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  1. No idea how old you guys are but I even remember cm95 ( I think) had a photo of every single football league clubs stadium and would show up as the background on that matchday. Great little touch. My whole point in this post I am so disappointed in this current versions engine I really am. Not results. Just the way it plays out. Its really shoddy. I feel cosmetically this game hasn't evolved barely in 10 years. I actually enjoyed 19 and now 20 I genuinely feel is for me unplayable. And I've been charged 10pounds more than usual for I think a worse product now.
  2. For starters yes it looks better! That in itself is totally wrong for a game at years prior. Secondly playing just a few games I saw some really lovely variations in goals. Playmakers going past people sliding ball into a striker for him to crisply drill the ball into the net. It looks really nice. This literally never happens on 20. Goals from set pieces, crosses. The way the ball is knocked around. It just feels better, smoother. A striker going through 1v1 feeling its probably gonna be a goal rather than knowing 9/10 it isn't gonna be a goal. I enjoyed playing just a few matche
  3. I picked 12 to play randomly to see how much its evolved. I won't say anymore. Enjoy 20 I'm glad you do. It must be really exciting seeing the exact same frigging highlight play out over and over again
  4. Both!!! Jesus my whole point is over ten tears aesthetically and the engine itself. I think 1) it looks worse and 2) this current version is worse! Baring in mind I enjoyed 13,14,15,16,17,18,19 Its this version I really think has gone horribly backwards
  5. It's a forum, people don't have to agree. I just wanted to put what I thought was a valid opinion across seeing as how many people are unhappy with the current version ( look at the 20 feedback post 38 pages deep) And if from the above screen shots you think 20 Looks better than the 12 shot. That is pure blind faith. Coz it clearly isn't
  6. I'm not. Going by the 20 feedback post on the forum there are soooo many people on there fuming with the state of the current engine. I just wanted to open people's eyes abit as I think we all become abit blind to it especially as there are no other alternative management games out there. I guess I've just snapped abit as the price has gone up 10 pounds this year for a product that I think personally has evolved very little of anything in ten years
  7. 8 years apart. Which one looks nicer?? Come on its a no brainer. This isn't just about aesthetics my whole point in this post was to see how far it's come in nearly 10 years. And I wanted to make sure I wasn't just remember things better than they actually were. Literally first time ever I'm so appauled by the state of current engine I personally find it unplayable. My results are decent and realistic. It's the repetitive dull nature in the way the matches play out is my gripe. Full back. Shoot or gut back. One on ones 99% miss so so dull and predictable. Plus yes.. I
  8. Yes I stand by that. Obviously it's an engine that has its faults but having played the 2 of them I genuinely think 12 looks a better product. Just go try it! Watch how the ball moves around. How a playmaker can slide a ball through to the striker. Who will go on and clinically and crisply Bury the ball. Watch how the net then ruffles. I'm not just making this up?? Why would I? I just picked 12 randomly. 13,14 and so on are probably even better than that ( I can't remember) but my point was I wanted to do a huge jump to see how much its evolved and in my opinion this 20 version is
  9. I think you're all missing my point. I'm not saying that 12 is the godfather of all games. I simply wanted to go back nearly 10 years and see how far this game has evolved. If you take any other franchise 8-10 would he light years of difference. Now with just the aesthetics on the match engine alone. There was a 2d and a 2d classic. Why did they do away with this?? Just try it yourselves.. 2d on fm12 ( not 2d classic) looks better than todays. That's just one point I'm making
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