff outside of football on FM and you will probably never see any corruption in the FM world.
  13. Oh, yes they are. It's OK to state your opinion and criticism about the game that isn't out yet, but you can do that with respect. There were a few guys here calling the game pathetic, a joke, presenting SI like some evil company that cares only about money etc... that's toxic and all I see is bunch of kids overreacting. If they are grown men then that is sad.
  14. I really like the new animations, looks better. End of the season scouting meetings is a good addition. I always thought the staff, the manager and the board have more interactions and are all working toghether to improve the squad. This is probably a step in the right direction. Not too exited about the new interactions. Hope they don't complicate things too much. And I really hope xG will stop the endless user posts on forums about how they "dominated"but still lost the match.
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