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  1. I have a relative who plays FM12 and last we spoke I believe he was in the year 2074, or the 74th season, either way they are both plenty of time for a son but has never happened, assuming it was in the game back then anyway.
  2. My one was moved to Australia, was that meant to happen? How come you still have it in Qatar? I know it did that in FM18 but it has done it for me in FM19 too.
  3. Brilliant, thanks for replying. Could you elaborate a bit more on how to get more allocated International player slots, I'm a bit unclear, you said via trades but I don't even know how trades work yet! Haha, I have no knowledge of MLS so I'm trying to piece together every bit of information I can get.
  4. Hi, so I just started a save with a bunch of leagues loaded from approx 14 nations. I started unemployed however I wasn't too interested in starting right at the bottom so I gave myself good experience to give me more control of the type of job I can take. And well, about 2 months in, the LAFC job became available, since they are a brand new team I decided to apply. I got the job but they gave the me option to wait until the start of the next season before I actually take over, so I took that option. So prior to me taking over, I thought I'd take a look at the league rules and stuff for MLS, and it looked very overwhelming, I know barely nothing about MLS and I notice some drafts and various transfer windows and hell knows what else. Basically I'm seeking advice and tips for the MLS from anyone who is actually familiar with how the league works, because I'm very confused lol. Any little information you have would be greatly appreciated!
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