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  1. I try to do something like that, but doesn't stop me wondering if those stats really have any influence at all. Only place I clearly see an effect of Personality and Determination, is the HOYD.
  2. Obviously I'm biased but Porto has an extraordinary bunch of youngsters, a true gold generation at the club even tho the club will probably not have much glory with them (financial problems leading to sellouts, a manager that doesn't like them and etc). I'm talking about Diogo Costa (GK), Tomás Esteves (an RB more like an IWB like Kimmich), Diogo Leite (CB), Diogo Queirós (CB), Vítor Ferreira (CM), Romário Baró (CM), Fábio Vieira (AMC) and Fábio Silva (ST). If in your (whoever plays) save you are able to develop them, and resist the offers to sell them (one or another might be impossible, as the big sharks can make your life miserable until you just say yes), you can have a Porto's team made in Porto winning everything. As for a bit of history and club culture, in Porto reigns the spirit of being a fighter, being brave, being a dragon. In football, means to never give up till the last minute (like a 92' goal against Benfica that sealed the league title in 2013) and to overcome stronger opponents (like winning two Champions Leagues being an outsider) and regularly beating stronger teams in that competition. Every year that Porto plays in Champions League, is one of the teams with smaller budget. And after the group stage, that Porto regularly achieves, then basically every team that can be next has a bigger budget. That's the strongest asset of this team. Doesn't have as much money as the giant clubs, but is there, between them, almost every year. It's not a coincidence that Iker Casillas choose us I wish you and everyone that wanna try a Porto save the best fun and success. Força Porto!
  3. I don't, really, up to a point that some years (in-game) later I don't even know who are the Messi's and Ronaldo's of the world. Sadly, that feeling usually leds to me loosing interest and starting a new save... I have to stress out that I don't think SI is to blame for this, but myself. The world created in-game is impressive, it's me that don't follow up the news and the updates of other teams enough to know the new world around me.
  4. I use the DoF to find players and initiate negotiations with the other club, but with me taking up from there. This way, I let the DoF find potential interesting players that I didn't know before, but I also guarantee that if I don't like the idea I can cancel it even before going into contract negotiations. As for JPA and JPP, what I understand is that the DoF will be better or worse at evaluating good signings for my club. A low JPA means he can spot a player thinking he is really good, when in fact he's not. With high JPA, he will be right more often (or wrong less often...).
  5. Only way to increase number of coaches is ask the Board for it. I usually do it every 6 months until we reach the max number (the number from which the board will always say no). As for secondary role, it's not a bug but he will have more tasks to do at once (since he has two jobs let's say) and will not excel in either. Hence the star dropping.
  6. So I am managing a team that I don't want to leave until my project with them is complete (consecutive promotions from 3rd to 1st tier), but I'm getting job offers from other teams that I would probably be interested in manage in the future. Am I in any way sabotaging my own future by declining these offers? Will these clubs remember? Thank you.
  7. Attacking, with much shorter passing to balance the risk and have some possession. The lowest mentality I am willing to go is Positive, Attacking being by far the one I use most.
  8. But do you choose a totaly different starting XI every game? I also rotate but not that much. Maybe 3 or 4 different players each game, no more. So any given player can easily play, let's say, 3 games in a row and rest on the 4th. Or I choose to rest them in a Cup game, or in the league game immediately before an important Champions League match (or I play him the game before the CL match and rest him on the one right after, you get the idea). I don't even remember to repeat a starting XI, yet, my important players get enough minutes to not complain.
  9. My players seem to have their aim amazingly accurate. And it's frustrating,
  10. Use whatever players you think are best for the position, regarding their attributes and the performance they are having for you. P.ex. I won't drop a striker who is scoring just because another one might be better in the eyes of my staff. Or an AMC pushed back to the midfields (like James Rodriguez) who performs great but the staff refuse to give him more than 2 stars in that position, despite giving him 4 stars just a few meters up in the pitch.
  11. In real life is much more complex, as you can't just click with a mouse to make someone feel happy and motivated. Maybe try FM Touch if you don't like clicking too much around.
  12. Usually I hire Helena Costa as Assistant Manager or Coach. She's just great. But no I don't recall ever playing against a team managed by a woman. Sadly.
  13. First we will need to know if there will be an FM21. Second, too soon to tell but I'm one of the persons economicaly affected by the CoVid-19 pandemic so a game will always be low on priorities. But I assume the thread is related to satisfaction or dissatisfaction about FM in it's current state so I can easily answer that if my decision is solely based on my satisfaction then I will buy FM21, no doubt.
  14. I have found that your Adaptation attribute can play an important role here, besides the other factors other people already mentioned. In the end, IRL, a manager of a super club like Bayern Munich only goes to another club IF he wants to go (either resigning or show interest in reunions with other clubs) or if Bayern wants him to go (sacking).
  15. To these really good tips I would just add some "Team Cohesion" units on training. One every week for the first couple months. Everything together has to start having some positive effect, and from the first one, two wins you can turn the page.
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