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  1. In an ideal world, I'd use the summer squads but with the more accurate attributes from the winter update. Unfortunately that isn't a possibility (yet), so I just use the winter update so players are slightly more true to life, despite the inaccuracies in the starting squads.
  2. I *really* do not think the game has been designed for the extremely minute majority of users who stream their saves. It's designed for the average football fan, not to cater for majorities like YouTubers or the hardcore fans on here.
  3. I've used the "End Team Talk" button prematurely (ie, before saying anything) and recieved negative reactions before, so I assume there's something. But also, I'm in the same boat as you in that'll I'll just spacebar away rather than formally ending the team talk. I think it triggers a small text box ("the atmosphere amongst the players is growing" or something) if anything.
  4. Ah, hidden under the physicals, forgive me! I'll make it a priority over my next season then let you know...
  5. In real life, they certainly wouldn't get anything for friendlies, youth matches, or at a lot of clubs even the Cup games. I'm not sure if it's the same on FM though?
  6. Here's a nice real life one from last week. The legendary Elliot Morris scores his first goal for Glentoran, after 723 appearances. And judging by the kick and his post-match interview, I genuinely believe he meant it, too. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/46851071 I definitely need to have a crack at this challenge. What are the attributes & traits to look out for in a goalkeeper to suit this, as they don't appear to have a free-kick stat? And how do people advise avoiding getting caught on the break with the goalkeeper forward?
  7. I wouldn't worry about it. As long as his attributes are good for the role you're playing him (and he's Marcus Rashford, so they will be), the colour of the circle doesn't matter. You can set his training to the specific role if necessary for peace of mind, but I tend to ignore the circle nowadays. It's a general indicator more than anything.
  8. I like how you've found a correlation between Accrington's training facilities and players falling ill I think this is probably just a freak incident, Accrington's facilities aren't *that* bad, I'd be really surprised if there's genuinely any causation there?
  9. I find there is an interesting bias towards forwards in the icons & legends section. I've had various goalkeepers hit 200+ appearances, averaging 7+ ratings, who never get anywhere near the list, whilst my one season 20 goal strikers will always jump straight to icons. You wouldn't see somebody like Lukaku or Sanchez becoming a Manchester United icon with De Gea or Van Der Sar ignored in real life, I don't think? I'll always only reach 'favoured personnel' at best too!
  10. I second this. I've found it 10x easier to offload players since I've started offering them as unspecified rather than for a fee!
  11. I noticed this issue with income at St Pauli. In real life they are one of the most well supported German clubs outside of Germany, yet in game their commercial income ranks at the bottom of the Bundesliga and towards the middle of the 2.Bundes. You'd expect that surely they'd be make a lot more commercial income than the likes of Magdeburg or Erzebirge, possibly even pushing towards the top 10 or so Bundesliga clubs in that respect, but that doesn't appear to be the case? And frustratingly, this then continued to be the case after consecutive top 6 finishes in the Bundesliga (plus a Europa Le
  12. I'm having similar issues with motivation myself. I am struggling big time to start matches well or get green team talks pre-match, which is starting to show in the number of goals I've conceded early doors. However, a "demand more" shout after 10 minutes (or usually earlier, after the inevitable goal conceded on 3 minutes or so) will work wonders, and then shouts for the rest of the match and half-time will run perfectly. It's starting to feel like I need 10 minutes of play or a goal in the net to get anything from the players mind!
  13. I've regularly seen older players automatically start coaching badges on my saves, I think if they have the preference to go into coaching then they will start working towards it themselves?
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