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  1. Hello Si devs A button to send all players to language course. No more send one by one that slows the game (check the fps) stars and roles should mean something to us, a youtuber has made two videos about it he said those mean nothing a shortcut to suggest a trait for players. Staff > Responsibilities > Personal Assistant > for offer and loan % make them apply at the start of the season and not waiting a new season to get apply (FM18 i have to wait the next season) Scouting, make it compatible with the formation i'm tired on clicking "discard" because the player doesn't fit with my tactics and it's a waist of money stadium, facilities i would like a section of it to look what can be build, increase, improve. F.A Premier League FM 02 did it why not FM21 ? Improve the medical center, to talk with players before risk or like Mourinho accompany a player to overcome this difficulty improve chit chat with players, when a player asks for play more and you make him play and he got injured i want to him to understand why it wasn't his time or when he doesn't score anymore i want to motive him or know why he doesn't score, also when he asks to play more and he is already on the 11 for like 10 matches... Improve team meeting and less "troll" because after 5 wins i talk to them they are negative even we succeed... Calendar, Events and Reminders are same why not mix them fix the bug when you buy over 100 players and an email provokes graphics problem. I have to scroll the mail to the end to avoid graphics problem add Japan league please make sure the game handles mods for pictures, logos, kits, over 300K databases and 1 league+ improve the speed of the game. in F.A Premier League FM 02 i reach after 3 hours 6 seasons while in FM18 i reach half of the season but after a day..
  2. Well i create a team from my city who exists irl but not in FM because the team is in amateur league. Good idea: - Facilities and staff Bad idea: - Players maxed I suggest you to not add all players you want in your created team but go without nothing in your squad and start to recruit them.
  3. Well they add the option to hide or not attributes so maybe they can add an option for attributes. Wait what, are you saying Zinchenko for example can play WTM position even his circle is red ? That's confusing.
  4. 1 - i ignore you because or your non sense answer. 2 - It's not complicate what i'm asking, more clear > No more hiding "Role and Duty" this will be helpful when you begin a game to see all players with their roles and duty and recruit players who can feat with an established tactic. (I'm not talking about ATTRIBUTES !!!)
  5. Hi SI team So i find that problematic when i create a create from FM editor and having no information about role and duty for any player when i start a game. I don't mind to not know the attributes but i would love to know at the start the role and duty because that will help me to recruit players who feat with my tactic and not regret because i recruit > for example a player who isn't "FB - Attack". So i request for the next version of FM to let us know the role and duty instead of hiding to force us to waist the money for scouting them. Best regards. nenoro
  6. @FrazT oh thanks for moving the thread i doubted about where i could create this thread. I wonder why SI didn't fix this issue ? Not completely happy i mean of course they can refuse because team rival, need him for the future, recently join (this option should be in grey to justify you can't make an offer) or increase the price but not overprice what if the player you buy him for 100M and he doesn't do anything he keeps being injured and then you see red. Because SI should never propose two versions of FM but only one version with options we can select to add or not but maybe they are greedy and this is why they propose two versions. And because i do some suggestions for FMC. So for you i just need to shut it and go play FM Touch ? We don't have the right to ask for small suggestions. So you didn't see the "dlcs features" on the steam page ? FM touch 19 costs 29.99 euros + Dlcs or features (depends on what you call them) all of them cost 28.14 euros. Probably you will say some options aren't necessary (i know you will defend SI) but for me FM touch is amputee of those features even they aren't necessary. @Woolly So? well i want to see who is the best player each month, who is the best young player each month who is the best manager each month. Is there a problem to suggest this ? Oh maybe you don't care because you play in Scotland but what if Scots leagues don't have this monthly awards oh yeah i know your answer it doesn't matter. How bout the team of the month ? Oh wait yes it doesn't matter. So i can't have a little satisfaction to see one of my players be on the 11 for the month or week ?
  7. They included Argentina to Venezuela without licenced kits and logos so why not J-League your argue isn't valid. I don't see players i recruit as key first-team For me this is non sense if the game has to stick with real life then the game is doomed. I mean broken when you see a player who is doing moonwalk or stop running and let the player scores. i don't mind about stats France > Championnat National for example doesn't have Monthly awards. Is this option the end of the FMC ? I don't think so, so stop saying "FM Touch" i'm not a FM Touch player i want that on FMC not something who is cut by dlcs ! @XaW How about you read my commentary for each feature/improve/remove i write ?
  8. Hiya guys! (I won't post this suggestion on suggestion category I feel like this thread will avoid or completely impossible for SI) NOTE: 1. Those are suggestions not ask remember the difference guys, 2. Stop saying test FM Touch. 3. Definition of Option: The right to choose First of all I have FM18, I didn't buy the 19 even I want it but I hold my electronic flat paper for the next version if SI adds so much changes. I have thinking about features and improvement I would love to see in FM20 I know it will be impossible for some but honestly I think anyone would agree with those features/improve/remove. Features: - Japanese league Commentary: if you can add Hong Kong league then it will be easy to add Japan - New option for the match named "quick match" Commentary > "quick match" because I'm tired to play each match I don't want to waste my time for each match (ex. F.A Premier League FM game who has 4 options) - Stadium and buildings windows Commentary > FAPLFM02 let us to construct buildings like shop, parking, training camp, hospital, clubhouse... and a window where we can see the stadium(s) and we can upgrade each part and it includes a 3D visualization. - Add an option for language course all players instead of one by one Commentary > When you recruit more than 140 players you don't have the button to send them to language course, so you have to do it manually and you know you waste your time (FAPLFM02 doesn't have it) - Add new emails > monthly awards (best player of the month, best young player of the month, best manager of the month), Financial opinion, Commentary > FAPLFM has those emails Improve/remove: - Improve or remove meeting with players Commentary > I avoid any talk with players because it's broken if you talk to them they won't win the match so I win any match when I don't talk to them. - Improve skip days Commentary > when the game skips day it stops 4 time per day same when there is a match. Can you improve it to skip instantly and when there is a match reach directly the match. - Improve match engine Commentary > People complain the match engine is broken - Improve transfer price Commentary > In FAPLFM when you want a player you put a price if he costs 8 millions well you increase by 2 so you ask for 16 millions, you wait the next week and you get an answer from the team for a yes or no (rarely for the no). In FM Lo Celso costs 8.25M and you click on suggest it is between 80 - 120 millions.... WHAT THE HELL???? This is so much unrealistic for me, normally I will put 8.25*2 = 16.5. - improve injuries Commentary > too much players in my team get injured even I give them 2 - 3 days after a match; I put one rest before the match at or training and after. - Improve inbox Commentary > Can we reduce the size of the inbox, some e-mails have lack of details take example of FAPLFM - Remove player's complain Commentary > When you don't let them play they ask you to play even they have played 2 matchs for example they complain (What the hell). Also if I don't let them play there is a reason "it because I want them for the next season while they train" but I can't select this reason when I talk to them. And also one sad affects all the team... Also when I let one player plays because he complains suddenly he gets injured during the match.... - Remove journalists interviews Commentary > I skip them because they are annoying and it is always the same questions please remove them you will reduce your work. - Remove/improve staff can leave the team for another Commentary > How bout NO, when I talk to one of them they don't care what you say they leave... in FAPLFM they don't leave they have a contract they stay until you decide to fire them or not.... - Remove complain because I give the captain's armband to another player same for captain's second Commentary > When I recruit Kobayashi and Wendell they both ask for second captain and one of them gets mad if I forgot to change the promise for one of them - Remove complain when I send a player to the reserves or youth team Commentary > This is so annoying and their morale decreased.... - Reduce number of staff Commentary > please reduce the number of people per job for 2 - 3 maximum (16 scouts is too much) - Limit the number of players by teams Commentary > it is good to have an army of recent and future players but I would prefer to be limited by 40 players by team (FAPLFM limit the number of players for good reason not to be greedy) - Remove team briefing Commentary > I don’t need to brief my team I just want to play the match (I would prefer to have a quick result than rather play the match) Most important improvement: - No more lags and freeze Commentary > France, Spain, Italy when you select a team from one of those countries the game lags or freeze and it freezes for 1 minute i have click on the game to close the bar on the top... - Improve the game speed + treatment Commentary > What I mean is when we start a new game we have to select a country or more, select the leagues, select the size of the database and those have an impact when we click on the button “start” and after because the treatment of what we have selected takes 1 minute+ each time. - No DRM this year Commentary > Let's try for one year with FM20 with no DRM included to see if people will less complain about lag and freezes. Where FM fails and not FAPLFM: - When I launch FAPLFM I click on new game, I select my team and bam I play. DB and leagues / cups / extra cups are loaded without slow the game. - FAPLFM you play for example 8 hours, in game you have played 5+ seasons / FM you play 8 hours you didn't finish the season because the game stops 4 times (maybe less when no matchs or stupid treatment) and you are still in the middle of the season. I don’t understand FAPLFM02 has “kinda” the same DB than FM but the treatment goes so fast and you can consult 8 countries with their leagues tables (England (5 leagues), Italy (2 leagues), Germany (4 leagues), Holland (2 leagues), Belgium (2 leagues), France (2 leagues), Scotland (4 leagues), Spain (2 leagues)). i have two questions > - Do you test your game before you release it ? - Did someone realize releasing a game with slow mo treatment was a good idea ? Thanks in advance for reading. =) Nenoro
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