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  1. I was happy to read about the recent ME update post. Ofcourse, that doesn't mean I'll just blindly pre-order again, this time caution tells me to try the demo first and then, if happy (as I wish to be), I'll proceed to the full game. I couldn't however hide my smile when I've seen SI post talking about the "beautiful game" and the "slices". Two months ago I would be 100% unsuspicious about it, but that's exactly the kind of vocabulary being spread by the alternate engines authors. Now, this could be a good thing, if above the marketing words we have the work to justify it, but after such
  2. I really can't understand that argument. That means that I can't ever share my achievements unless I play some park-the-bus tactic that I hate to watch IRL? Cause if I play some tiki-taka, or some gegenpress, or basically any tactic with the most common of purposes in football (to attack!) it's like I'm cheating?
  3. Just wanna second how truly amazing these JSON mods are, how they add to the whole game experience, just like 3d kits, real faces and club badges and so on. Community makes FM better, not worse, and a game that relies on so many volunteers doing scouting for them, should know that first hand. I'm sad, that they don't see it that way.
  4. May I kindly recommend you to read about The Streisand effect. Sorry for this little offtopic
  5. That's true. I stopped interacting with him years ago, it's impossible. But to each his own, and I'm still grateful for his work...
  6. Same here. I guess it's that tale of the boiling frog: if you put a frog in a pot of boiling water it will instantly leap out. But if you put it in a pot filled with pleasantly tepid water and gradually heat it, the frog will remain in the water until it boils to death. FM didn't went that backwards (graphically) from one edition to the next, but over the course of various editions.
  7. I'm a bit conflicted here. This is the year that I would never want to make any kind of criticism. God knows how much CoVid affected SI's normal business, the daily schedule, everyone's families and etc. On the other hand --- and for that same reason! --- it becomes even more painful to see that the devs probably spent a sh*tload of time working on features that are imo useless, worse, detriment of the whole experience (please don't tell me I have to choose if I open my arms or if I point a finger before each press conference answer). In a complex game like FM, every small thing prob
  8. Players I do the same. Only what the scouting brings to me. But staff I usually use search, yes...
  9. Interesting (without irony), so how do you set up your staff? Job advertisement?
  10. That's underwhelming so far. Waiting for more news before I decide. Money is shorter this year so...
  11. People are just anxious for news, it's human nature. Ofcourse, it's exactly the same to pre-order right now, pre-order when the news arrive, or pre-order on the day Beta is launched. It's exactly the same, this is not a physical product that may be sold out if I wait too long. No advantages, no disadvantages.
  12. My max is 27, 28 players... Two 11s ready to play plus the best, most promising youngsters. But this is one area that I spend more time trying to find the best way to manage... because at each pre-season I promote "all" the most promising youngsters and end up having squads of 40+ players haha...
  13. If it's a serious / long-term save, what I do is to review every single staff member, their attributes, usually put them in a notepad, and then search for new ones. Everyone that I can change for better, I'll do it. Sometimes I change 50 people or more, counting the youngster teams. I believe in that theory that even a 1% increment in every step of the way will payback later, and I'm having results...
  14. If I buy it, I always have my first and longest save with the team of my heart, FC Porto. But I'll try other teams as well, Wolves is on my mind for having a "portuguese armada" in the always fascinating Premier League so that will be one to try for sure.
  15. Yes, FM19's Beta had a great ME. Shame it was for such short time and we can't go back.
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