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  1. I can agree that clubs should hold on to their wonderkids, and I find it that they often do (it can be improved surely, I don't negate that). If a player has a CA of 120-130 already and huge PA it is likely that you will have to pay up. Still depends on a lot of factors, what club he plays in, what league, what is expiry date of his contract, does he want to move etc. So you could still maybe find some bargains depending on those factors, but in general more developed he is, more you will have to pay up and more the clube will want to hold on to him. Now when I used Genie Scout, I would discover them much earlier, with CA even below 100 but very young and much time to develop. They would still not have huge reputation so I could snatch them for a fee under 10M Euros. You can simply gain advantage for knowing about them too early and knowing that is indeed huge potential. You're free to play the game as you want. I often used the word "cheating" in the thread but I don't think it's really cheating as many pointed out, it's a single player game. But it is a advantage, as you don't see AI immediately bidding for those players. If the game is trying to be realistic, you should find about the player about the same time AI manager does in a club with similar scouting network, on average.
  2. It should not be that simple to find player with over 180 PA, or you should not be so sure that he has that much potential. I find that you can easily know about top talent in game as anything above 150 CA can be described as a "world class". In FM18 I played with Milan and Locatelli was described as a world class midfielder. I was suprised after I finished with that save to see that his CA was around 155. I remember that Hachim Mastour was described as next Ronaldinho. I heard about him long before Donnarumma, Locatelli or Cutrone who eventually played for the first team. but he is nowhere to be found. If he made it, some "Wenger" would now be telling how his talent was impossible not to see. Obviusly, he was not a out of this world talent like Messi. I guess that you could make exeption and claim that it was really impossible to not see his talent. But still it was a huge gamble. Nobody knew for sure that he would make it this big. Bringing that young players is a huge gamble. When you use Genie Scout, it's not so much gamble anymore. I agree, that we keep spinning around. All this was brought up befeore.
  3. I never had any problem with that. If they have potential they will get their playing time where they're good enough. I just can't gauge how big is their potential, just that hhey could be better than anyone in my squad. Or that they could be good for that league. That's just not true. You can find about he talents in game. You just want to know about best ones, and you can stand the fact that some other manager finds them before you do. You want to find them when they're 15-16 when they don't have big reputation anyway. Yes there were some hits IRL with Messi, Fabregas etc. but how many of those who are signed early don't make it that big. IRL youth squads are filled with players they brought from elsewhere to train in their academy.
  4. It's not impossible, it's just hard. You can know when he is going to be good, it's harder to know just how good he will be and I think it should stay that way. Assumptions should stay assumptions. You can sign them because you're using Genie Scout and you find them before any of the bigger clubs so they don't challenge you. I used to use Genie Scout before, and it's very easy and you don't stress out when you miss out ona a signing as you easily can find another one. But in my current save I found the player who was in a last year of contract so I was thinking to try to sign him on a Bossman ruling as I didn't have much mone to throw around. But then PSG started to snoop around, showed intrest and I quickly payed whatever his club wanted for him because I didn't want to risk losing him to PSG. Because if they offered, he would chose them, I know as it happened befeore. But with GEnie Scout I would just find someone else, maybe even better.
  5. Does it matter what your Assistant Manager prefers? It used to be gegenpress for me and now is vertical tiki-taka. I did use highpress a lot more before but I also changed AM and wonder did that also influence it.
  6. I understand that. He wouldn't get good ratings if I would push him too far above his ability. I think my HOYD does a great job there. He usually recommends me players that are ready for the first team if there is a opening. Those 17 yo that I talked about had a CA of a 2,5 - 3 stars for my first team so there was no downside of promoting them other that I tend to have coaches with higher working with youngsters attribute, in the youth team.
  7. If they are better then my surrent squad I play them. I had 2 DMC, 1 AMC and right FB that I all started playing with 17 yo. It happens more often in not so strong leagues where you're players get snatched by big clubs but you have good youth academy. Is training in youth team that much better? I mean, they train in the first team also + they get expirience at higher level.
  8. I'm just going to quote this part so I don't have to quote whole post. I think it's very hard to say how it should be or what makes sense. You can not know how many wonderkids IRL is out there that no one yet wrote about. What makes you think you should know them in the game. And the media, and also FM gets it wrong all the time. Just look old articles or old FM databases, where are some of those players. You can say that they didn't live up to their potential, but you can also claim that maybe they didn't have that much potential in the first place, that they were only hyped up. Also wonderkid status in game reflects is very misleading. You can have a player with PA 150 described as wonderkid, and also have player with 180 PA described as just midfielder or promising midfielder. But nevertheless, wonderkid status in game always guarantees at least decent PA. Wonderkid status IRL doesn't, at least that is my opinion. So, when you look them up externaly, you bypass the confusion and you're able to know exact CA / PA values. Off course it's cheating. You're re cheating yourself.
  9. No. You would probably still see them. I currently play in Belgium with only Belgium package and I see wonderkids from Barca, Man City, Man utd, Olympic Lyon, Borrusia M'gladbach, Braga etc. It just means with bigger package you will see more players, and therfore more wonderkids.
  10. Go to scouting >> Player search. Then in a menu where you choose player views such as general info or to sort them by attributes etc. ( it's just above player names), you go to custom and then make a copy of your current view or something like that. Then go to edit current view and add "media description" to a view. While you're there add a "Minimum Relaese Fee" also as it's very useful. Then you can sort players by "media description" and you just scroll and find wonderkids. The bigger youth package you have, you will see more of them.
  11. Why you keep saying that when you can sort the pleyers in "players search" tab by their "media description" status, as previously discussed on this thread. So yes, yo can find them easily even in a year 2040.
  12. Yes, actually that's how I started in a new season and even in last season he would be sometimes on attack duty. There were also some other changes. I don't have a BWM any more so I play with DLPsu and IFsu is now IWsu in MR. I initially changed AMC as well to AMsu but now he is APsu again to see how it will be with 2 playmakers.
  13. No, nothing out of oridinary. In a training review I would usually get a message that this intensity is suitable for this part of season. If I was getting something else I would probably change it.
  14. I keep it all the time on double intensity. I always did so I don't have anything to compare to. Didn't see any problems with it.
  15. Just to add. I tried many different roles for striker but they were all with attacking duty. I was really stubborn with that. It made no scence to me to use some supporting role and that my winger and FBa don't have anybody to cross to.
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