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  1. Scoring 6 goals with less then 20 shots is also an exception.
  2. So what is your point? You can also find examples that are completely opposite. I still remember this game from last season. 47 shots and no goal https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/47943076
  3. If you want him to be disciplined make him unlearn that trait. Bu it would be stupid if you could do that with just one click. Suarez will not stop to argue with officials just bcause his manager told him not to do so. He will be able to do it few times but sometimes his temper will win that battle. He would have to work on that for some time and in some cases, he may never remove that from his game. For example, I don't think Suso will ever learn to not be biased towards his left leg. He cuts inside most of the time even though he has more space wide. I agree that problem isn't just tactics but it is a big part. I'm able to reduce the shots from 40+ to just 10-15 with a few tweaks. OP thinks that it is impossible to have below 10 shots like in that Barcelona screenshot, in the current ME and that is simply not true.
  4. That is a weird statement. Usually people just want better quality shots. If you really just want less shots, play on a defensive mentality, maybe put some roles biased towards possession based style of play. Be passive without much penetration, add work ball in the box etc.
  5. Rebić in Milan and also Andre Silva in Frankfurt are both on 2 year loans currently.
  6. I also always choose to take it right away if I really want it because I don't want to risk losing the job just because they wanted somoeone immediately. But in my current save when I was in a job interview for postion in Genk I chose to take over at the end of the season because I wanted to see out the season in Dender. As soon as I accepted the job they moved all responsibilities for transfers to GM and he sold two important players and left me with only one true CB for the second half of the season because after selling one ore two, I don't remember exactly, one of them also got injured and he tried to sign one on the last day of the transfer window, but that transfer failed. If I had known that would happen, I would choose to take the job in Genk straight away.
  7. There could be some advantage IRL for taller athletes especially in other sports like basketball where they need to jump few times in a row, but I don't think there is any advantage on FM. That is not in the game, nothing is affecting they strength attribute or other physical attributes. Whole point is that you should not concern yourself with height when judging player aerial ability same way you don't judge players' strength by looking how much he weighs.
  8. Are you sure about that? I read somewhere on these forums that player who is for example 190cm tall who has 16 jumping reach can reach the same height as 180cm tall player with 16 jumping reach.
  9. Yes, it's weird that no one wants them, especially when they are already at good level like the player in the OP's screenshot. One of my players in currnet save and current season had some offers, 5-6 clubs so I accepted the offer wich I thought is the best for him and he ended up rejecting it. Later when I offered him to clubs on loan no one wanted him anymore.
  10. Code of Conduct is nice but I'm hoping that FM2020 will also make it easier to track those offences. I know we can make notes when players misbehave but it would be much easier to get aome kind of message with his previous offences.
  11. I had the same problem with many players. I also play in Serie A. The only solution I found is to give him game time in my team until next transfer window. For example, that is what I did with my current GK, I gave him some starts in cup games and few in Serie A, and next season one of the clubs in Germany wanted him on loan so he went there for whole season and then one season he went to Man City as a key player and now he is my first choice keeper.
  12. I knew that you can turn off sounds but how I didn't saw that volume slider is beyond me.
  13. When I am playing FM I like to let some music play in the background. That works great until the matchday because crowd is so loud that only option is to turn off sounds or decrease volume manually which also decreases volume of music playing on PC. I would like to have volume control in the game preferences so I can play finetune and play both.
  14. Sometimes they will and sometimes they will not and even the first division isn't a no-brainer. I recently wrote somewhere on the forum about my left FB who I loaned out to PSV as a key player and he barely progressed at all. And there were others too. Yes, they need experience at higher level but they need to be ready for that level. There is a sweet spot. If he keeps getting bad ratings that will affect his progress and might even be dropped and not play at all at loan. Sometimes he even plays good and they have good facilities but the progress isn't what you would expect maybe because they don't have great coaches. Adding recall from loan is a really good advise, so you can act in those situations. Before I was always looking to loan players to first division exclusively, now if a player is 18 and let's say, one star or one and a half star CA rating I would rather loan him to a club with decent training facilities in a second division then loan him out to some relegation candidates in the first division.
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