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  1. Summary: Football Manager 2020 will not launch after the latest update - 20.2.0 on Mac. Description of Issue: After clicking Play on FM20, the Steam preparing to launch screen appears for 2 seconds then disappears. The FM20 icon appears in the dock and the top status bar (where time/date/wifi is) also disappears, but the screen does not change. Football Manager does appear in Activity Manager and has to be Force Quit to stop running. I have had no issues on previous FM versions. I have: Restarted my Macbook Removed all added graphics Uninstalled and reinstalled the game Steps to Reproduce: Click 'Play' in Steam Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: N/A
  2. I'm 12 games into the season now and still heavily experimenting. Having researched a bit more, I see what you mean about playing out from the back and having a bit more of a patient build up. Perhaps I will add Play Out Of Defence and Pass Into Space? I also added the DLP-D. Instead of the DM laying off an 8 yard pass, the DLP will actively look to play a long diagonal to the wing backs! I 100% agree with your comment on the pendeleffekt. @rouflaquettes31 I am having the same issues as you. The full backs just do not want to press high, meaning my central midfielders are dragged out wide to do it. I have tried pressing OI's on wingers and full backs, PI's on the full backs to press more urgently and changing their duties, nothing works. The wing backs are then somewhat 'wasted' in the press, just sitting there waiting for the winger to get past the centre mid before moving. So no, the pendeleffekt does not work well! Perhaps it's jut impossible to replicate? I also might try the Wide-Midfielder role.. Yes, they are dragged extremely wide to press either the full back or winger/inside forward. I still have the cover of the DLP-D though screening the defence. I'm trying to fiddle with instructions to get my wing backs to press the opposition wide men up high to limit this.. but no luck as yet! Update: 12 games in, sitting 8th and knocked out the UEFA Champions League. We finally had an emphatic win. Defeating Stuttgart 4-1 and creating 6 clear cut chances. Unfortunately these types of games are few and far in-inbetween! It is interesting to see Nagelsmann's Profile actually, as it lends an insight into some of his tactical tendencies and what I am trying to re-create! If I went with all of his 'Tends To' options, my team instructions would look quite a bit different..
  3. Thanks @TheresOnlyTwoFilipSebos! Funny you should say that about the target man, I have gone through a similar thought process. 3 games in, I noticed the huge gap between the strikers and the rest of the team. Swapping to a DLF as you said bridged this gap and has resulted in slightly better build up play so far. Top advice. Thank you @BadanieLuck. That actually makes a lot of sense. I find my wing backs are occupying the opposition wingers and leaving the full backs to put in a lot of crosses. Which must be why we are top of the headers won and completed tables! Having the midfielders pressure them would help out. Counter sounds like a good idea, I will test it out. Vogt actually has 18 Pace! Hübner is definitely on the slow side but I do have other CB's that are no slouches. Update: Currently sitting 12th with some less than desirable results after 5 games. Losing mostly 1-0, solid defending but creating no chances! Also scoring half out goals off set pieces. We have the second lowest possession in the league and the lowest 'Chances Created' at a measly 1. (Does this mean Clear Cut Chances?) Hoffenheim have 50%+ avg possession IRL. Thinking of taking off More Direct Passing and letting the natural 'Attacking' mentality of Slightly More Direct Passing take place. The boys aren't 100% familiar with the tactic yet so I want to let them settle and not chop and change every game.
  4. Hmm I'm not sure then, I actually like your roles in midfield. I think there's good balance. Perhaps change your style to Vertical Tiki-Taka or Direct Counter Attack, similar to what you have now.. Watch a few games then see how you could improve it?
  5. On first glance I think Tammy Abraham is maybe a bit wasted as a Target Man on support! He is very fast and should be making darting runs in behind. Perhaps an Advanced Forward on Attack and drop Bolasie to Support duty?
  6. I have recently taken an interest in the youngest manager in Bundesliga history, Julian Nagelsmann, and his risky yet effective tactics. He took over Hoffenheim in 2016 to successfully fight a relegation battle and then finish 4th and 3rd in the following seasons. He is most famously quoted as saying “30% of coaching is tactics, 70% is social competence.” I am trying to replicate his most popular tactic from his time, a free-flowing form of 3-1-4-2. According to Spielverlagerung (I feel like @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! saying that ) this is the formation I'm trying to replicate. My interpretation: A 5-1-2-2 DM WB formation in-game Creating the "Forward Square" Positions/Roles: Sweeper Keeper - complement the high press and offside trap instructions. 3 strong centre backs - the key player here is Ball Playing Defender Kevin Vogt (a midfielder turned defender) who will build attacks and dictate play at the back. Wing-Backs - provide most of the width with high stamina and work rate. Defensive Midfielder - screens the back 3 and breaks up attacks. Mezzalas - I think the Mezzala role perfectly suit the two attacking central midfielder roles, as they are suitably defined in-game as "a central player that likes to drift wide and operate in the half-spaces". Advanced Forward and Target Man - AF to lead the line and the TM to knock the ball down to onrushing midfielders or wing backs. Mentality: Attacking Team Instructions: More Direct Passing - Hoffenheim use a direct style of football to use their pace out wide or get it to the target man. Counter-Press - Press hard Higher Defensive Line Higher Line of Engagement More Urgent Pressing (These instructions make up the High Press) Prevent Short GK Distribution Use Tighter Marking Use Offside Trap Defend Narrower - I am fine with letting crosses come in. My centre-backs are all above 190cm and can sufficiently deal with them. Player Instructions: Wing-Backs press more urgently as to create the below "pendulum" pressing effect in defence. (Images from the incredible spielverlagerung.com) Here, one wing back will press aggressively and the other will tuck to create a make shift back four - and vice-versa if the ball switches flank. Points I'm unsure about: More player instructions could add a bit more dynamics to the tactic The two striker roles The defensive mid role - it is very tempting to turn him into a Deep-Lying Playmaker! Wing backs duty - could turn into Attack? Overall, my aim is to be successful in the Bundesliga and Europe, as well as sticking with Nagelsmann's tactical identity. Pre-season has gone okay, winning every game but never scoring more than 2 goals. First game of the season is against Bayern, sure to be the perfect test! Any advice to improve this tactic will be very, very welcome! This is my first post on the site and I'm excited to venture into tactical discussion Thank you.
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