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  1. It really comes down to what kind of a man are you. There are people right now that think everything about COVID-19 is a conspiracy and that world leaders and even scientist are lying to us about it. For me, it's enough that SI says it's not rigged. I have no reason to think they are lying. If I would think that I would not be playing this game.
  2. I start at the bottom, with no badges and Sunday League Player and on FM19 goal was to manage AC Milan and win everything with them. I ended that save when I won the second CL with them. I am playing the same way again but I would like to go to Germany and have success there before going to Milan. That will prolong my save which is ok as I want to skip FM21 and have really long save on this version.
  3. Yes, FM18 and even FM19 long shots were too rare, however in FM20 are maybe a little to common. A perfect balance would be somewhere between those versions. I don't concede them too often either, but I noticed that I score them more when playing against defences that defend deep and I think it can be mitigated by just pushing you DL up and not alowing space. And that is why I would agree with him that is just harder to make system where you defend deep in this version. Before you woold just not get punished at all, because long shots were non existant and now are a little OP. GK crouching is just a graphical thing. If FM had a graphics like PES for example, tah chance would be better represented.
  4. That is what is happening in some other sports in real life. When Jason Collins came out as gay, his shirt became top seller on NBA website so it's not really suprising that is implemented in the game.
  5. What I would like to see is that the players who use really agressive tactics like that just get punished more instead of overwhelming the AI and winning games. To be clear, I didn't use any of the downloaded tactics and I don't really know if they generate wins like that but if it works like you described, then that is mostly AI issue and it needs to be improved so that AI can counter thhose systems.
  6. Yes, I have them like that. The players that have best jumping reach, bravery and other attributes shown as important for those tasks. I don't think it matters who is doing what but if the corner is on left side I'll put left CB on "Zonally mark six yard box near centre" and right CB on "Zonally mark six yard box f centre" and my DM between them. I also have one player at the edge of the box and one to go forward and I pick them by the attributes required. It doesn't mean it will work for you as well but you can try. I would still watch from what positions you usally concede the most and then put your strongest defenders there.
  7. I don't think you can be known for avoiding relegation or winning tropheys. It's usually what kind of players you sign and what kind of football you prefer. I'm known for playing defensive football, apperantly because I don't concede too many goals. I have also prefers possession football, so I guess you need to have higher possession percentage for that. I haven't seen full list anywhere.
  8. I don't think so. Yes, most would say that if you would just post possession stats and shot count but if you would post actual higlights that show that you create good chances consistently that is a different story.
  9. I would put my CBs to mark tall players but I fear that AI would score goals from corners taiming at 6 yard box. That is where I assign 2 CBs and DM who is also grat in the air. And it is working great for corners, never had problems with it. I struggled more with indirect free kicks in the past but I managed to concede none in my last seson before I left club.
  10. Yes. Because other players defend the game just for the sake of it and they need to find ridiculous excuses for it. It isn't even that bad. It is extremely unfortunate because it happened twice in a row but at leest it is clear what happened even from limited graphical engine. But I have seen mistakes represented worse like this one from my GK. Even defenders had a terrible reaction but I don't blame them because they were confused with what my GK tried to pull off, AIK Goal.mp4
  11. I decided to give it a try. I never used Raumdeuter on FM except for a game or two so I'm in the process of making my first tactic with that role. My first version is terrible, I did win some games but Ramdeuter is not in the right positions. However since I already invested the money to bring the player who will play that role I don't want to give up. First for some context, I took over Man City in a season 29/30. They only want me to qualify for Europa League next season but also want to reach final this season. I had to sell Joao Felix who wanted to leave for CL football so I decided to reinvest that money in Raumdeuter and give it a go. So this is the guy I bought, he was transfer listed by Liverpool. Usually I don't spend €92M for a 28 year old but I this is what I wanted and I have plenty of money for spending. And this is the guy that is rotating with him. I had a bad luck that both of them injured recently so I played some games with winger instead, but Morales now recovered and he should start playing soon enough. I also used my substitute DLF (he is actually AF but I use him as a DLF) in a RMD role and saw encouraging signs with my constantly tweaked tactic. I don't have the vast knowledge of ME like some of the other members on the forum but I know when I see something that I like. Like this goal he scored. He also scored one header and had 1 assist and had other chaces so I was happy with his movement. I just hope it isn't just one game and that tactic continues to produce this. I'll post screenshot of the tactic as soon as I test it a little bit more.
  12. You can assign one of the players to "stay back if needed" if you have a FB corner taker. I think in that case he will be back.
  13. I never used it but I guess it isn't paricularly effective because usually no one has "significant" influence.
  14. 2. Yes. That means you will have nobody marking the keeper. You need to pay attention to thos because if you have 2 FBs to stay back and then one of them end up taking the corner it means you will have just one player back.
  15. That was just my experience with it. And I was too lazy to change who marks tall player when I rotate the squad so sometimes it would be someone who is poor in the air. So I let that the game pick who marks who and I just set the players I want to mark zonally specific area. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it but you could give it a try.
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