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  1. Maybe try playing with a libero on support instead of a DM? Understand you're playing at a low level etc but might be worth a try to see if you get the positioning you're after.
  2. I tried the search up the top of the forum but couldn't find what I was looking for. Hopefully someone better versed can bring them up. The American Football threads that were done on here were excellent
  3. I think crosses hitting the first defend is a known issue with the match engine? But also a lack of better options for the crossing player would contribute to this. One thing which I think might help you is that you dont need your player roles to have full green or close to full circles. These are just suggestions and should not be taken as gospel. If a player has the right attributes they can play in any position and any role, even if they have a red circle of suitability. Also when it comes to team instructions think less is more at least initially. Try to have as few team instru
  4. You could also try the overlap instruction to increase the mentality of your wingbacks
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