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  1. Really like this, although I struggle against teams that park the bus still and my striker is really poor. Tend to either win 5-0 or 0-0/1-0. Will persevere, good stuff.
  2. I haven't used IFs much on FM20 but on previous versions it worked well. On Attack they would make diagonal runs towards goal but still receive the ball on their stronger foot in the way that Sterling did when he played from the right for Man City under Pep. It was like playing with a very narrow winger who would drift between the width of the box and the 6 yard box.
  3. If PSG or another top club bids for your player, reject the bid. They'll come to you asking why you rejected it. Tell them the finances weren't right but you'll sell them for X amount. Then set the asking price as £1m or something ridiculously low. PSG will then come back with offers around or below £1m but the player will never complain at you rejecting it because they haven't met the agreed asking price. Their performances or morale aren't affected and eventually they'll drop it because nobody ever met the asking price you agreed with them.
  4. I think the issue is (to my knowledge) players don't 'pass' or 'fail' medicals. They have their medical and the doctor outlines any concerns to the club, particularly anything that could cause problems with insurance or is likely to make the player more injury prone. It's then up to the club to either sign them regardless and take the risk (they may choose to renegotiate with the selling club for a lower fee) or call the deal off. Think a player with an ACL would flag up massive concerns and it's highly unlikely the club would press ahead until he's fully fit, but it would be nice to have the option to argue your case if he's an important signing rather than it getting cancelled altogether.
  5. What kind of striker are you using for your TM out of interest? I have a similar set up with a DLF and AF but just can't get them to click. My strikers are quick and mobile and the DLF in particular is an excellent allrounder and I had visions of him dropping deep, holding the ball up, laying it off and making runs into box but he just seems to stand on the edge of the box and get marked out the game. Was thinking of trying him as a targetman but was always put off by the fact it's not a 'posession' type of role.
  6. Nyron

    Custom start date

    Hi When I start a new game I tend to start unemployed and wait until a job becomes available. Usually this happens when a club is struggling against relegation and the challenge is to turn them around and keep them up. It would be great if we could input real world results in the editor before starting a new game and start the game at a particular point in the season, I.e. take over Watford in December 2019 with them bottom of the league and try to emulate Pearson by turning them around, or take over Man United the year before (in FM19 obviously) at the point Mourinho left and galvanise them like Solskjaer. This would add an extra element of realism trying to replicate or better real life. I realise there is a workaround to do this as FM Scout have a custom start date database where you add an extra league but its quite fiddly and I've had problems in the past where I've completed the season but fixtures haven't generated for the following season. I know FM doesn't have the licence for real life fixtures for the Prem but these could be added in the editor in the same way real fixtures can be downloaded. Enabling this through the editor would allow players to create their own scenarios if they didn't want to recreate real results.
  7. I had the same problem and it was infuriating. I could find the folder through Finder no problem but Sports Interactive was nowhere to be seen in Application Support when you try to load through FM. FM actually tries to load the wrong folder - you have to go back as far as you can then go to Users > Your username > Library > Application Support > Sports Interactive. FM by default tries to open Users > Library > Application Support and there is no Sports Interactive folder in there. If there is no tactics folder then yes you can create one if you want but it makes no difference as FM will find the tactic as long as it's saved anywhere in Application Support.
  8. Sunderland: The Players Out list in the Transfer History screen shows Will Buckley leaving Sunderland for Bolton on 24/06/19. This is incorrect - Buckley left and joined Bolton in 2017.
  9. I'm using the 442 from the original post and am scoring goals for fun but haemorrhaging goals at the back. I've tried dropping the mentality to cautious, tweaking the defensive line, etc, does anyone have any advice for tightening up? I'm Sunderland in 22/23. 2nd season back in the Prem after finishing 11th last season and sitting around 12th most of this season
  10. I signed 'you' from Boreham Wood in my game (along with a load of other newgens with great attributes / high potential in the Boreham Wood youth team). I don't post on here much though so had no idea I'd actually signed a member of staff. Looking at the list of newgens in the 'faceinthegame' list and noticed Ramiro Rolon Martinez - he was absolutely class for me in FM17! Didn't realise he was staff either. Are the newgens positions hardcoded into the game? Just the Seb Wassell in my game is a central midfielder too, and the Ramiro Rolon Martinez is an Attacking Midfielder same as in FM17. Edit - Ossie Robinson came through as a newgen in my youth team in FM18. Weird seeing newgens from old games again!
  11. I've had great success with the 4123/4231 versions. I'd already played with Fulham for several seasons and had finished 4th in the Prem but won the league with 100+ goals after using this. However as my rep has increased I've noticed teams now shut up shop against us playing with a very deep defensive line, making it very difficult to create space in behind. Does anyone have any suggestions / tweaks to try and combat this? We aren't scoring anywhere near as many and are conceding more because the opposition are hitting us on the break
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