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  1. Good one, but in all fairness, I've found to have great success no matter the size of the club with the default 4-2-3-1 Gegenpress that comes with FM19. Usually I only do 3 small tweaks: change the Sweeper Keeper from attack to support or even defend (less risks), and on the TI's apply shorter passing and wide setup (these two things are personal preferences in the way I like to see football, not a necessity). That's it, and works really well, beautifully even.
  2. I search for assistants using 3 attributes: Mental (equal or above 15) Motivating (equal or above 18) Tactical Knowledge (equal or above 15) Also a good personality ofcourse. Mental and Motivating is for some team talks (especially individual ones) and Tact. Knowledge so he can set up opposition instructions and give those tactical briefings before the game.
  3. That means you're immersed in the game, it's a good thing. Having a good relationship with the players is great and to achieve that you can't treat them as numbers or tools anyway. While I usually keep my squad numbers very balanced (and a lot of loaned out players every year that I want to follow closely and get them back), I also extensively use rotation. Keep "everyone" happy and also helps your squad to be fit in all competitions. With a good, methodical rotation system, having games from 3 or 4 different competitions every 3 days isn't much of a problem anymore Keep up the good work!
  4. Playing with Leiria, got them up from 3rd tier to top level in 2 seasons, trying now to achieve continental competitions and grow from there.
  5. Quick question: I'm conceeding a quite concerning amount of goals in this way: corner against, opposition player puts the ball outside the box instead of actually crossing and one of their players advances with the ball on his feet without ANY marking or pressing from my team, until he shoots to a helpless goalkeeper. My team has pressing set to the highest and on the set piece routine I have this: I thought that, by placing two players on the edge of the area, they would counter this move. But they don't. They literally stay both there, just like in the graphic, almost hugging each other. And when the ball is shooted to the edge of the box, the opposition player gets it, advance without opposition and those two guys, instead of chasing him, start running back. No one presses the guy shooting, it's enervating how they give him all the space and time to do whatever he wants, I'm almost screaming to the screen, don't let the guy shoot Christ almighty!!... Then the guy shoots and unless he is really bad at it, it's not much different than a penalty, a shot without any opposition except of the poor GK. So, any ideas to fix it? How can I specifically counter those types of corners? Thank you!
  6. I never, never do the tactical briefings myself, and this is from someone who micromanages almost everything in-game (the responsabilities window has my name everywhere... except n the tactical briefings). Good review of the game!
  7. I do understand it's hard to represent his abbilities. Still think he's much better in-game than IRL. Thanks for your answer
  8. Noticed the same. By in-game evaluation, Manafá would be a completely useless signing, worse than all the others right-backs and even worse at RB than an adapted CD (Mbemba). It would make no sense for the in-game FC Porto to spend one euro with him... Walter is also much better in-game than IRL, where he is weak and mocked for being so over-weight, which I already reported at the brazillian research team thread (since he's been "playing" in Brazil for several years).
  9. Depends entirely on what I wanna do. If I want to stay at my current club, I do. If I want to leave, I evaluate all offers. Sometimes it happens that I intend to stay but I get an irrecusable offer and I go. An important point tho, is that even if I intend to stay at my current club, I attend all interviews. A few days later my current club comes offering me better wage and transfer budgets if I accept to stay, so I get to do what I intended (stay) and with better budgets (which is also realistic, a good manager targeted by bigger clubs is offered more "power" if he accepts to stay, just like good players).
  10. Hi, I'm posting this here because, even tho the player is contractually connected with Porto in Portugal, he's been playing for several consecutive years in Brazil so I suppose it's the brazillian research team that makes the player assessment. Talking about Walter: For consecutive FM editions this player is been presented much more decently than what he actually shows to be. Even at this last 19.3 version, he is still considered very decent for a top team like Porto (2,5 stars relative to a team that has Aboubakar, Marega, Brahimi and so on). I could give my opinion on the attributes and talk about many things that (in my opinion) seem wrong, but since I'm a believer than an image is worth a thousand words, let me just post a picture of Walter and leave everyone to their own conclusions: Honestly thinks this merits a revision. With my full appreciation to your (and everyone's) volunteer research work.
  11. Restart Steam, access the game page and see if you have an update pending, etc. If nothing works clear Steam's cache (Google about it, sorry not giving specific instructions I haven't done it myself).
  12. Thanks for this fix, it was really annoying
  13. Hi, Just a question, is this update affecting only the movement of players between teams (the transfer) or also adjusting their abilities and potential? Thanks for your work and update, it's much appreciated.
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