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  1. You're wrong and the game is not broken. Don't take your opinions as facts. You don't like it, many do, doesn't matter how many times you say it's broken because it's not.
  2. To me, first option. It's not very realistic that a manager without badges goes to a top team. IRL in Portugal there is a bit of polemic with that, two teams in the 1st league have managers without the required level (they have level 2 and 3 and it's required level 4), so they had to hire Assistant Managers with the required level 4 to do flash interviews and such, kind of a mess.
  3. Makes me happy to see people with 60+ and 70+ playing FM. Like I said my father play and he's 62yo, but as we can see he's clearly not alone :)) Funny how the OP got very different answers than he was expecting hehe.
  4. I did that ofcourse, but it was still there, just more transparent. Once you edit something, it will never go away (at least on FM19, haven't bought the IGE for FM20).
  5. I'd argue against that. You should make a decision by your own experience. I may hate it and you like it or vice versa.
  6. Still in the first games, but it's already clear you did a very good job in this public beta's ME. Thanks guys.
  7. 30yo is the last option? Damn I feel old haha. 32yo here. My father also play almost everyday and is 62yo.
  8. One time I took a whole save down because I used the IGE to edit the kits and after that, the editor icon stayed there at the top, even with the option disabled, and I got to a point that all I could look up in the screen was the damn editor icon. Editing kits is not cheating, but that icon screamed cheating all over. I could never make print screens again about my achievements because the icon doesn't tell what I had edited. I could said kits but in fact being my whole team or taking my opponents down, etc... so I took the save down. In sum, in a single player game, you can do whatever you feel comfortable with. Just remember that you could be investing many hours in a save and after some seasons, wanting to take all down because that edit you did sometime doesn't leave your mind.
  9. Agree, this is a real issue and takes down the unpredictability of football, which is what makes it so interesting and passionate.
  10. I thinkn FM is in a very good direction. Outside the Match Engine is close to perfect, I would try to improve the dynamics of B / Reserve / U23 / U19 teams, especially the first one, and that's basically it. In the Match Engine, admitedly there are problems with the amount of 1 vs 1 (balls flying over the best central defenders in the world like they are seeing an UFO descending from the skies), penalties, balls on wood and an useless VAR that seems to always make the same decisions. Besides this, the ME is the area that will never be perfect therefore should always be a focus of improvement. The rest is really good tbh.
  11. This. My framework is only one praise per month (if deserved ofc, don't mistake this for praise everyone once a month).
  12. Hi, This is probably an option "in front of me" but unlike in FM19, I'm not finding it in FM20. Probably very simple but what can I do... Can you point me in the right direction please? Thank you.
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