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  1. Hello So here another problem, i launch steam offline and when i launch FM20 i have this message however 5 minutes before i launched steam online and now FM20 forces me to run it online... It's the same with FM18 launch online then launch offline. Fix it stop forcing people to play online when they play solo game.
  2. Hello Si devs A button to send all players to language course. No more send one by one that slows the game (check the fps) stars and roles should mean something to us, a youtuber has made two videos about it he said those mean nothing a shortcut to suggest a trait for players. Staff > Responsibilities > Personal Assistant > for offer and loan % make them apply at the start of the season and not waiting a new season to get apply (FM18 i have to wait the next season) Scouting, make it compatible with the formation i'm tired on clicking "discard" because the
  3. Well i create a team from my city who exists irl but not in FM because the team is in amateur league. Good idea: - Facilities and staff Bad idea: - Players maxed I suggest you to not add all players you want in your created team but go without nothing in your squad and start to recruit them.
  4. Well they add the option to hide or not attributes so maybe they can add an option for attributes. Wait what, are you saying Zinchenko for example can play WTM position even his circle is red ? That's confusing.
  5. 1 - i ignore you because or your non sense answer. 2 - It's not complicate what i'm asking, more clear > No more hiding "Role and Duty" this will be helpful when you begin a game to see all players with their roles and duty and recruit players who can feat with an established tactic. (I'm not talking about ATTRIBUTES !!!)
  6. Hi SI team So i find that problematic when i create a create from FM editor and having no information about role and duty for any player when i start a game. I don't mind to not know the attributes but i would love to know at the start the role and duty because that will help me to recruit players who feat with my tactic and not regret because i recruit > for example a player who isn't "FB - Attack". So i request for the next version of FM to let us know the role and duty instead of hiding to force us to waist the money for scouting them. Best
  7. @FrazT oh thanks for moving the thread i doubted about where i could create this thread. I wonder why SI didn't fix this issue ? Not completely happy i mean of course they can refuse because team rival, need him for the future, recently join (this option should be in grey to justify you can't make an offer) or increase the price but not overprice what if the player you buy him for 100M and he doesn't do anything he keeps being injured and then you see red. Because SI should never propose two versions of FM but only one version with options we can select to add or not bu
  8. They included Argentina to Venezuela without licenced kits and logos so why not J-League your argue isn't valid. I don't see players i recruit as key first-team For me this is non sense if the game has to stick with real life then the game is doomed. I mean broken when you see a player who is doing moonwalk or stop running and let the player scores. i don't mind about stats France > Championnat National for example doesn't have Monthly awards. Is this option the end of the FMC ? I don't think so, so stop saying "FM Touch" i'm not a FM Touch player i w
  9. Hiya guys! (I won't post this suggestion on suggestion category I feel like this thread will avoid or completely impossible for SI) NOTE: 1. Those are suggestions not ask remember the difference guys, 2. Stop saying test FM Touch. 3. Definition of Option: The right to choose First of all I have FM18, I didn't buy the 19 even I want it but I hold my electronic flat paper for the next version if SI adds so much changes. I have thinking about features and improvement I would love to see in FM20 I know it will be impossible for some but honestly I think anyone would ag
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