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  1. ianhollo78

    Challenge - Dangers of Capitalism

    Is this a known issue though, surely this is affecting everyone on Android devices
  2. ianhollo78

    Challenge - Dangers of Capitalism

    Hi James, how long do these things normally take?
  3. I am unable to sell any players in the "Dangers of Capitalism" challenge and therefore unable to decrease my wages, I agree to a sale, and it's confirmed as a future transfer even though in first week in August, but the players never leave, and every time I continue to next day, I get the same message that the players have moved to "X" club, but they don't move, not even when it gets to next window in Jan. This challenge is impossible if I can't sell any players, even the ones the chairman put up for sale I get the same problem. As you can see from screenshot, the same message appears in newsfeed showing sale completed but he's still at my club Ajax, I've tried with 3 different clubs. Has anyone else has this issue?