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  1. Ok already saw it, thank you. For whoever reads the thread here: trick is to send a player from B team to an u23/u18 team and from there bring up to senior team.
  2. Hi there, Title says all, I'm starting 2nd season, would like to promote the best B team players to main squad and I can't. When I click the option they seem to move, but as soon as I click Continue, they are back in B team. Is this a known issue or I'm doing something wrong. P.S. Changing players from u19 to u23 or from either to B team, works. Only doesn't work to main squad...
  3. Hi there, In previous iterations of our beloved game, I learned (the hard way, like they needed a psychiatric appointment or something) that praising players more than once a month could lead to problems. I'm specifically talking about those reports about who trained better and worse. So, what I would do, would be clicking on "Interactions", checking the last time I spoke to that specific player, and if I had talk to them that month I would shut up, if I hadn't, I would praise / criticize at will. Now on Fm21 we don't have (or I don't see it) the "Interactions" tab that logs previous
  4. I don't believe it to be possible, tbh.
  5. I don't really agree. Can't imagine anyone in Barcelona being happy with a park-the-bus type of football. Some teams have their "brand" and I agree they should keep it. It's like a trademark.
  6. If I understood your question correctly, what you're looking for doesn't exist anymore. FM20 already didn't had it. The HOYD is the responsible, period.
  7. @04texagcongratulations for this thread, I subscribed and fully enjoy to read it. I wonder if you ever tried this setup with one (or even two) Inverted Wing Backs? I understand that in order to give it width you need them as Full Backs or Wing Backs, overlapping the Inside Forwards, but I wonder if there is a way to make a player (given suitable attributes, ofcourse) to play as a mix of the two roles... Meaning, give the player the option to see and decide if the team needs him wide (and go along the line, like a WB) or if he could be more useful in more central parts of the pitch, someth
  8. People just have different preferences. Some like to run a season as fast as possible, some like the deepness of the "full fat game". Gladly, both can play as they prefer and both can still enjoy a life, too! It's fantastic really.
  9. Usually yes (portuguese), tho in FM20 the PT translation was terrible. FM21 seems way better. But when I can understand the language, namely english and spanish, I use those when I go manage in those countries. I think having to answer a press conference in the language of the country I'm working in, is just realistic.
  10. He can --- if he's interested. You can make the offer... and watch his reaction. If you are a big club, able to offer big wages, it's a bit more probable to convince him, but sometimes they just don't want it.
  11. For people who are dedicated enough to read tutorials, watch videos, learn from every good source, get expert on tactics ---- in sum people who come to the game's official forums --- ofcourse it's a bit more easier than for the vast majority of the players who, be it for the lack of time or lack of interest to go that deep, are not that dedicated to master the game. In order to see if the game is "too easy" or "too hard", you'd need to see the full picture. To have stats from "everyone" who plays. Finally, let's not forget that to fully emulate real life, the vast majority of players
  12. Yeah mate bustthenet / @Rashidiis my Football Manager mentor. Good choice.
  13. Hi, If you're a beginner I'd recomend some big, rich team yes. So you can try out and experiment a bit with tactics without terrible consequences (the quality of your players would allow you to recover even if you make mistakes) and at the same time you can also try to manage other areas, like setting up a staff, managing training (team and individual), scouting center... and then you see what you like to do, and what you don't like to do (and delegate those to your staff). Because, again, with a big team you can make mistakes in every area and still have a nice chance to win. Finall
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