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  1. Something feels wrong indeed. Well, all we can do is wait.
  2. So, I have to do this question: since the release date is only more than a month from now, is there any slight chance that some new feature will be added besides the already announced ones? Or, even better, some more improvements to the ME not yet talked about? Thank you.
  3. Well, I usually hire him as a youth coach haha.
  4. I'm disappointed. We won't even have the beta this month...
  5. All I want at this point is a better Match Engine. Last year I loved the new tactics and training modules, that's the kind of changes that have an impact and make you truly want to buy the new version. But a better ME would top it all. I already pre-ordered FM20, for the simple reason that I love FM19 and it's worth the upgrade. The features announced (so far), tho, don't get me excited.
  6. From my experience --- I enjoyed FM19 beta and one could argue if the changes in the ME from beta to release were good. To me, beta is the full game. There are issues in beta --- and in the full game.
  7. Release date I'm 99% sure it's correct. Beta is much more speculative. But sortitoutsi didn't just decided to go with a random date... ofcourse. And SI announced the game for "early November", so it's quite easy to assume the date.
  8. Same. Even subscribed to his Patreon.
  9. This never happened before. When I start a save with Famalicão, the starter screen doesn't recognize the team's kit and adopts the default FM one. Screenshot: Note that I tested it again after disabling all the files in the editor data folder, custom graphics and etc (with cache cleared as well). In that "clean" state, the exact same thing happens. Every other team shows the kit without an issue. Any ideia what it could be regarding this specific club? Thank you!
  10. I bet on 8th, I'm 99% sure of it. Not just an hunch, I asked some people who might know more than me. But ofcourse, belongs in the speculation category like any other date until it's official. End of November will never happen.
  11. I think the same. If SI had some exciting new feauture they would want to reveal it as soon as possible and make big news around it. Like last year with the complete new (and outstanding) training and tactics modules. That's something you want to announce quickly and spread the news, increasing the pre-orders and so on. With exception of those details that Miles keep showing and maybe some small update related to the ME, I don't think we should expect anything else. Surely not anything major.
  12. Truth be told, if you compare the system requirements of FM and other 2019 games, clearly FM allows for more players with more systems to be able to play. I for one benefit from it since my laptop was choose for work and not for gaming, with FM being the only game I play for several years. Maybe the global implementation of Google Stadia can help that to change, because I also agree that FM graphics are not good.
  13. Stopped following him years ago. Some people have bright minds but they are not that bright in personal relations, which is ok. I take any day a bad humoured doctor who can save my life than a nice one who let me die. Then I use my liberty to interact / not interact, follow / not follow whoever I want, and from Miles I want to play his game (and pay for it) but I don't want anything else to do with him.
  14. A midfielder with an excellent long shot attribute does wonders for you ingame, yes.
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