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  1. Today tried to launch FM and it's asking me to install it again... never happened before. Anyone?
  2. Hello, I love to micromanage a lot of things, like setting general and individual training for every player in every team, manually hiring a full squad of coaches, assistants and not only for the first team but also reserves and younger squads. Still, some little, repetitive and not very important things (imo) I like to leave to my assistants (tactical briefings, OIs for next opposition...). So my doubt is, how to select the best assistants for certain tasks, what attributes to look for? I assume that for tactical briefings and OIs I should look for tactical knowledge, am I right? And what about the tactical attribute? Let's say I have one assistant with Tactical 16 and Tactical Knowledge 13, and another with Tactical 14 and Tactical Knowledge 14. Which one should I choose? How many attributes have an impact? Also in reports like Staff responsabilities -> First team -> Coach report advice, who should i choose? Thank you!
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    Your managerial "role model" ?

    Deschamps made Pogba seem a normal player, where he absolutely shines, and that's something I really admire. I don't know why Man Utd / Mourinho felt the need to make Pogba the star, the main playmaker, to transform a 6/8 into a 10 by brute force. Pirlo was amazing as a 6. Xavi was amazing as a 6. Essien (in his best, tho short moment) was amazing as a 6. So why force Pogba to be what he's not? Deschamps made that simple and easy again, and he should be congratulated for it.
  4. Thank you for your answers! Based on them I made a simple change: lower tempo to quicker tempo (two clicks up) and also a distribute quickly to the GK. Play style is even better to my eyes and both the IFs started scoring, especially Alexis Sanchez who is on fire. He had ONE goal in around 20 games and he scored 4 goals in the last 3 games, clearly an improvement. Thinking about it, and watching Man City, I don't know why I selected low tempo while using Guardiola as an inspiration. He clearly plays possession and positional bases football with quicker tempo. Thanks again
  5. Fellow managers, I started a save with Man United (see if I can do better than Mourinho) and made them play the way I love, possession + attacking football. I have to say I think I succeeded, football being played on my screen is beautiful and I'm fighting neck to neck with Man City and Liverpool for the 1st spot. I even made Pogba the top goalscorer, with 19 goals so far, vast majority from long shots where he's been outstanding! But I still feel my forwards are being wasted. Usually I win with not many goals, and they usually come from the midfielders. Rarely a goal is scored by top players like Alexis Sanchez, Lukaku, Martial or Lingard. The only forward I use that sometimes score a goal is Rashford. Is it possible that the problem are my tactics? Let me show you what I've been using. This is my tactic. You have there the formation and TIs. As for PIs, my mantra is instruct less risk (and less dribbles) for all defenders and midfielders and give all the risk and creative freedom to the front 3. I also instruct the 2 IFs to stay wide, like Guardiola (my inspiration) uses to do. Now, as you can see bellow, most of the influence comes from the midfielders. Pogba, like I said before is the goalscorer, and both Ander Herrera and Fred also have very good influence. You can also see the League Table, where I'm doing reasonably good: Lastly this is the schedule so far. Not great or perfect, still good, even tho some of the games I haven't win, I feel that a better use of my forwards could have solved that. After all, they are there to score goals, especially the strikers. Can you help me get my tactic better? If it's not asking much, don't just tell me to change this or that, but also why. Because I don't want to copy a winning strategy, I want to learn it Thank you!
  6. Hi, This is half discussion (or trying to) and half possible suggestions, I'm sorry if it's not the correct board for it. Problem (to me): After some seasons, the game starts being less appealing because the players I know are either too old or already retired, and the vast, vast majority of the new players (the so-called regens / newgens) I don't know. Obviously, every football fan knows the real players from watching the games, TV, the news, discuss about them. The regens we just know from the game and are different each save. Even with vast scouting networks, I don't really know them... to the point that I'm not enjoying journeyman saves. I start in a small club, and really enjoy building my way up to a big club. But when I reach the big club, most of my favorite (real) players are not there anymore. I end up being hired by Barcelona with Messi, Suarez, Vidal, Pique, Alba and Rakitic in their high 30s, all of them "screaming" to be replaced in the first team for unknowns. Didn't really enjoyed it. Solution (possible ones): I'm thinking about ways to make those players known to us. Like, creating way more news about them. Imagine, give regular news about other big teams, talking about their "stars", and also create other types of news where the "journalist" is making a piece about a "phenomenal wonderkid grabbing everyone's attention at club X or country Y". Basically, try to replicate the type and flow of news pieces that we also see in real world when an "unknown" player start grabbing the attention of everyone in football. In a way that we not only know about them, but also start liking them, you know what I mean? In the beggining of a save I love to play with Messi, or Neymar, or Mbappé, or Casillas, because I like them. I can't like a regen I don't even know of their existence, or just saw a scouting report saying he is good. I would like to invite you all to the discussion and maybe give ideas better than mine to try to envolve us more with the "player population" that we have after some seasons.
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    Is gegenpress really noob abuse?

    I'm playing tiki-taka (a bit modified by myself) with Manchester United, Barcelona and Real Madrid, all of them with success. But yes, also played gegenpress with FC Porto and seemed invincible, just the football played in front of my eyes is not very appealing.
  8. Even for the "3 giants", most of the income comes from the Champions League. The league doesn't offer any money prize regardless of your achievements and TV income for most teams is low. You can see IRL how bad things are, with some teams not even able to pay the monthly wage of their players. It's hard. Your best bet, besides european competitions, is try to spot wonderkids (we portuguese have good young players every year), sign them with big release clauses, develop them and then sell them. You can see how Feirense hit the jackpot when they sold Etebo for 7 million (before him the record was selling Vaná for 1 million, see the difference), or how Portimonense is jumping with joy with the chance of selling Nakajima for more than 10 million... For a club of that size, is a LOT of money.
  9. Everytime I bought Messi, even in his prime years, I got disapointed. Can't seem to know how to use him fully. One time, in FM18, I brought him to Man City after the first season, so a 31yo Messi, and he performed way worse than Sterling, Sane and Bernardo Silva. 150M wasted...
  10. 99

    Your managerial "role model" ?

    Guardiola, Sarri, Setién, Paulo Fonseca and Miguel Cardoso in one side of the spectrum (the ones I like the most); Mourinho and Simeone on the other end (the ones whose teams I can't watch for more than 30 mins). Doesn't mean being better or worse, just a personal preference.
  11. Possession is one thing, tiki-taka is another. There is just one ball in the pitch and having it is simultaneously the best defense and the best attack. The team with the ball dictates who the hell happens in the game. The team going after the ball can only do that, going after it, run for it, try to get it back. While you have the ball no one can score you a goal, and you are the one who can score goals. It's such a simple logic that I find it hard to understand teams who are strong but deliberately don't want to have the ball and conceed the possession to the opponent (like Mourinho and Simeone teams). If you want to control the game, to say what happens, you NEED the ball. Tiki-taka can be different. Possession for the sake of, or just move the ball around with very short passes and virtually no risk, without objectively trying to create chances and score goals, that I don't like as well. As for FM terms, I'm being able to create a beautiful play style with my team controling the game by having the ball, still being objective, score goals, win games. But I'm struggling to make my striker to score. Even my central defenders seem better at it. I've tested with Luis Suarez, Lewandowski and more recently Benzema, both in F9 and PF roles, but none of them plays well or scores enough goals with my tactics. I need to improve it...
  12. Well, even in FM19 you have the same principle. In your tactics, if you choose a between roles defend and attack, you'll have stuctured. If however you choose support, you'll have fluid. It's the same thing.
  13. Hi, Thanks for this wonderful thread / discussion, I've just read all pages and took notes of the various ideas you posted in order to test them. One question tho, how much aware I need to be of incompatible roles with each other while doing those tests? I have a moderately good knowledge about football, positions and movement, but I wonder if some of this roles can't really cohabit. Let's see an example, I see most people agreeing that the midfield roles to achieve this play style should vary between DLP, CM, MEZ, RPM or AP. Is it worth to test all combinations, or some of them are "doomed" to not work? Some time ago I've read that in FM we should only have one playmaker, but I've used two and in this thread someone (sorry didn't noted the name) even used 3 (2 DLP and 1 AP). Trying to increase my knowledge about tactics in FM (and football in general) as well as replicating my absolute favorite playstyle ingame. Thank you!
  14. They say the game is not broken, for the simple reason that is not broken. Each player is entitled to their opinion, to like it, dislike it, love it or hate it - as well as going to the detail of saying that a given player in a given position should have moved the ball in a certain direction, I bet real managers would love their players to also do exactly what's on their minds - but saying the game is broken is completely false, saying there are many issues is completely false. There are ways to evolve it, make it better, like with every app and game and program in the world, but that by no means say it's broken. It's not!