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  1. Maybe try playing with a libero on support instead of a DM? Understand you're playing at a low level etc but might be worth a try to see if you get the positioning you're after.
  2. I tried the search up the top of the forum but couldn't find what I was looking for. Hopefully someone better versed can bring them up. The American Football threads that were done on here were excellent
  3. I think crosses hitting the first defend is a known issue with the match engine? But also a lack of better options for the crossing player would contribute to this. One thing which I think might help you is that you dont need your player roles to have full green or close to full circles. These are just suggestions and should not be taken as gospel. If a player has the right attributes they can play in any position and any role, even if they have a red circle of suitability. Also when it comes to team instructions think less is more at least initially. Try to have as few team instructions as you can and then add/take away as you watch games. When you have lots of instructions it can be difficult to pin point what is actually going wrong.
  4. You could also try the overlap instruction to increase the mentality of your wingbacks
  5. Am I right in saying that counters are triggered "automatically" as in previous versions of FM? If so I'd ask if you really need pass into space and be more expressive team instructions, since when you are not countering you want to take a more patient possession based approach. Apart from that maybe swap the mezzala and bbm around to create more of an overload down the right
  6. Your tactic definitely looks a lot better on paper than what you originally had. You do have a lot of team instructions though are you sure they are all necessary and do you know why you have selected each one? The problem when you have a lot of team instructions is that if something is going wrong it's very hard to pinpoint where your issues actually are. For example you have two playmakers in centre mid who are ball magnets and will attract the ball yet your team instructions are to focus play down the left and the right, I'd say this is a contradiction. I'd always encourage someone to start with as few team instructions as possible and then add or subtract them as you watch your team play, its a good way of learning how team instructions actually work. Often I've had tactics with lots of instructions but I'm not entirely sure why it even works. Also try your tactic out see if it is actually playing how you originally intended it to, I think you're on the right track. You're playing as a lower league team as well so don't forget about the overall quality of your players and whether they are even capable of what you want them to do.
  7. Great idea for a thread, will be very interested to see how you go against stronger opposition. Are you planning on changing your formation and instructions game by game or have a baseline setup that you will adjust depending on the opponent?
  8. Have a look through the threads stickied at the top of this forum and some of the other threads on here to see what issues other players are having and apply that advice to your own tactics. Somethings that jump out about your system straight way however; Your tactic is a mirror image of itself and is very predictable You have a very demanding and aggressive setup which may not be suitable for lower league teams
  9. Pretty much agree with what the other posters have said and you have spotted your own issue that the tactic is very one dimensional. Mix up the roles and duties of all four of your wide players in line with how you want to play. Cautious mentality with 6 attack duties would seem more in line with wanting to play fast counter attacking football, but shorter passing and a DLP in centre mid could slow that down along with play out of defence and short goalkeeper kicks. I'd also ask you if focus play down left and right is really needed or if it is overkill and also if preventing gk distribution fits in with your overall style of play. Only other thing I would add is if you want Gross to get into the box more then playing him as a plain old CM on attack duty should do the trick.
  10. CF(s) W(a) IF(s) Mez(s) BBm Reg WB(s) BPDde CDde WB(a) SK(s) Tactics are a modified version of vertical tiki taka. I've been using this in my Red Star save and having a lot of success, we get goals from the front three but my centre forwards are my top scorers in the league and in Europe. Admittedly its a very aggressive setup and has me romping the league as expected but its also served me well in the Champions League home games. I modify the roles for tough away games but on the whole it still works well.
  11. I wouldn't say its going wrong if you are performing well. Your tactic is setup well to have Son as the main goal threat, with the overload on the left hand side creating the space at the back post. You could remove the focus play down the left instruction since you already have a playmaker on the left hand side which will draw the ball there. Kane is going to be dropping deep into the AMC strata and DLF(s) has hold up the ball hard coded so its unlikely he's going to be banging them in. Maybe changing him to DLF(a) or CF(s) will make him more of a goal threat.
  12. I've struggled to get a playmaker in the AMC slot to really work in a 4-2-3-1 setup on this version of FM. Getting the required movement in front and around them is key to making the role work. Be interested to see the responses to this.
  13. But I didn't use the term "wrong". I was talking about good (well-balanced) def setups and risky ones. Without wanting to be too pedantic but it is there. Again not really a criticism just a discussion point. I do enjoy your threads and you always offer excellent advice to people. Your tactical setups are very logical and make sense, I just have a personal preference for the more outlandish variants that crop up from time to time.
  14. Good post and very helpful. One slight issue is your use of "right" and "wrong" setup. Although the "wrong" setup is more risky it could still be made to work in some systems and with the right players. By saying there is a "right" and "wrong" way to setup a team I feel it can take away from the creativity we see on the forums. The more obscure formations etc often make for the more interesting threads to read. I'd hate to see a situation where we eventually whittle things down to most people using a slight variation of the same two or three systems. Maybe we're already there, who knows?
  15. One of the best threads on here by a long stretch. Excellent and simple (in a good way) explanation of how and why you do things. Kudos to you sir.
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