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  1. Here is another error, the role "pressing forward" appears as "defensive forward" in the spanish translation El nombre del Rol utilizado en el juego es Delantero Presionante, pero en este mensaje utilizan "Delantero Defensivo"
  2. The column corresponding to "Judging Staff Ability" in Spanish is wrong, it should be something like "Juz. Emp", currently it has something that doesn't make sense; "VAL CAL PLANT" which is "Valoración Calidad Plantilla"
  3. a typo Here, in the spanish translation the staff members are named as players
  4. that is mistranslated In English it says that: La relación con la directiva es "cercana" o "estrecha" o directamente "vinculo cercano/estrecho" but the Spanish translation says the opposite, that the relationship is tense and bad
  5. The S should be capitalized, right?
  6. remove Kidderminster Harriers Sub-23 from the Midland Premier Division
  7. sadly, i dont have it anymore. I delete all my saves when i start a new game
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